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  1. That is the absolute truth! The certificate says 6 hours. I think it took me about 15 minutes.
  2. I'm almost done with this "hardcore" training, and while informative on a basic level, nothing near what actual SERE school is like (obviously)...and not at all helpful if this is the "mandatory SERE training" the CSAF speaks of. My CD doesn't even work correctly!! I told the Det/CC about this and he just laughed and told me that was the norm. Good job big blue!
  3. So, I just got an email from our Det CC saying that a SERE CBT is coming out in the next couple of weeks or so. Anybody else get this? I've been through actual SERE school and I just can't see how effective a CBT is going to be for it (are they effective for anything??). Is this the mandatory SERE training the CSAF spoke of recently?
  4. I'll cross my fingers on this one also. Hopefully we won't get the big blue weenie! (not STS)
  5. Is this common knowledge? Or is student loan repayment for officers definately not going to happen?
  6. Speaking of TPS, I know it's something you have to apply for, but would it be categorized as an ALFA tour or white jet tour, or just a special duty?
  7. Agreed I'm no authority on this, but having had about 5 flight physicals and 2 MEPS physicals, you should make like it's all good. I told the flight doc for my first flight phys that I had allergies (I really just sneeze for no reason it seems, and I have no problems while flying), but that held me back for about 6 months. Nothing like FUSEPLUG experienced, but anytime I go to the doc, I am the healthiest person alive at that time.
  8. What the hell? Are you going to take it with you to make sure you and your buddies are drunk enough to drive?!
  9. Marine engineers do not go through LR...they start out as what the AF would call flying crew chiefs, then, as they get promoted, they move up to being an engineer. All that training is done at Cherry Point MCAS in North Carolina. Also, USMC navs are either enlisted or warrant officers.
  10. I've heard ASBC described as 4 years of ROTC rolled into 6 weeks...any truth to this?
  11. You can also check out the Sheppard Services website for more info.
  12. Maybe he meant that he is researching all options ahead of time so that he will be in a position to pick anything he wants when the time comes. Just a thought. Good points Boxhead! Sorry I can't add any more to this, i'm in the same boat.
  13. Interesting. Was that a speech or something?
  14. I don't think too many 2Lts know a whole lot in any branch of service. Yeah, some officers in one branch may be better equipped than others in another branch, but just because all 2Lts are idiots, doesn't give anyone the right or the privelege to shit on them. I saluted officers when I was enlisted because that is just what you do, like it or not. Some officers don't deserve the time of day...do I still salute them? Sure do, but i'm saluting the rank, not the person. When I finally get commissioned as a 2Lt, you can bet your sweet ass that i'll salute anyone that outranks me, 1Lt and
  15. So how much shorter will that make it? Did they say how that will affect studs going through Pensacola?
  16. Is this going to happen right away? As in the next few months or is this a ways down the road?
  17. spectre56


    Do they give you a big hassle if you can't get the flight gear from your base?
  18. I had the same problem with Sprint. When I deployed a few years ago, I called them and told them I wanted my account put on hold or whatever the term was back then. All was "good" until about halfway through the deployment I found out I had a $200 bill (btw, you couldn't get in contact with Sprint from outside the US back then). When I got back to the states, I placed a call to them explaining what the deal was...45 minutes later (they did not want to let this go), my account is closed and I'm paying them 20 bucks. Moral of the story, I would get something in writing if possible and tr
  19. I think this company does custom work. I got one of their samples and it looked pretty good.
  20. When I was enlisted, I was getting 450,000 for 20 bucks a month. I didn't think you could get a better deal than that! If you can, I would be all over it (sts).
  21. I'm getting a Criminal Justice degree (aka: underwater firefighting) and going for pilot...so pretty sure it doesn't matter.
  22. The Coast Guard has OCS and the Academy and what not, so I would imagine some come from there. As far as retirement years go, as long as the AF years are active duty, they should just transfer over. Check out www.gocoastguard.com for more detailed/accurate information
  23. How is it counter-intuitive? I only have 5 flying hours, so I really don't know jack, but it seemed that the flight controls are ok. Granted, your not going to be doing a whole lot of what is in the test in real life (I think).
  24. Flight is right on! I can reiterate the fact that there will be a bunch of BS to put up with in ROTC, but it's all about how bad you want to be an Officer first (nevermind wanting to be a pilot). Having been a Sgt in the USMC and been through part of USMC OCS, I can tell you any commissioning source will have it's share of BS to put up with. Having said that, it was extremely tough for me to come to AFROTC and have kids with 0 military experience telling me what I should and should not do. But I checked my ego at the door and sucked it up (sts). Be prepared to put up with the BS no matter
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