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  1. No expert here, but I have flown the MD-11 at fedex and the C-17. My guess is pucker factor. The only two airplanes (out of 9 commercial/military flown) that I felt I truly had to awake for on landing were the MD-11 and the C-17 on an assault strip. If I flew carrier based aircraft I would imagine I would want to be awake for that landing as well. A 737 or C-5? Not so much.
  2. Its a great benefit, worth extending for. Saving me $50,000 per year right now.
  3. I must have misunderstood what you were saying. I took it to mean that Fedex had a hard limit (say 100 hrs/mo) on what you could fly each month like my previous Legacy airline had. There is no "number" except FAR limitations. Not unusual to get 100-150 hours per month simply by bidding carryover, volunteering for extra flying, taking flying offered by other pilots, etc. In other words, if you want to be a flying whore, Fedex is a great place. On the flip side, you can also drop down to zero hours for the month at no loss of benefits (unlike my previous Legacy where you had to fly 55hrs/mo to keep Medical ins, etc. Having access to both extremes makes Fedex a great place to find your individual lifestyle. Not trying to "sell" anyone on Fedex, just trying to correct my misunderstanding of your post....
  4. Not true. There is no limit to what you can pick up if you have time in your makeup bank (acquired through mil Lv, trip drops, conflicts, etc). Ties into vacation question too- fedex probably has the best work rules for getting time off. You can drop all your flying every month (so your free to travel) and make it up when you like, or never. Vacation system. I use one week of vacation to knock out my entire schedule for July, bid last week of June off and first week of August off, and enjoy 6weeks free over the summer. Bunch of other ways to skin the cat, lots of flexibility. And with all the frequent flier points I get, haven't paid for families tix in years (and no standing by to boot).
  5. When I was the Chief Pilot at my unit I briefed my guys I would back them up 100% on MLOA disputes with their airlines UNLESS they were gaming the system over the holidays, then I would side with the airline. You are screwing over the buddy who has to fly the Xmas trip and you are screwing over the buddies in the unit who may be trying to get hired by that airline. Fly your damn Xmas trip.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Initially I thought you fell for the rookie mistake of thinking the scheduled deadhead on CA meant "Cathay" (CX). Made that mistake once. Although China Air wasn't bad (seat was good, food and alcohol not so much), I too deviate to avoid CA. Finn Air usually cheaper and better.
  7. I tried this back in the 90’s. Grounded, feet on the ramp for turning down bonus, with 2 years left on ADSC. I offered the AF a “reverse bonus”, I would pay them $25,000 for every year I owed to get out. Blew their minds. Wing King said he wouldn’t even know where to deposit my check....
  8. RogAir

    VA Claims

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, some were service connected. Affect QOL? Yes, sometimes. How are guys getting ratings for ski accidents? Those aren't service related... I was not working with a VSO, I will with my appeal though. Being in CA, I'm not sure how pro-Vet my Senators are:(
  9. RogAir

    VA Claims

    Just got my report back after applying for VA disability. I filed 9 items (20+ years service). All items "rejected"; some even cited as "didn't happen" while clearly shown in medical records. Has anyone else received this type of rejection? Everyone I've talked to has gotten at least a 0% rating, most get 10-30%. Not looking for a check, just want a 0% rating...
  10. Where does this headline come from? It doesn't jive with the linked article. The article says Mikey asked to have the "blessed day" verbage removed, and it was. Later, the AF reviewed its AFI (not the Constitution) and decided it was okay to say "blessed day". And the arguement appeared to be over Separation of Church and State, not Freedom of Speech.
  11. Has anyone's unit put out protocols for flying into Africa on an Air Force mission? I know there are protocols for preparation and execution; I am referring to post mission. 1. Informing your civilian employer. Is it only if you visit the Hot3 countries or all of West Africa/bordering countries? What if they ground you for 21 days, will the USAF pay you for 21days? 2. If you fly international for your Civilian carrier, and check "yes" on a countries immigration form to the "west Africa in past 30 days" question, are you putting yourself at risk for quarantine and trip removal? 3. If back in civilian status and develop symptoms, will the USAF pay your medical costs? 4. Other issues?
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you're meshing "boots on the ground" (an Army term), with "feet on the ramp" (an Air Force punishment term). Feet on the ramp was used in the mid 90's to ground guys who did not take the bonus, and still had ADSCs left (mostly FAIPs in their second assignment). Officially it was a "manning" tool, but everyone knew it punitive and meant to pressure guys into re-upping. Problem was, they grounded so many guys they couldn't man the missions, and finally cried uncle, and the program was terminated. But not before they sold the termination as Big Blue "being cool and treating everyone right".
  13. Unless they (the experienced Reservists) leave. After a quick skim, I didn't see this addressed. Guys get off AD for many reasons (spelled out in thousands of posts here), some join the Guard/Reserve because the culture there is tolerable. Take away the culture, by putting them back in the AD, and many will just leave altogether....
  14. JEFF; Not sure I understand your comment. I merely pointed out that the petition the OP wants us sign advocates getting rid of the only thing protecting US pilots' jobs. I am NOT advocating the lifting of Cabotage, as this would endanger Cargo, Legacy, and RJ jobs. Be careful what you wish for is all I was saying; if I misunderstand, or am wrong on the situation, someone please clarify....
  15. I would believe most third world airlines pay their pilots less (China too). No need to change any safety, security or ATP rules, they Already fly into the US (int'l flights), so just need to let them fly Domestic.
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