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  1. MyPers and that network you've been building for the last 12 years. Sorry, no secret database. Talk to any of your buddies at the big staffs. Almost always an IMA opening floating around at Scott, Robins, Langley, etc. Here's the directions, though, for Det 5 (AFRC). It's not the "Volunteer" button. Other Dets will have their own processes.
  2. Thanks. I'm on my civ employer discount right now, which is a higher % than military, so neither online nor the phone rep can give me a solid answer.
  3. On the Verizon thing... so this is what I found. I'm hoping somebody actually has 3 lines to tell me what your bill is. I need 3 lines, so I'm looking at $45/mo/line for Start Unlimited, minus $25/mo/line, so $20/mo/line + taxes/fees? Right now my taxes/fees are ~$17. So 3 lines for $77/mo? That'd be awesome, but I feel like I'm missing something. Nevermind, I was reading that as account = line. Not so much. So 3 lines would be about $127, I think?
  4. Just wait until it's the first all-female, all-enlisted, all one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater aircrew operating an RQ-4!
  5. Not 1k/mo for me. $140 a month premiums. It’s the deductible and MOOP that get you. Up to $13k worst case compared to a few hundred with Tricare, IIRC. A couple bad years would be a serious drain on the savings plan.
  6. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Usually true for family housing; usually not true for dorms.
  7. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Just store it with an off-base classmate. You don’t want to deal with SF.
  8. Similar thing happened in 2015/16 when they changed a policy “in our favor” but didn’t fix the underlying systems. I was the guy trying to un-f it for the unit. Took months.
  9. Depends on the company and the length of your mil leave. Talk to your jump seat committee.
  10. My Uncle Joe said they're great golfers, too.
  11. You could theoretically get 20-30 additional points pretty easy. BUT... Because it's a Reserve job, it's a massive - maybe even unworkable - pain as a DSG. UTAPS doesn't talk to the Guard MPF systems and apparently even manually handing in 40As didn't seem to work. I've known two people that tried PIRR programs as DSG and neither got any points for their efforts. One DSG gave it up and one is still doing it for zero credit. If you crack the code, let everyone here know because it's a known issue unless you're already a Reservist.
  12. Any decent employer will have good healthcare. Plenty of families have special needs kids outside of the .mil and they do just fine. Something to be said, too, for continuity of care > 3 years. If Tricare is critical, get an IMA/Cat B job or more and keep TRS in the ARC then stay in the ARC for 28. You’ll have a good grasp or grown kids by then.
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