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  1. You can get up to $250/month (I think that's the amount) for family separation allowance, then whatever travel expenses you incur. It's been a while since i've been so my info may be dated.
  2. spectre56


    Took our last test yesterday and passed with flying colors! I know I haven't updated this in a while, but everything's been going very well. I'll finally get to do a job...and on the second try! Graduation is later today and i'll head back up to California.
  3. She shouldn't...i'm at a tech school with mostly TDY enroute dudes and half of them just started the partial DITY process a week or two ago, and we graduate Nov 4. That said, it's TMO so anything's possible. I'm not sure of any particulars, but all the folks that are doing it here (Keesler) aren't having too much of a problem that i'm aware of.
  4. Along the same lines, my dad had this when I was a kid and I loved it!
  5. Had our tower "test" this past thursday...I passed with flying colors! Our whole class, in fact, did very well. Not quite as hard as pilot training stuff, but still had to work at it, nonetheless. Moving on to radar lecture for about a week and then in the radar sim for a couple weeks. It's supposed to be harder, so should be great! On another note, does anyone still read this stuff?
  6. spectre56

    Going good

    Tower sims are going good so far. I'm not doing too bad...just some minor mistakes here and there. I'm actually finding it pretty fun! We have our practical application test at the end of next week or beginning of the week after. I'm pretty positive i'll do ok as of right now. We'll see!
  7. Took our second test this past friday...passed with a 93! Getting into the tower sim this week...should be tough, but fun! Spent a good portion of the weekend going over phraseology and stuff. Good times!
  8. spectre56

    So far so good

    Had our first test today and I passed with a stellar grade...almost 100, but not quite! I'm pretty proud: it's a much better start than what I had at pilot training! I'll have to keep it up though...it doesn't get any easier. Getting into tower stuff this week and hittin the sim at the end of the week. Should be a good time.
  9. spectre56

    1 down!

    First week down...though I wouldn't consider it a week since we had Friday off. All the trainees here get every other Friday off, called a compressed work schedule. So far, the material isn't too bad. Went through the basics this past week: the FARs, rules and regs, etc. Getting into weather this coming week, and then the tower sims the following week! It all seems pretty cool!
  10. spectre56


    Thanks! About 3-4 months...
  11. spectre56


    So, after staying for a few days with family in Dallas and a couple days with a buddy in Pensacola, finally arrived at Keesler AFB. Mississippi is a "different" place! It's nice and hot/humid down here, but so far, not too bad. I'm ready to start class on Monday, so until then, just exploring the area and getting my bearings. I'll keep updating as stuff happens!
  12. spectre56


    Headed out Saturday for Dallas, and then Keesler. Everything was going fine when I heard a strange noise...my tire had blown! It wasn't too bad, but it happened just west of Flagstaff, AZ and we weren't going to stop until we hit Albuquerque! Well, put on the donut and pressed on. I was feeling good, so I pushed the speed up, eventually getting to 80mph. Is that safe? Who knows, but we made it. Anyway, got 4 new tires this morning so all is good for the drive to Keesler. I'm actually going to stay with a buddy in Pensacola for a few days so I don't have to absorb the cost of lodging and not get reimbursed for it. Spending some time with the family today...good times! I'll put something else on here when I get settled in down in Keesler/Pensacola.
  13. So, found out today that I definitely will be heading off to Keesler next week. Just to clarify, it was unclear whether I would be going next week or next month. It's a good thing...will be getting started doing something, finally. Short post, I know...nothing new beyond that.
  14. By the way, i'm not a proponent for that saying whatsoever, but it seemed to be a recurring theme in my corner of the world when I was in the Marines. Totally agree with you and Hueypilot on people being a douche if you take someone's stuff...no matter what the occasion.
  15. spectre56

    Settling In

    Well, got my new house (and when I say new, I mean it was built in the last month or so) on base and we're breaking it in just nicely. It's nice not having to look for a house anymore and worry about that anymore. On another note, should be going to Keesler in a couple weeks for training. Mississippi in July: just what I wanted!! Should be great. Other than that, nothing new going on, just seeing what I can see and learning as much as possible in the real world vice what i'll get in AETCland.
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