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  1. I always wondered how much they pay models for posters like that. After that's published, every dude in that area be like, "You look familiar... OH... Uh... Is that my rotary phone? I better take this."
  2. Maybe he hacked HVI haji's phone, sent a dick pic to haji's 4th wife and her sister in a group text. Said wife killed HVI haji. I'd give him an EKIA for that.
  3. Please tell me that's a typo.
  4. nunya

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    If you want a taste of flying with AF aeroclubs, go join CAP and fly their airplanes. Better men than I have been run off by the red tape concertina wire.
  5. nunya

    Hurricane Michael

    Their wives will totally not mind handling contractors and insurance claims while still taking care of the kids alone.
  6. nunya

    Tanker to Fighter

    https://www.nytimes.com/1997/06/21/us/pilot-also-blamed-for-air-force-crash-that-killed-23-gi-s.html He doesn't mean that one.
  7. Make sure Boeing or Space X or Northrop sends the AF a thank you note for gifting them an employee, trained and educated, without costing them a dime.
  8. Man, I hope you're kidding, otherwise I must be way out on the bell curve if that's what I'm supposed to worry about. I don't GAF what's on my retirement dec. I hope it says, "Did some cool shit. Learned a lot and improved what he could. Still married. Loves his kids. Good luck." I guess that wouldn't get past CCE, huh?
  9. nunya

    Hurricane Michael

    Joplin ain't very far from Whiteman. And you get a lot less warning for a tornado.
  10. nunya

    AD to AFRC help

    You likely won't spend years in a white jet or on staff or on a 365 if you go Guard = more time to deploy and fight.
  11. nunya

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Why beat around the bush (sts)? Might as well spell out what the E-9s will see anyway.
  12. No, no. It's not an orchestrated personality test. They're just lazy humans. Secondary effect and unintended consequence, though, is to condition you to accept subpar support once you're in.
  13. Enlist or not depends on the unit. No reason to delay your UPT path if you're competitive for UPT off the street. You gotta go talk to them.