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  1. C-5 near home. Get a job at Home Depot until you learn the ropes. I bet you can bum "full time."
  2. I don't think the airlines need a safety down day, if that's what you're getting at.
  3. Dunno. I didn't watch the iterations that carefully and I don't commute more than 100 miles any more. I just know my HR Block tax quiz (spoiler alert: I barely passed) asked me about my Reserve commute so it seems they knew about the 2018 law.
  4. If you travel 100.1+ miles for duty, get a new CPA. https://www.irs.gov/publications/p3#en_US_2018_publink1000176171
  5. If you're going to fly, stay AF. The aviation grass isn't greener in other services. Except maybe CG, but they have their own issues.
  6. I hope he feels like I felt when I left active duty. Man, there are dudes out there making way more than me, spending more time with their kids, and not fearing their inbox. What do I have to do to get there!?! And then I hope he goes to the education office and signs up for a BS from somewhere other than ERAU.
  7. So they're going to pay you to hang out in Atlanta, have beers with your DL-internal-rec bros, and hear about how much greener the grass is? Someone didn't think this through.
  8. nunya

    Gun Talk

    If IL is your normal, you've got a lot of freedom to discover. Just don't export your version of gun law normalcy. A good first stop on State laws: https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/state-gun-laws/
  9. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Home of record doesn't matter. Where you have it does. What state do you plan to store it in?
  10. Make sure you're talking to CAP-USAF, not CAP.
  11. A CAP-USAF Cat E just made O-6, so it's not impossible. Same formula as anywhere else: PME, AAD, work the boss recognizes and appreciates. The aforementioned O-6 select spent WAY more time on his Reserve job than several Cat Es combined, took great care of his people, and totally deserved the promotion. Most Cat Es that make O-5 will do so based off their career/strats/OPRs prior to leaving a more active position. There's plenty of PRF-fodder work to do as a CAP-USAF dude; most don't want to do it because that's why they're a Cat E in the first place. I've been told explicitly that as long as you can get 20 good years in 21 or 22 (?) years you won't get booted as a twice passed over Major. There was something about it that could mess you up, but most of us wouldn't fall into that.
  12. Move the aft load forward before you off load the front stuff. Put the heavier stuff in the middle. Tailstand. Etc.
  13. I do the company life and add SGLI to reach the number I want.
  14. Yeah pretty much. Family doesn't change anything... Still TRS.
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