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  1. ShavedDogsAss

    Naviator Android App

    I've got the original Pixel, with Garmin Pilot that I run in the background during flights either off station, or IMC. No complaints, so long as I open it before step, and allow it to refresh (automatically) any chart/plate I have. Flight plan function is limited to speed/timing, as it doesn't have any mil aircraft programmed for fuel burn or filing purposes.
  2. ShavedDogsAss

    Changing/Switching airframes

    2. I was out of the jet for way longer than 3 years before the start of PIT. It wasn't all smooth sailing, but even old dudes can catch up. It took many years, and a LOT of underhanded threats/ultimatums from AFPC, but I refused to ever re-cat. Haven't regretted it once.
  3. ShavedDogsAss

    TAMI-21 Pilot Survey

    Not sure that's 100% accurate. His exec during his time as CFACC was a TAMI guy, who subsequently made it back to a gray jet.
  4. ShavedDogsAss

    TAMI-21 Pilot Survey

    I like to think of it as the ultimate loss of innocence when dealing with AFPC. Lt's who worked thier asses off to get to their dream job of flying a fighter get it absolutely yanked from underneath them, through absolutely no fault of their own. The justification, execution, and subsequent "re-cat" program all served to irreparably destroy my trust in the Air Force, and every commander who tried to half-heartedly back it up. I don't like putting negative posts up here, but this was absolutely inexcusable. It served only to refocus my priorities on what is best for me and my family, with no allowance for "needs of the Air Force" anymore. Every single pilot retention survey I get, my response begins with "TAMI-21..."
  5. ShavedDogsAss

    Future T-38 replacement?

    22k is the average I'm seeing. Anything less than 20k still has that new plane smell.
  6. ShavedDogsAss

    Stuck at Kef

    Grantown-on-Spey. Perfect basecamp for anything Speyside.
  7. For what it's worth, I'm all for the Fly-Only career track. Hell, I'd sign up for it tomorrow if I could. Here's the but: there are only so many "bad deals" that can be eliminated at the system level. If we swing the pendulum too far into the Zipper-suited Sun God's corner by allowing them to stiff-arm anything outside of bankers hours at a homesteading base, then the pool from which to draw from for the needed bad deals shrinks evermore. Thereby, the "traditional" career path (for argument, our next leaders) would know little more than that they are perpetually the ones getting stuck outside of the cockpit, further diminishing their tactical skill set, and credibility for combat leadership. This would only exacerbate the problem we've all seen develop. A Fly-Only career track can not be essentially an airline pilot wearing green/tan. Recognize that a pilot's talents are needed all over the Air Force and DoD, to include the Fly-Only. Compensate appropriately, but don't create a separate, "protected" class of pilots that somehow believe that graduation from UPT supersedes the commissioning oath. My solution: 1. Let pilots be pilots. Ensure the ability to maintain currency in the primary MWS (or similar) no matter what school/ staff/ RPA/ ALO assignment is forced upon them. Guarantee I'll never be forced into a dissimilar MWS without my expressed desire. 2. Eliminate 365's. 3. Incentivize the bad deals with guaranteed follow-on's and increased hardship pay. Korea isn't going away, but it doesn't have to be so painful to go. 4. Re-establish the aviation culture of the Air Force. Celebrate the heritage we've earned, and not relegate it to the back room of the squadron. Analogous to "Every Marine a Rifleman", find and grow a common foundation for support airmen to understand that each and every action they take should be focused towards enabling that jet to get airborne. 5. The Bonus needs to go up. How much, I don't know. Tie it to some sort of inflationary index. $25k/year for decades without any raise for inflation is just insulting. ...Rant off.
  8. ShavedDogsAss

    Dream Sheet Advice

    Is this actually a question, or just nerves? If you truly want fighters that badly, put them first, with FAIP second. Don't look back. You'll love anything you get, and no advice from anyone is going to tell you how to feel. That being said, should you get FAIP'd, realize that it's only another 3 years to wait, where I'm sure your desire to fly fighters has been far longer. Meanwhile, you'll be getting paid to gather flight time, experience, and cross-country "friends".
  9. ShavedDogsAss

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    "Sorry man, I know you're on an ALFA, but since we released all the TAMI guys, we can't send you back as well. They met the Re-Cat board, so the Air Force has made them a promise. I know you're still 11F, but since you didn't meet the board, you don't have that promise. Here's another RPA gig for you. Oh, and don't worry about the re-cat'd guys we are sending to jets for 'career broadening'. " -OG/CC
  10. Just got the nod for -38's this summer. Been out of the jet for a LONG time. Beyond the normal pubs stuff, any areas to focus my study prep on?
  11. ShavedDogsAss

    New RPA bases, any updates?

    Sadly, none of these arguments weighs into the calculus. My $$$: I'd expect DM for the active flying. (Great ranges and ready restricted airspace access, along with tenant guard DGS on-site) MCE will go to Langley. Huge DGS on-site, with the added bonus of political theater whenever you need it. Yes, they are new locations, but QoL or shift-work timing would not overpower airspace, politics, and DGS self-aggrandizement.
  12. ShavedDogsAss

    Escaping RPAs

    These being the "RPA pilots" that suck up invaluable IP time simply to get the qual on their Surf just in time for an O-6 promotion board, then give exactly 0 time flying the line before leaving for that Pentagon staff job? Are those your "RPA pilots"? Are they the ones throwing down their policy opinions as RPA experts? Because those guys know less about flying RPAs than you know about inspirational leadership.
  13. ShavedDogsAss

    Escaping RPAs

  14. ShavedDogsAss

    Drone Pilots: We Don’t Get No Respect

    Unfortunately, many non-RPA commanders still perceive RPAs as a dumping ground for the "unwashed". Until that mindset is changed, it would be unfair to match percentage to percentage against other MDS. I'd like to think that a dirtbag is a dirtbag, regardless of MDS. Let's hope the boards see the same.
  15. ShavedDogsAss

    Next Chief of Staff

    I've been lucky enough to fly, work, and talk with Fingers on a few different occasions. He's definitely one of the few who "get it" and understand captain level concerns. Let's just hope he's given a little more leeway by Congress to make the long term changes we need. Regardless, I believe he's got the right vector in his heart. Sent from my SM-G900V using Baseops Network Forums mobile app