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  1. FlyinGrunt

    A-29 down at Holloman

    Can confirm, unofficially
  2. FlyinGrunt

    Promotion and PRF Information

    So the AF is too cowardly to let WG/CCs decide when it should and shouldn't be a one mistake Air Force. What a joke. Undercutting CCs' authority is a huge part of why the AF is so broken, and this phenomenon isn't new. Cue Robin Olds' rant about his authority as an AAF O-4 vs a USAF O-7. If they want to watch Rome burn, they have my support. Less than a month until I'm a free man!
  3. FlyinGrunt

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    I am/was at the AC-130 schoolhouse at Cannon. The proportion of T-38/T-1 folks we get is about equal. QED: doesn't matter. My advice would be to go ENJJPT; more options if you change your mind. As for AFSOC vs others: we're awesome, but there are a lot of other awesome opportunities. I will not discourage you from MC-130s. They do a ton of great stuff, and I LOVE low-level. We don't do that. We do kill things. All the things. I've said it before: size of community + taskings = we kill more than anyone else. But that's not everything to everyone. Evaluate your priorities, but in the meantime put in for ENJJPT. Nothing to lose from my perspective if you don't suck. (anyone saying blah blah RPA: fuck off, you get my point) Fighters are awesome. We don't get to go inverted single seat and rage. If it's the raw pilotage you crave, ACC is the way to go.
  4. Too bad ZERO of the other WG/CCs in AFSOC had the balls to follow Palenske. Zero.
  5. Yeahhhhh this whitewashing of Cannon . . . not so much a fan. Just got my parole after 5 years there. "There are no bad bases": GFY. "Working with good people on a good mission keeps you sane": That I can agree with.
  6. FlyinGrunt

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    Agreed. North Korea is much more important than Iran right now. We could end the latter's entire military force in 72 hours, given sufficient resources. The former can't be bombed out of existence, given the horrific humanitarian cost. As a gunship guy: post-SEAD, it would be so sweet to have the entire fleet take up stations on their western border, waiting to kill everything that moves headed west . . . that having been said, I still prefer all peaceful alternatives. Wars have a funny way of getting completely out of hand quickly . . .
  7. FlyinGrunt

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    brickhistory, I agree, but I think that we need to pick 1 path: 1) certify the JCPOA and check Iran's shenanigans elsewhere by other means, and prepare for the point 7 years from now when we launch a massive strike (when they go all-out for nukes.) 2) decertify, arm the Israelis and Saudis to get the job done, and impose sanctions like never before. Starve them to death kinda stuff. Knowing that a military strike is inevitable, weaken them as much as possible before H-hour. Anywhere in between serves their interests, and makes the world now and 7-10 years from now an even scarier place. For the record, I'm for #1. As long as we stay ready to deliver the Wrath of God on them in a decade. And I do like your Article 5-like declarations. Puts Iran, Syria and all their friends on notice. The wildcard is: what if Russia were to be complicit somehow?
  8. Bibi lays out a pretty damning case. I'd say it will be hard for President Trump to recertify the JCPOA, and once that happens, I expect things to escalate rather quickly. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog-april-30-2018/
  9. FlyinGrunt

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    Majestik, that is a fundamental example of what's wrong with the Air Force - and why the enemy is "us." No E-9, shoe clerk commander or other douche is able to have any power without a pilot giving power to them at some level, whether it be at the O-5, O-6, or CSAF level. Have we ever had a CSAF who's not a pilot? No. Bottom line, it's high time for PILOTS to reclaim their monopoly on power and crush the non-mission-focused others. "We" got ourselves into this mess by delegating authority to the worst sorts of people. (disclaimer: other aircrew and SOF also included, y'all just haven't been CSAF yet!)
  10. FlyinGrunt

    AFSOC Leadership Drain

    Slife the Knife?
  11. "AFSOC Air Operations Flight Assignment Incentive Pay - Authorized by Title 37 U.S.C., Section 352 and the Secretary of the Air Force for personnel assigned to HQ AF Special Operations Command unit (PAS Code BP0VFX3H), assigned to UMD identified operator positions, and have successfully completed the unit's required initial training course. Paid at $750/month for personnel who have a post-training cumulative unit assignment time of less than 36 months; and $1000/month for personnel who have a post-training cumulative unit assignment time of 36 months or more." Umm, surely I'm missing something here. Are we paying people on the staff, people in some secret squirrel unit, or everybody?
  12. FlyinGrunt

    RUMINT: AD FTU F16s to Kelly Field

    @Standby, those are some tough words for a person in an area as nice as you . . .
  13. FlyinGrunt

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    If it was me, I'd offer them some sort of carrot. What a waste if some 19 year old showed natural talent and a great attitude, and then got sent to Finance or some BS. What's the incentive to try and succeed? Such a program is undoubtedly reliant on self-motivation to study, chairfly, seek feedback, etc. If Amn Snuffy thinks the outcome is the same regardless, he's just gonna chase girls and beer like the rest of us and not try to make it work.
  14. FlyinGrunt

    Dream Sheet Advice

    If you wanna fly fighters, put fighters first and always. If you want kills, put AC-130s. It's not a dick measuring contest though. Once you get past a certain level of knowing "I've killed XX dudes and their things", it's just keeping score. You may not enjoy the flying of endless left turns nearly as much as fighter flying. That having been said, with my bias, I advise 1) Fighters, 2) AC-130s (or AFSOC in general: switching tribes is way easier than you'd expect after 3-4 years), 3) FAIP to keep the dream alive, 4) Bombers. Here's some heresy, not so much for you as for other studs: If you want to kill bad guys who matter, KCVS MQ-9s are where it's at. The price you pay is obvious. Your call.
  15. FlyinGrunt

    Leather Flight Jacket

    I was thinking of doing that, but instead adding velcro on the sleeves to basically do the same config as a green bag. Along with my fur collar and such.