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  1. I bet they weren't current for Green Dot. See what happens! Bystanders, all of them!
  2. I finished AWC a few weeks ago. Points were awarded in PCARS after each class.
  3. Perfect, thank you both. 🎣
  4. Wide open as far as location/river/part of the state. We don't know enough to narrow it down and the location is secondary to the experience. We'll have to fly airlines in, so that's the only LIMFAC. Let's say drivable from ANC or FAI, or one hop from those hubs on some kind of scheduled service. I mentioned trolling, but my dad isn't interested in that this time. Wants to cast and reel and might bring his fly rod.
  5. I'm planning a trip to Alaska in June with my dad and 10 year old son. We'd like to fish freshwater for salmon, trout, etc. We need suggestions on outfitters/guides. Ideally we'll find a lodge close to or even on the river we fish. Fly away day trips are an option, but no tent overnights. Google results are overwhelming and personal experiences are always better than anonymous reviews, so thanks in advance for your sage wisdom!
  6. And it’s all answers to the wrong questions. 90% of these new accessions are still going to bail ASAP for greener pastures.
  7. Posters on other forums really really like the G fund for their conservative holding. There’s nothing like it in the retail world so they say keep your TSP for that. I’d like to consolidate accounts but haven’t pulled the trigger for that reason.
  8. https://afreserve.com/downloads/AFRC_UFT_Guidebook.pdf Word search CPW.
  9. Well shit, there's your problem. You can't Ctrl+F the -1 if you misspell "tire."
  10. My APR was 2.266% with everything possible rolled in and 10% VA. You don't need 100%.
  11. With an Indiana girl on an Indiana night?
  12. CAE has had that on blast the past week or so. https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2020-11-09/cae-forecasts-need-260000-new-pilots-through-2029 Their motives are questionable.
  13. Props to Jon on another recent refi closing. Got the 2.25 he's talking about and Trident's portion of the closing went flawlessly. Serena the Processor has been awesome, too, especially when the other non-Trident parties have been frustrating.
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