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    ANG: Be Careful What You Ask For

    For what it's worth. The draft pulled a lot of people into the guard who never would have been exposed to any military. There were your regular guys but also professional sports figures, millionaires or the sons of other such heavy hitters politically. It wasn't unheard of for a boom operator to be "quite wealthy" and connected personally to Senators and Congressmen. The commanders grew up with those same politicos and knew them personally. USAF management types were quite respectful when they showed up, if they showed up. Now they tell me that the zoomies have taken over the commanders slots and are pretty much beholden to the real AF.....there is little interest from politicians unless it impacts local jobs. All of the well connected old timers are long gone and as I recall the USAF was gunning for them even then. And, at the time there were a lot of surplus airplanes to be spread around. Maybe not so many now and I kind of doubt that f-22's and f-35's are going to fit in to a lot of guard locales noise wise. As far as having a real job and rotating in and out of the sandbox for long stretches, good luck; very hard to accomplish except in some unusual positions. I could digress for a while on that one. They tell me that the fun has pretty much been kicked out of the guard... too bad.
  2. Alpharatz

    F-35 Lightning info

    Actually, the whole idea sort of frumps me out. But that's progress I guess. What this brave new world is going to do to morale I can only speculate. Meanwhile ..................................Don't bother me. I'm wandering across an approach corridor comm out................. ..................You know, that reminds me of nearly hitting a glider on approach to March field one fine smoggy evening........ ....The second funniest, goofiest story I was ever involved in. Probably still be in lock-up if a full col ...... ......hadn't been in the left seat......sorry, back to the F-35....................
  3. Alpharatz

    F-35 Lightning info

    The F-35 is going to need a backseater to be Mission Commander and manage those multiple drones you all are going to be launching "quite aways" from the battlespace. .........Enemy Seriously Counseled in Action.........
  4. Alpharatz

    Why Flight Surgeons Fly.

    I saw a left seater touch down nose gear first. No one caught fire. What's your point? ...Regarding "points" What is the point of nomex?............
  5. Alpharatz

    Why Flight Surgeons Fly.

    Not sure about now but at the time a lot of flight surgeons were 0-6 which rated the crew a staff car on TDY's. Also some horsepower in the event of everything from medical problems to irate locals. Oddly enough I was discussing just this subject w/ a flight surgeon this weekend who might make the jump to 0-6 but also goes from M.D. to paper pushing. Having some adult supervision is always good too. .............One saved me just the other day when I got some Viagra dust on my tie...............
  6. Alpharatz

    Liberty, Rights, and the Constitution 2

    The only reason some of these people are surviving is that they are being evacuated into a top of the line medical miracle which could EASILY be overwhelmed in the wrong set of circumstances. Do you really want to press to test in this situation? No one knows all of the answers to treating this disease. Think of it as getting too low on the glide-path of, of (your example here) .....Jeeze..it used to be that the doctors knew all about flying; now the flyers know all about doctoring.........
  7. Alpharatz

    Eagle Driver Proposes to Cardinals Cheerleader

    Haven't you heard that love is "ageless and evergreen"? Removed knife pocket? Why?
  8. Alpharatz

    Moody and the A-29

    I might have. Almost smushed a Hogasaurus on a runway one night. ...........................A Babeasaurus jumped in the SOF pickup and chased it off....................... As an aside...the OWC was essentially a SARC enforcers squad at one time.
  9. Oh, OK sorry...... you can keep the gloves and dickie.
  10. Alpharatz

    Equating military service with Heroism.

    Well, in sort of the "cooperate to graduate" theme........how about to defend the physical space of the good ol USA? If you won't even defend yourself I guess it would be easy enough to compel you. What would you do then?
  11. Yeah, I guess it is pretty hard to automate draging some mangled carcass to the morgue. Definitely have to toss the fireproof gloves and the squadron dickie. Since you referenced "God" , why don't you get down on your knees and give thanks that you weren't involved.
  12. I roach around on the internet checking out possible trade names, names of items etc. and it's getting pretty hard to find anything that hasn't been thought of already. How do you write a thesis on, for example, " The Civil War in Arkansas" that hasn't been beaten into submission already? Won't you just be re-arrainging words? And that's just in English.
  13. Don't get assigned to A-10's But if you do could you pleeze push it up a little? ..................................These 360's get old.........................
  14. Alpharatz

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I figured you could fit a biz jet out the front gate......but on the strip?
  15. Well, you got me there. Babysitting an airliner isn't the most exciting of jobs. However, I for one don't plan on hiring on to help manage and keep paying for the end game (at best) touched off by some long ago father son psychological SNIT aided and abetted by Rummie and Cheney. This is going to get really bad in my opinion. The British et. al. started this whole thing. We kept it going to support our thirst for petroleum. If the Europeans, Saudis, Turks and maybe even the Iranians can't or won't step up QUICKLY to put an end to this then good luck to them. I suggest that the Canadians, the USA, the Mexicans, the Central Americans, and Sud Americanos start doing some SERIOUS talking before it's too late. There is plenty of trade opportunity and POL supply from the Drake Passage to the Chukchi Sea to keep us all going. I hate to say it but the Israelis may have to go it alone on this one which will make it really really bad. Now this last reflection might be a little controversial. The only U.S. forces that should be threatening in this situation are in Maine and NoDak.
  16. I would be more than happy to follow the ENTIRE graduating class of Haaa vad and Yale into the fray. With some Rummies and Cheney's and Bushettes leading the way of course. ......Oh, and some Saudi Royals, Qatari billionaires and a dozen "New York Super Bankers"....(they could bring their staffs)
  17. Alpharatz

    Why Not the B-1 Instead of the A-10?

    My total knowledge of this is knowing one helo pilot and one crew chief. My impression is that any helicopter is considerably more fragile than an A-10. Considerably more maintenance intensive. In addition, it may be a pain in the ass but you can actually deploy an A-10 in a relative hurry. Does that apply to any helicopter? It would have to be mega-bucks less to do an expensive upgrade on the A-10 fleet than to screw with all of these helicopters and their rotors and collectives and shipping containers and days at sea getting somewhere. Admitted they can land "anywhere", but isn't an A-10 pretty good that way too? i.e. a stretch of road or a psp runway? .........I'll bet you could find some babes with a stolen 777 a LOT quicker in an A-10. And there are lots of places to land an A-10 in Burma too...........
  18. Got some time on your hands there "Buddy"? .................If so, they're searching for that plane in Burma. You could be the "Ping" officer...................
  19. It would be a nice change from the Battle Hags and Hogasauruses I deal with every day. .........................are the Huks still hanging around out there?....................
  20. Actually not a bad idea depending on how you define "crew member". I think some of this is already in the works and could be modified for fighter types too. (If it isn't already in the F-35 and Pigasus) The next generation of airliners should have video throughout the hull; in the cabin, the cockpit and at various places outside on control surfaces etc. The avionics should be drone capable (remotely flyable). There should be video monitored stations throughout the plane like airborne fire alarms that anyone; pilot, passenger, flight attendant could activate if they sense something wrong. When activated a data link would open to ground based monitors who can evaluate and take over if necessary. All of this data could piggyback on the telemetry that already exists to monitor the engines etc. This would allow cost savings by eliminating one pilot on at least regional type airplanes that don't operate over water. .................................No more "snatched" airplanes for one thing"
  21. Alpharatz

    Save the A-10: Give It to the Army

    Interesting article in Feb, 2014 Harper's magazine. "Tunnel Vision" Will the Air Force kill it's most effective weapon? http://harpers.org/archive/2014/02/tunnel-vision-2/ (for subscribers). I have no way of knowing how accurate it is. The author does stray off a bit but otherwise seems to play it pretty straight. The A-10 was always a friendly neighbor (to some people) and the F-16's aren't bad but the F-35's and F-22's are reportedly awfuly noisy for a local ANG unit . How anyone expects to take a 200 Million dollar? airplane down into the weeds is beyond me but the article covers all of that. .............I wonder if the Pegasus will be able to slow down enough...........Pegasus v.s. Hogasus
  22. Alpharatz

    "Cadillac" Health Care Plans and Obamacare

    Sure "dude". Not one of you has made the decision I asked about. YOU are on the ambulance crew. An infant is half frozen. You have no idea who the infant is, thus you have no insurance information. Do you transport the child to the hospital or not? IF you refuse and a good samaritan transports to the local emergency department, should the child be adimtted and treated? "on call actuary to the emergency department" "stat".
  23. Alpharatz

    "Cadillac" Health Care Plans and Obamacare

    Up in Iowa the other day an infant was found in a tote outside in subzero wx. Apparently not from Iowa so not covered by Iowa M.A. No one at the time knew who the kid was. Let's see.......HeloDude.....you get to make the decision.....hauled free by the local ambulance? Yes or No? seen in the local emergency dept? Yes or No? Admitted to Peds at U. of Iowa? Kid has no wallet and is a John Doe. Grandaddy shows up from Terra Haute and instantly has an asthma attack. M.A. thru Indiana (at least that is what admissions is told). Admit or out the door? Grandaddy will be getting a call from a personal injury mouthpiece in a few days Helo Fellow...hows YOUR insurance? Oh? It's free market and nothing written for "deliberate" harmful actions. ...........................I forgot one. "Dad...booted out of Rottcee for a heart murmur....since i'm a free market fellow like you i'll just pay cash if I can find coverage.....you got any? Cash I mean"........
  24. Alpharatz

    "Cadillac" Health Care Plans and Obamacare

    Some of you might want to consider these three phrases that can quickly and painfully change your health insurance status. "Divorce decree" "your fired" or the ever popular " I quit" "pre-existing condition". A fully free market insurance industry would have all but the independently wealthy instantly bankrupt in the event of a medical disaster. Any ANG type flight surgeons or nurses care to chime in on this? ..................well boyz, the approach plate says it's 500 ft. wide Aaaaaaand looks like we're #2 behind that Cherokee........
  25. You tend to forget about Compass Call, but that "might" be worth looking in to. Esp. if accurate concerning the female offspring part. RF emissions? How do they make it thru an aluminum fuselage? Isn't the manual full of radiation warnings? I know one guy who used to get rid of colds by warming his carcass up in ADA radar beam (do not attempt...closed course). Compass Call should be the first to launch after a "really big" disaster...like Katrina.