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  1. Fighter guys, for one. And military heavy guys. And Atlas guys. And corporate guys. I know this is the interwebs but there's an exceptional amount of cluelessness in this thread.
  2. You never saw Air America huh? I wanted to get rich running guns!
  3. They don't need to ban you. You're a child. We expect such rants from children. It's ok. I hope you get your fighter.
  4. As long as you don't expect to go from Little Rock to a fire in 6-9 months, you can probably get there eventually. After MAFFS 7, they tightened up the experience minimums. Either way, MAFFS is a fraction of the mission so make sure you're joining wanting to do the Herk mission. You'll do a lot more of that than fires, even once you have the experience for MAFFS.
  5. The threat of prosecution/termination. And for long term orders (30+ or so) I think you give a copy of your orders to the job that pays the bills.
  6. IMA Recruiter: "Hey, NGB, I'm hurting on my quarterly numbers. Think you can hook a brotha up?" NGB: "Yeah, sure, watch this."
  7. It stands for Airline Manpower Delivery. They're really good at their job.
  8. The withholding rate has nothing to do with what you actually pay in the end.
  9. Very well done. With that said, an alternate ending:
  10. Don't worry about it. I kept personal logs because I'm OCD like that. You can walk into any airline interview with your ARMS records and (maybe) a basic Excel conversion/assumptions sheet and be fine.
  11. Search for milcomp. You get it all automatically.
  12. You land, debrief, log in to three different computers to find one that works, you do your post mission paperwork, and it's now 2am. Are you gonna drive home?
  13. C-5 near home. Get a job at Home Depot until you learn the ropes. I bet you can bum "full time."
  14. I don't think the airlines need a safety down day, if that's what you're getting at.
  15. Dunno. I didn't watch the iterations that carefully and I don't commute more than 100 miles any more. I just know my HR Block tax quiz (spoiler alert: I barely passed) asked me about my Reserve commute so it seems they knew about the 2018 law.
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