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  1. The same thing can't even be said of Montenegro. The North Atlantic Treaty is a defensive collective security treaty. Nothing obliges any member state to aid another member state that starts a fight. Re: Taiwan, no, not even close. We have no collective or mutual defense treaty with Taiwan anymore (post-1970s One China policy). The relevant law is the Taiwan Relations Act (1979) which requires the President “to inform the Congress promptly of any threat to the security or the social or economic system of the people on Taiwan and any danger to the interests of the United States arising therefrom” and that the “President and the Congress shall determine, in accordance with constitutional processes, appropriate action by the United States in response to any such danger.” So even if Taiwan gets attacked, we're not obligated to do more than think about responding.
  2. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    There may not be an equivalent lucrative civilian job, but there's an equivalent lucrative military job called the Reserve and the Guard... And they were already paying a $35K/year AGR/ART bonus on 1-3 year contracts. The SecAF/CSAF messaging is what it is, and bomber WSO manning is not in the shithole fighter pilot manning is at, but it ain't pretty either. And while I absolutely could get behind a $60K pilot bonus, look at it from my perspective: My last year on active duty I ran the OSS Nuke shop through an NSI, STRATCOM Global Thunder exercise, and multiple nuke WSEPs, while also deploying to the Deid to run the OIR MPC. Obviously I cannot land the airplane or tell my A-Code what to do... But I can, and have (operationally), told two BUFF crews and two Mudhen crews what to do as a mission commander, and part of my job is train PILOTS (and WSOs and EWOs) to be mission commanders and mission leads etc etc. So why would I stay on active duty to make $60K less than my year group peer, mouth-breathing Major Chucklenuts with 50% fewer LOX quals who is at the gym by 3 and home by 5 every day, because he puts his right hand on eight throttles instead of one TGP track handle? [As it happens, I punched to the Reserves without that $60K differential... And I highly leaving active duty to anyone who's thinking about it.] Bottom line: In multi-specialty aircraft, especially those where CSOs perform much of the mission itself and manage/lead/instruct across specialties, you are going to have a significant brain drain to the Guard and Reserve if you make the differential between Pilot and CSO pay just downright insulting. Obviously market economics (airlines) are going to favor pilots, but us non-pilots can only put up with so much when Big Blue is fucking all of us in the ass and only has enough common decency to give the pilots a reach-around—and there's a ready escape mechanism to a better lifestyle.
  3. Note 1b (the "get out of jail free" card that applies to MDS instructor upgrade) also applies to USAFWS. Reference AFI 36-2107, Table 1.2, Rule 17, Note 1b.
  4. Disco_Nav963

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    Sounds like chasing the golden rings down the glidepath on "Pilot Wings" on the Super Nintendo, circa 1992.
  5. Stiff-arming ADSCs for MWS instructor is a clean kill. It's always been PIT (Tweet babies going to teach the T-6, or T-38 guys going to teach the T-1) that AFPC dicks people down with. I've successfully dodged ADSCs both for B-52 CFIC and WIC. Can't argue with you about spending time in Altus though.
  6. Disco_Nav963

    Promotion and PRF Information

    It's not unheard of in Air Force Global Suck Command. One of my 16A bros is wing exec at KBAD right now. During my 6 years at Minot I saw it happen at least once, and I know another BUFF patch that volunteered to deploy from a Barksdale flying staff gig to the OIR MPC at the Deid in support of one of the Minot squadrons (at a time our OSS was struggling to find bodies). Dude's leadership told him "You can't go to be on the MPC, but you can go to be the 379th wing exec."
  7. Disco_Nav963

    Buffs - What can’t they do?

    May or may not have been a B-52 WIC paper topic a few years ago... (Dude unfortunately did not complete the course, so the paper remains unpublished.)
  8. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    From what I recall it was a unisex Deid trailer style "bathroom" IVO the hooch where the deployed unit did their roll calls. It was during/after a members only unit social event, and Wilkerson noticed a line had started forming up to use the pisser because someone had locked themselves in the stall for quite a while and wasn't answering when people were knocking. He knocked and went to check WTH was going on, and it was two female dependents (who weren't even supposed to be there) who had locked themselves in to gossip and look at their Instagram. He then apologized. NBD. At the trial, the prosecution never entered the incident into evidence. They just asked multiple of Wilkerson's character witnesses, on cross-examination, if they had heard of the incident... to try to get it into the jury's heads by implication that Wilkerson was a creepo.
  9. Disco_Nav963

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    They took away my Mermaid handles, my black boots, and dammit now my points. I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this.
  10. Disco_Nav963

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    New one: Not expressly voucher/reimbursement related, but $$$ related. Just checked into an SPG property for a 2 week stay on official business, and was looking forward to getting points toward one or two free nights. Presented my SPG # at the desk and was told by the desk manager that since the reservation was booked by the Navy Gateway Inn at Andersen (a third party), they can't give me my points. I asked about "What if I cancel my reservation and re-book as a 'first party?'" She said I'd have to call the Andersen Inn and tell them to cancel (something I'm loathe to do until I actually have a Non-A in hand) it was booked by them, not me, and that she couldn't give me the government rate on my own because occupancy is high now (thanks to 70 of my closest friends staying at the hotel now). The commercial rate is, of course, above the max lodging per diem rate for Guam. Anyone have any luck fighting it out with SPG for points under such circumstances? I stayed at this same hotel in 2014 under the same circumstances, and at the Vegas Westin in 2015 for Red Flag, and had no such issue.
  11. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    We all know what Protect Our Defenders is and what their agenda is. I take back what I said, you are familiar with the record... You are just following after Christensen in disingenuously misrepresenting what the "bathroom incident" was, just like he trotted out stories about a piano burn and fighter pilot songs to scare a panel full of MDG officers.
  12. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The fact that you uncritically repeat the "once looking into the stall to watch a subordinate's wife urinate in a restroom" story tells me you don't know what you're talking about. Read the trial record and the clemency package, then come back and we'll talk.
  13. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    General Court Martial Convening Authority (2 star in command of AF District of Washington) did his job and opted not to refer a weak sex assault case for an Article 32 hearing. Outside advocacy org of SJWs then data-dumped a one-sided version of the case, including the accused's name/rank/assignment/age/photo, to Congress and outside media to basically ruin his reputation.
  14. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yeah... True story, I was stuck at a hotel in Bloomington, Illinois with nothing to do one weekend in 2013, so I no shit read everything about the Wilkerson case that HAF had released via FOIA: the record of the trial, the clemency package that went to Gen Franklin, the videos of OSI interrogating Wilkerson and his wife, etc. Huge freaking "2" on Christensen being a POS. Now, I strongly suspect Wilkerson was guilty of some kind of collateral misconduct under the UCMJ (i.e. adultery and/or swinging), but the AF couldn't prove that to save their lives, and Wilkerson/Mrs. Wilkerson obviously had a disincentive not to admit to it in their defense because to do so would risk his membership in the check of the month club. Doesn't excuse blatant prosecutorial misconduct. Gen. Franklin is one of my all-time heroes for doing the right thing then and falling on his sword in 2013 on another case. Got to hear Mr. Franklin, USAF (Retired), speak at WIC 2 years ago and am still sad I never got the chance to shake his hand. Made the mistake of weighing in on this current case on the Doctrine Man facebook and am currently getting eaten alive by the "Won't somebody please think of the children!" crowd.
  15. Disco_Nav963

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    So from the filing Azimuth posted... The two alleged victims then are presumably the accused's children, and the mother in question is the ex-wife who he has an ongoing custody dispute with and who he accuses of trying to alienate the children from him. That is some pretty significant context that is missing from the USA Today story and the quotes in it from the various members of Congress, Don Christensen (the ex-AF prosecutor that tried to railroad Lt Col Wilkerson at Aviano), and the SVCs. Not a lawyer... But it appears to me that advocates for the ex-wife, including the AF SVCs, are taking advantage of the fact that the news media has a professional standard of not identifying the alleged victims of sex crimes who don't wish to be identified. They in effect counted on the fact that the press would leave the divorce/custody dispute context out of the discussion to try to win a losing case in the court of public opinion. I don't know if the congressional members quoted knew about that context, but Christensen probably does and the SVCs definitely do. And I kind of have a problem with that. Prosecutors are supposed to have a professional obligation not to "win," but to see that justice is done. i.e. If a prosecutor finds out that they've probably got the wrong guy, or that their office convicted the wrong guy in the past, they have a professional duty to dismiss the charges or seek to have the previous conviction overturned. How does that work with the obligations of an SVC? Obviously an SVC is supposed to be an advocate for the alleged victim... But in an Air Force that allegedly believes in "Integrity First," surely one has an obligation not to make arguments one knows are specious to try to win in the press when you're losing on the law and might lose on the facts. If this is considered "Okay" by the Air Force, then I have a problem with SVCs as a career field just like I have a problem with OSI.
  16. Because any enlisted member with the chops to do those jobs should go to OTS and get the higher pay they deserve. ::headdesk::
  17. Disco_Nav963

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    23 missions over Afghanistan and 18 over Iraq, dropping 180 weapons (Danger Close 19 times) by the time I stopped counting with two months left in the deployment. GFY. It was possible to adequately support the Land Component without mortgaging the future of air superiority, which is one of our core functions and the umbrella under which the Land Component has to fight in any future conflict where the enemy has airplanes.
  18. Disco_Nav963

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    The white buffalo T-1 to BUFFs reappears...
  19. Disco_Nav963

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    One of the great contradictions of U.S. military history in the early 21st century is that Bob Gates was exactly the man the DoD needed as SecDef after Rumsfeld... But was also the worst possible guy for the Air Force's long term interests. And the decision to cap F-22 productions looks worse and worse every year. Considering the Air Component + SOF + Iraqis/SDF just had to spend 2014-2017 winning back what the Land Component won in the surge of 2007-08, it is hard to say those additional RPA CAPs back then were worth it. (Because they weren't.) You also have to think Gates' couple of years as an Air Force intel officer before he joined the CIA hurt us. He was just familiar enough with us to have both a shoe-y contempt for flyers, and especially the CAF, but also enough to have the confidence to throw his weight around with us... Confidence a SecDef without a prior association with the Air Force might have lacked.
  20. Disco_Nav963

    What's your favorite mission?

    Dropping 18x unguided Mk-82s just north of Tabqa Dam last March after being told for 6 years "We'll never drop dumb bombs in combat again."
  21. Disco_Nav963

    What is right with the Air Force

    Fair... But if we go to the binary scale (not saying we shouldn't), probably 69% of bases suck. And I'm completely sympathetic to the idea that since we've dicked down hundreds of people for over a decade with non-vol RPA assignments, the least we can do is funnel that mission to desirable bases.
  22. Disco_Nav963

    What is right with the Air Force

    With all due respect, EABOD. I spent six years at Minot. I would have given my left nut (if it hadn't gotten frostbite and fallen off first) to move the bombers to GFAFB. Grand Forks is a garden spot compared to Minot. And I say that as someone that liked Minot. Also help me understand something here... As a nav type, I was under the impression that all the pilots non-vol'ed to RPA land went to Preds and Reapers. I didn't realize there were a lot of people in Global Hawks that didn't want to be there. (I also assumed Grand Forks vs. Beale was another story when it comes to voluntarism...) True or false?
  23. Disco_Nav963

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Mixed feelings: I agree it's unseemly. I also usually take advantage of early boarding for the overhead bin space reason. I think it's downright weird when the gate agent specifies "military in uniform," because IMO you've got to be dumb (begging for that lone wolf ISIS sympathizer's attention) or attention whoring to be traveling in uniform. (I understand the other branches might require you to travel in uniform on official travel. If so, those branches are dumb or attention whoring.) And I think the airlines do it for the same reason the NFL pays for patriotic symbolism—making us their damn mascots. I have no sympathy for the feelings of that first class passenger since I often pay for first class upgrades myself or get them for "free" with a mileage program, and I'm usually the only one traveling in a blue blazer and slacks while everyone else in first class is in sweat pants. At least in the armpits of America we base our bombers in, first class does not directly correlate to "the respectable bourgeoisie," rather it's "more of the unwashed masses, only with more money." The airlines brought this on all of us when they made air travel a Hobbesian state of nature—a war of every man against every man—by nickel and diming us over luggage rather than a pleasant experience one looks forward to. I'd prefer it if the airlines got rid of the early boarding thing altogether, but as long as I live at least one connection away from the rest of the world, and as long as my checked bags only have a 0.9 Probability of Arrival, I'm going to take a carry-on with the essentials and I'll do what it takes not to have to put it where my feet go. Completely agree on the license plates. I imagine for most veterans there's an inverse correlation between the degree to which a decoration was earned for legitimate heroism and their eagerness to put it out there for public display.
  24. Disco_Nav963

    CSO drop nights

    The class the BUFFs fell on...