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  1. Hello all, I have spoken with some of you on the board regarding the Exception to Policy Request Package process. I am a Civilian OTS Pilot Select Overview: I was dq’d following my IFC-1 due to only being outside the cycloplegic refractive error limit. I was able to pass every other vision test. I have taken the following months to research the process, seek multiple medical opinions and have compiled what myself and other qualified people feel to be a very convincing package. I have submitted my package to my recruiting office. Before it is sent up the chain, the commander would like to see an example of a previously submitted and approved package to use as a comparison. I have contacted various ROTC detachments to find an example and I haven’t had any luck thus far My background: - Civilian, 27 years old - Private Pilot working on instrument with almost 100 hours - FAA 1st class medical zero restrictions - Nearly two years working in aviation industry - 10+ years playing competitive hockey at high levels - In extremely good physical condition What I am seeking: - an example of a successful ETP package to compare with mine. - advice from anybody with experience with this scenario - a list of contents what needs to be included in a package to make it extremely convincing. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Yes I did. Thanks. Keep plugging and do whatever it takes to make yourself as competitive as possible Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  3. Thought I would add my experience to this topic in hopes it could help somebody. I failed depth perception (uncorrected) at MEPS on letter B. It was extremely alarming and decided to go see my civilian doctor who told me difference of refractive error within eyes can negatively affect your depth perception. I let the doctor dilate my eyes and he was able to write me a prescription for corrective lens, which are ALLOWED to be used to take the Depth Perception test during your flight physical. I took the DP test again during my flight physical and was able to pass through letter F (perfect). If you ran into this issue, don't stress but make an appointment with your civilian doctor to get a glasses prescription.
  4. Does anybody know the approval chain of command for the active duty side for somebody who has been selected to go to OTS and UPT? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  5. Hey guys, Great news! I was selected to go to UPT! thanks for all the help!
  6. To remain on active duty, would that mean separating from the Guard Unit, or would having an AGR position qualify the pilot? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  7. I am currently in the process of rushing units, and have submitted an application to the active duty rated board. It may seem like I am getting a little ahead of myself with this post, but I am thinking about what goals I would like to achieve if I can be hired to fly for a guard unit. I have an interest in going back for an Aeronautical Engineering degree in order to qualify for Air Force Test Pilot School eventually one day. I didn't rediscover my passion and enthusiasm for aviation until I was into my final year of college. Is this possible to apply for USAFTPS if you are a Guard pilot with all of the educational qualifications? Or is only available to AD pilots?
  8. I just spoke with my recruiter. He said that I was ranked 3/31 in Officer interviews with everything marked all the way to the right and the addition of 8 bullet points. Hopefully this can push me over!
  9. Yes, I definitely want to look more into those jobs as a plan b ahead of time. If I ultimately couldn't be a pilot, being an aircrew would still be a great job. RPA pilots also acquire their civilian ratings through their version of flight training so its also a good option. I'm going to look into the process. Like you said, I have nothing to lose. I may get surprised. I just want to prepare well ahead of time. I know some people who do have some connections so its definitely an avenue worth considering, especially with the pilot shortage. Will I likely meet more high up officers who could write on my behalf as I go through OTS? From what i've heard, speaking with a congressman/senator does very little. Is that accurate?
  10. Just submitted my package to the Oregon Air National Guard to be an F-15C pilot. Wish me luck!
  11. Would anyone with knowledge and experience be about to steer me in the right direction? My Story: I am currently in the holding pattern to be selected for OTS in the upcoming AD rated board as a pilot only, and have also just applied for a UPT slot in the Oregon Air National Guard. My ultimate goal is to be a fighter pilot, which we all know is what the Air Force is in dire need of at the moment. I am a 25 year old civilian. Being a former junior and college hockey player, I am in excellent physical/mental condition with no history of injuries or anything that could raise a concern. I have been going over the IFC1 requirements and meeting with my doctors in order to be as proactive as I can so if I hit a snag, I will have time to address it. Well, I hit a snag with my vision. I am able to see 20/15 distance and 20/20 near with the snellen chart. When it came to the cycloplegic test, my refraction error is over the waiver limit of +4.00. Mine are +4.50 and +5.00 Being rather farsighted, I can read small text without glasses, but after a while (say if I'm reading a chapter or an article) it becomes harder to focus and I require the aid of reading glasses. It has never affected me in the cockpit when it comes to reading kneeboard checklists, gauges, PFD/MFD, etc. I have a valid FAA 1st Class Medical. The doctor said that with glasses or contacts, I am able to be corrected to 20/15. My eyes are meet the requirement in every other category. Ultimately, the reality is that I'm in a tough spot and will I'll most likely get DQ'd for excess refraction error. With the needs of the Air Force taken into account, I've heard that they can bend their policies a bit on a case-by-case basis. With the current need for fighter pilots, would you say that I have a shot with my situation? ETP: If I will need to apply for an ETP, I was wondering if anybody could tell me more about the process and how I need to prepare my letter/package. I will have my Private Pilot License and working towards my instrument rating by the time of the IFC1 Physical. I've put a ton of effort, money, and time into preparing for this career and I'd like to make sure that I am not leaving any stone unturned. Thanks Guys!
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