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  1. Curious...did you build it or buy it already built?
  2. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Hilarious, because it's true!
  3. The new airline thread

    You are correct, many O's have picked up part time jobs or run a side business. Only caveat is that your other job can't interfere with your military duties and the JAG usually has to review it to be sure you're not creating some kind of conflict of interest. For example, working for a defense contractor part time with duties that overlap with your AD job. You certainly can't work a FULL TIME civilian job while on FULL TIME active duty orders, I'm sure we're all in agreement on that. USERRA was not written with the expectation that 'the troops' would use it to game the system, cheat their companies, and massage their schedules. But that's exactly what some have decided to do. And if anyone is asking why it bothers me/us, here's why...when a dude pulls a bullshit move like SocialD described above over Christmas (definitely happens), what do you think happens to that trip that spanned Christmas? That's right, someone else without the USERRA get out of jail free card gets shacked with the trip and misses Christmas when they otherwise would have been home. It's always amazing to me how much home station military duty (and on an unrelated note, ALPA work) happens over Christmas driving so much MLOA. I seem to remember the base being a ghost town...
  4. Congrats! What's your plan?
  5. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Yep, he did. Touch and go gone wrong. Reserve O-4 or O-5, sat for a while but went on to finish the TX then off to his Reserve unit.
  6. Saw this on FB...have heard the pictures are legit but no other info... whatever the cause, it's going to be pricey!
  7. The new airline thread

    So.....you're asking (for your friend) if it's ok to be full time active duty military (which is what an AGR is doing), without any intention of stopping full time military service, while starting employment at an airline under the auspices of going to work for them by taking some of your leave, only to leave the airline once your seniority number is secured? All by using USERRA protections to screw the company without ever leaving or intending to leave full time active duty service in the military? How on God's green earth does someone think this could possibly be OK?
  8. Interesting tid bit from the GAO report: "Air Force officials added that during that period, Air Force fighter pilot gaps were generally limited to non-operational positions, such as staff assignments at Air Force headquarters or combatant commands. However, our analysis found that the Air Force has been unable to fully staff operational positions since fiscal year 2014."
  9. Did you read that to mean 1/3 of those eligible to separate or retire actually did, or 1/3 of the total fighter pilot population left? I could't find the data on that...
  10. Gun Talk

    OK, I accept your challenge. Nikolas Cruz is to blame. But the FBI, Broward County Sherrif, and Florida Department of Children and Families have blood on their hands in this. Their failures in light of overwhelming and repeated evidence of threats of him shooting up a school are pretty clearly spelled out in that article.
  11. That’s what I was thinking too. I thought a pure helo UPT was the norm prior to about ‘95.
  12. Help with a Divorce

    True statement, however those of us paying an ex boat anchor from divorces finalized prior to the end of 2018 will be grandfathered into the old rules.
  13. And one of the ideas is to essentially re-segregate minorities into their own classes?? Truly unbelievable.
  14. The depth perception tests suck. Does your unit have a medical element? Can your unit flight doc give you a depth perception test? If an AF flight surgeon can state that you passed an AF depth perception test, that should help your case with the WP DQ.