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  1. nunya

    Airlift stops

    Executive summary.
  2. nunya

    Gun Talk

    So one could keep their M1A with a wood stock? Good thing it's not as scary as an AR-15.
  3. Sure, you can bum and buy a house and all those things. Lenders will want to see a few months of pay to establish a trend. It's a tough road, though, and you'll have to be johnny on the spot with whatever the scheduler offers. Temp or full time tech is probably a more palatable solution for you as a young co at the bottom of the O pay scale. When the economy turns south, it's not so much that the money dries up, but dudes will come out of the woodwork looking for days and there's less per capita. Where in good times there are 3 of you wanting that next trip, in bad times, there are 10 dudes lined up wanting that next Benning TDY. Hopefully the airlines don't furlough next time because then it would be especially ferocious at the ops desk.
  4. He's gonna need all the badassery he can muster to professionally handle his new assignment: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/20/us/politics/w-shane-cohen-guantanamo.html
  5. LED headlamp around the neck was SOP for that 1am #2 in the Bagram portapotty. Worked great. Turn it off and you could almost imagine you're in a county fair portapotty instead of a third world shithole.
  6. If it takes two weeks to knock out the training they think is important, I think we've found a place to start.
  7. Unless he's the type to be gunning for 4 BTZ to O-7, he should be laughing all the way to the beach.
  8. Are we talking 5 days to in-process or 15 months to in-process and get MR in your new ride?
  9. So what was "normal" is now a "surplus?"
  10. Hopefully you'll both, "Don't do something, just stand there." Yes, if you're talking about a taxable/brokerage account and not an IRA, TSP, 401k, etc, then you'll owe capital gains on your growth. That could be long term (rate varies) or short term (taxed like income), depending on when you bought and also how you track your cost basis. If you have a low income year or deploy or whatever, you can use that to reset your cost basis with "tax gain harvesting" and pay 0% LTCG.
  11. Ask your wife. She's the one that'll live there.
  12. Maybe they worked, maybe they didn't, but I wouldn't expect anything else from RT.
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