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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    https://www.funker530.com/skypenis-drawn/ Their reaction is priceless. And probably exactly like everyone else’s.
  2. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    A year or so. Go to an in residence seminar sometime around 12 months prior to your planned separation date to get a solid feel for what you need to do to prep. I thought I had my shit together and was surprised at what I still needed to work on. And with ECIC, you can the attend future in person seminars again for free (at least you used to be able to). So I attended another one once I got my interview invite (about 2 months prior to the interview) and then did the phone top off the day prior. Was supremely helpful.
  3. Ok that makes sense. I didnt see you were talking about retiree returns.
  4. I'm not advocating N/N ground evals...but as a young wingman back during a previous hiring wave, it totally sucked showing up to a squadron full of dudes talking about bailing to the airlines. I had finally 'arrived' at my dream job in a fighter squadron and it was pretty depressing to have many of the experienced dudes I looked up to talking about airline apps, lifetime pay comparison spreadsheets, and ATP prep courses around the squadron. Not sure what happened (it was out of my view) but about a month after I got there our leadership at the time put the hammer down and airline discussions pretty much stopped, at least overtly, and were once again replaced by the typical BFM and ACM debates. It was a MUCH better squadron environment after that and all of us that were eager to do the job were thankful someone in leadership above us had done something to change the dynamic. So I guess my point is, rampant airline talk can be a real drag for the young guys who either have many years to go before they could bail or are fired up about learning their job, or both. Full disclosure: I was probably guilty in my later years of doing the same shit (talking airline apps) in the squadron.
  5. Bonus takers are ineligible for involuntary deployments?
  6. Like I said, it was a rhetorical question. This board is filled with stories of the good guys leaving for greener pastures, and for good reason. That said, even with good guys leaving, I would understand if the "Best of what's Left" got picked for leadership, but even that isn't happening in many instances. In some cases absolute total dicks and douchebags are put in command over much more qualified leaders. I know lots of good guys still trying to get the job done but Big Blue refuses to accept that they're good choices for leadership. They haven't been properly groomed from the O-3 level so their pedigree isn't good enough. Sad.
  7. How do these people still keep progressing when everyone can see how bad they are? Rhetorical question but it drives me crazy. So many good leaders forced out along the way.
  8. USAFA: Being masculine is bad

    Could not agree more. Spot on.
  9. Texas Church Shooting

    Sadly my pessimistic side says that there will be little direct accountability for anyone in the AF who failed to do their job and let this guy buy his guns. I hope I’m wrong.
  10. Texas Church Shooting

    Exactly. Lots of concerned looks, wringing of hands, and then going about their day.
  11. Texas Church Shooting

    WSJ is reporting that the AF failed to notify the FBI about this asshole’s Court martial conviction, which had it been sent, should have prevented him from buying the guns that he bought.
  12. CSR does not have any hotel benefits besides the luxury collection mentioned earlier, which sucks.
  13. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    The Pilot Network is a good start. Airlines typically have a hiring department FB page too. Join those for updates on hiring info.
  14. Yeah, you're correct, it does have that "benefit" but it's not definitely not as useful as Marriott Gold. Have yet to find the CSR hotels useful because it allows you to book high end hotels around the world like The Carlyle in NY at the great price of only $831 a night in October, or the Shangri-La in Hong Kong for a mere $450 or so a night. But again, I signed up for the CSR only because of the $1500 in airline tickets and $200 in airline credits. So for the $450 annual fee, I got 4 round trip tickets to take the kids to see their grandparents without hassling with non-reving, and also got $200 worth of credits which Chase defines VERY broadly. Even with the 50,000 miles currently offered, that's $750 dollars worth of airline tickets plus the $200 travel credit and $100 Global Entry fee. Definitely a win if you only use it for the first year. I also use it to buy any food at restaurants at home and on the road as it pays 3x points for restaurants. Which are then useable at 1.5x for airline tickets.