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  1. Quoted for truth. From what I heard people say in certain STRATCOM/bomber command meetings I would've sworn there were times He had a seat at the table. Survivability = standoff > speed > stealth The price of admission to A2AD requires all of the above + (s) x (c)2 B-21 will be a formidable part of that equation...as will the BUFF that picks up the last B-21 crew after dropping off the last B-21 at AMARG.
  2. And everything old...is new again.
  3. Ditto...I used MARS routinely in every aircraft I flew from the 90s to the 2010s for both morale and official calls. Excellent service from a good bunch of dedicated folks. "CQ CQ!" The Lear also could dial in 27.185 ssb...fun 10-4ing the trucker's bear calls from six states away...
  4. My bad...term is now API-8. Aircrew Position Indicator. See AFI 11-401 Table 2.1 (not a bad reg to be familiar with if you're a flyer) API-8 = Staff or supervisory positions above wing level that have responsibilities and duties that require the incumbent to actively fly or perform OFDA-creditable ground based radar duties.
  5. At one time, not long ago...the plan was to use 14CFR91 and AIM and just have a .mil supplement for things unique to .mil like TACAN and weather and ing bird severe. ACC, AFMC and AETC pitched a fit since it meant changing all syllabi, IRC banks and tests, open and closed for all MDS, references everywhere...not to mention certain acquisition and cockpit certification and CNS/ATM programs that reference 11-202, and a bunch of USAF Terps and ATC regs. It was determined by folks other than at AFFSA that the juice wasnt worth the squeeze. #protip: RPI-8 means AFFSA still one of the best s
  6. If this ya-hoo is saying his Q3 is documented incorrectly, I can relate. I quibbled a bit...then owned my boneheadedness in the debrief, with the Sq/CC present. But my evaluator, giving his first checkride, felt like he needed to "justify" the Q3, so he put some extra relish on the F8. I kept a copy handy an used multiple times over the years as a teachhable moment. If this ya-hoo is asking for extra leniency beyond all the built in leniency that occurs on the road to an FEB...well...flying isnt for everyone and better to find out in training than in combat.
  7. I still peruse the forum but rarely post. Mostly because I'm a dinosaur and understand no one really wants to read my opinion on the topic of the day. Also cuz i read the forum on a phone and posting on a phone is a bitch for me. I've posted advice and sarcastic snarky quips and occasionally PMd with some of you young'uns. Occassionally, Ive posted something someone found controversial, which can be fun, and sometimes reading the threads challenges my own perceptions and beliefs. But in reality, I retired in 2015 and the USAF of 2017 is one I barely recognize -- my opinion is probably l
  8. One round, properly placed, can make all the difference.
  9. Still same error on both free and paid app on android phone and tablet. Did the tinkerers give an ETIC?
  10. Looking forward to getting this fixed...I like using the android app.
  11. I couldn't do the a-word without a class 1 medical...so I opted for a GS14 FAA gig in Flight Standards. I am remotely sited, lots of telework opportunities, occasional sims...and I fly .civ to keep some air under my butt and sharp-ish about aviation. Work with lots of former mil controllers and flyers, so culture is ok. Fed bennies are nothing to sneeze at. Advancement opportunities exist to SES levels, if so inclined. Works for us. Can recommend. 4/5 stars..
  12. Same login failure (csrf_fail). On both: Android galaxy tablet: baseops paid app and android phone: free app.
  13. Copy sarcasm... But I've advocated for no bonus for years...as long as we also put UPT ADSC back to six years where it belongs. Thought y'all might enjoy reading about USAF turbulence from 26 yrs ago...
  14. Swiped from Otto's LinkedIn. I remember reading this as a Lt maintenance officer. Timeless...sport bitching and repeating history: Anonymity, Accountability, Cowardice, and Courage. March 4, 2017 In February 1992, I was a mid-level O-3 (Air Force Captain) and Chief of Staff of the Air Force Merrill McPeak was halfway through his tenure and he was unleashing changes and reforms that to this day are among the most controversial actions ever done to a single military service. From changing the "wing" structure, to shoving Total Quality Management down our throats, to a savage "reduction in for
  15. Learjetter

    Gun Talk

    I have a single stage RCBS RockChucker Press (w/powder measure and case trimmer), which I got as a wedding/housewarming gift from my FIL 30 years ago, but cost about $300 or so today. Dies you can get anywhere (Academy, Bass Pro, Cabelas, Midway USA) and run about $30 per set. There is a local gun shop I frequent for bullets, powder, primers and shot--I like the fellas there and don't mind paying a couple bucks more there since even their prices will beat online guys + shipping. Next to my Rockchucker my son has his MEC Grabber progressive in 12 ga (was ~$450) and a Lee Load-All II in 20ga
  16. Learjetter

    Gun Talk

    For target shooting handloads, I reduce my powder and mass of the bullet I'm using by at least 10%-20%. Be sure to be very careful with slower powders as too little charge can result in way too much overpressure as the bullets stays in the barrel too long. I stay away from non-jacketed wadcutters at all times as I've found the lead fouling to be a ridiculous amount of work to remove, and I'm convinced the copper jacket results in cleaner lands and grooves and a smoother overall exit. For 9mm carry, I use Hornady 124gr JHP, with 4.5 grains of BE-86. For 9mm target, I'll use 115gr FMJ B
  17. "Gold" McConaughey. Don't. Even if she asks. Just Don't.
  18. Why talk 90 day deployments that never end? How about the US decide if having forces in CENTCOM is a necessity, then SECDEF apportion and station forces from EUCOM, PACOM, CONUS, etc... We've been cheating our own system for decades now.,.and THAT is a major factor in why everything else is in the suck right now.
  19. Learjetter

    Gun Talk

    Speaking of wheelguns... Just took delivery of a new Ruger Bisley "New Model" Blackhawk (.357/.38/9mm) convertible revolver w/5.5" barrel. (Promotional photo) I'm a fan of multiple caliber capable weapons since it increases the availability of ammo. Backyard range report: SIngle action is smooth and deliberate, with just enough tactile feedback to ensure you feel the hammer set without having to listen for a click, which can be difficult with good hearing protection on. Loading gate notch and trigger guard opening are large enough for gloved use. Ejector ram spring is smooth, bu
  20. That's not entirely true...every one of the AOCs has an ARC component...no better TET / MAAP / COD folks exist than 11Bs...unless its 12Bs. Written tongue-in-cheek, but I know several who left AD for the airlines and the ARC and went to such a unit.
  21. That's funny right there...I don't care who you are.
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