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  1. Naviguesser

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    Do a barrel roll!
  2. Naviguesser

    Future of E-8 JSTARS?

    I read that as Congress didn't want ABMs (13Bs) in Georgia. Which is understandable.
  3. Naviguesser

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Vance class start dates are now delayed six weeks. 19-07 and 19-08 will be ghost classes.
  4. Naviguesser

    Future T-38 replacement?

    But, apparently, not today's airplanes...
  5. Naviguesser

    I need some advice

    If you want to fly, do it. Flying is the best job in the world. Everyone I know has had good days, bad days, and days where we've wondered if we've made the right life choices, but no one has regretted it. Sport bitching is just part of being aircrew!
  6. Naviguesser

    Apparently, we're all pretty stupid,...

    "They're dumb shit...They're not academic people. They're not intellectual people...They're the freakin' lowest of our low." Pot call the kettle black much?
  7. Naviguesser

    Chances for heavy unit?

    I'm living proof that in can be done. I was an active duty nav and was 30 when I interviewed with my unit. Now I start UPT in March. I recently met another active duty nav in a similar situation who is even older than I am. He's on his way to a Reserve unit via UPT, too. Age is a total non-factor for some Reserve units right now. Getting the ETP waiver for age and TFCS was the easiest part of the entire process. If you want to go to UPT, don't give up and don't think you're out of the game just because you require an ETP waiver. If the unit wants you, they will make it happen.
  8. Naviguesser

    More SARC briefings soon.

    Chances are good that those millennials willing and able to serve are already serving. We're not missing out on anything by banning mentally unstable "transgenders" from service. This generation has a lot more wrong with it than just a few people who are confused about the differences between boys and girls. Source: http://time.com/2938158/youth-fail-to-qualify-military-service/
  9. Naviguesser

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Depends on the meat...
  10. Naviguesser

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Bending over backwards to accommodate a tiny percentage of the overall population while doing nothing to address the pilot exodus. Nice work, Big Blue. I'm glad we have our priorities in order. My DOS cannot arrive fast enough...
  11. Naviguesser

    Promotion and PRF Information

    '08 guy here. I just found out from my Sq/CC that I made it. Funny thing...I wasn't nearly as excited to get this news as I was when the Reserves told me last month that I got picked up for UPT... Or when my DOS was approved 48 hours after that...
  12. Naviguesser

    Upcoming Boards

    Reserve UPT board 17-01 results are awaiting AFRC/CC signature. Release is anticipated by COB Friday (23 June). That's the latest update.
  13. Naviguesser

    Upcoming Boards

    I heard a rumor that the results will be out by June 6th. This is the Air Force. Don’t believe anything until after you see it for yourself.
  14. Naviguesser

    Palace Chase info

    Does anyone know if you can apply for PC while waiting to meet the AFRC UPT board? I'm sponsored by a unit, but I'm wondering if it's possible to accelerate my AD exodus so I don't have to wait out my full ADSC. -Nav