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  1. This seems appropriate here... We're definitely off scale high.
  2. Not that hard, but very frustrating. It’s about like going active to ARC. Completely different systems.
  3. Ask those same bros how they're feeling after Pilot Hiring calls them for a start date 4 months before they're available and they have to explain why they lied on their app. Just don't do it. The interview can be an enjoyable experience. It won't be if you need to say, "Well, about that availability date..." And don't think you'll fool them with jargon Fairchild-style. At least someone interviewing you will be ex-military. Seniority is everything, but with everyone hiring like they are and will be, you stand to lose a whole helluva lot and stand to gain very little.
  4. Holy crap, I had to go look up your 190 pay scale. Didn't realize it was so much lower than everything else!
  5. Put the dates you can bank on. ADSC for now, PC date when you get it. You don’t wanna carpet dance about why you’re not available on your stated date.
  6. For all the gonnabe's out there looking over the fence at the greener grass, those first two words are mucho important. The grass is still greener even if you wanna move back home to your farm in central KS, but most of the epic tales are from guys living in base.
  7. Awesome advice. Thanks fellas.
  8. Any gouge on mtns near SLC? Kids 5/9, so a couple good blues is enough. Will probably rent a car so Ogden/Provo ok if they're the best options, least crowded, most affordable, etc.
  9. Somebody give the man 7 more likes and upvotes so he can rest in peace. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/profile/1722-matmacwc/ 🍻
  10. They’d find the military is not even close to 70%. More like 40%. 10 year AF pilot, left seat C-17 vs 10 year major airline guy, left seat MD-11.
  11. Not if it’s a long term capital gain. Different tax rates for W-2 income and LTCG. The technique is called tax gain harvesting. Wise move. i tried to do it the year I left AD. Then I ended up with an unexpected temp tech job (I.e. with few of the AD tax shelters) and got hammered the following April. Pajaro’s income forecast is probably more accurate than mine was.
  12. Herc isn't an acronym. Your question is too vague to answer accurately. Definitely need a takeoff, approach, and landing monthly. Then you'll need some night stuff quarterly. Then you'll need a bunch of airdrop, formation, arrival, etc stuff semi-annually. And a bunch more stuff annually. Exactly how many iterations of each event depends on your seat and experience level. Suffice to say, for an AMC aircraft, it's a helluva lot to maintain currency. Deployments - again, too vague to answer. You go sleep somewhere else for 1-12 months. Maybe in a hotel. Maybe in a tent. Fly every day, maybe every other day, maybe once a week, maybe once a month. You might go hang out on the beach or you might go hang out in a shelter waiting for the rockets to stop falling. I don't mean to be flippant, but I got my early career gouge from pre-9/11 crews and my wars ended up being very, very different from their wars. Your wars will be very different from my wars, too, so anything I could tell you wouldn't be worth much tomorrow.
  13. You mean the little thing in the wallets of a couple million people that routinely expires and therefore the renewal process should be mind-numbingly polished and painless? Makes perfect sense, then. BTW, I would pay a like to read the cliff notes version.
  14. So don’t be that guy. Those thoughts shine through in the interview no matter how much you try to hide your asshole-ness.
  15. MyPers and that network you've been building for the last 12 years. Sorry, no secret database. Talk to any of your buddies at the big staffs. Almost always an IMA opening floating around at Scott, Robins, Langley, etc. Here's the directions, though, for Det 5 (AFRC). It's not the "Volunteer" button. Other Dets will have their own processes.
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