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  1. You can’t get involuntarily sent to safety/IPC or any other school that adds an ADSO if you don’t want it. Any ADSO you take us voluntary at this point. And no unit will send you if they know you are bailing on that short a timeline anyway. Just my experience. And yeah, continuous orders is how the reserves roll. Takes a while to start, but once you do, it doesn’t stop.
  2. pilot

    Atlas 767 (Amazon livery) Down

    The CVR and FDR were both found. Initial CVR info is already out. https://www.ntsb.gov/news/press-releases/Pages/mr20190305.aspx
  3. pilot

    Atlas 767 (Amazon livery) Down

    https://www.gofundme.com/sean-archuletas-family Sean was commuting to his last trip at Mesa before he was to start at UAL. Sucks. RIP
  4. Yeah after I swore in and subsequently got the appointment order I was officially back in. Approval from the FC1, waivers (ETPs rather), and other admin steps were all pre reqs but didn’t really count for much as far as getting back in, and I had to be officially back in to get training dates. Hopefully you get it soon and your clock to UPT officially starts.
  5. Hmm I’m not sure. I had to get an appointment order as a reserve officer after a break in service as a prior O. It took a couple weeks after all my other stuff was done for the accessions officer (scroll, ARB, FC1, waivers, oath/swearing in). May be the same thing? Not sure if a letter to appoint is the same as an appointment order. I’d just ask the recruiter.
  6. I assume you’re a viper dude. What’s your forecast for ANG/AFRC viper deployment ops tempo over the next 3-6-9 years? (sorry for the continued thread drift).
  7. Reserve thing to allow a commission into the reserves...not to be confused with getting an appointment order once sworn in. This process, signed by the secdef, essentially recognizes a previous commission from another branch/component into the reserves. I don’t think the guard does that but I’m not 100% sure. Here’s a few mentions of it in the link below. There’s a little info on google but not much. It was a PITA because I kept asking my recruiter who asked AFRC what the status was and it was “awaiting secdef signature” for a long time...so it’s hard to get any SA on the status. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/search/?&q=Scroll&search_and_or=or
  8. As soon as the unit hired me my recruiter started MEPS paperwork and got the scroll stuff going. I think it took about 4 months. I’ve heard of it taking up to 9. And you can’t swear into the reserves until the scroll is done. So I’d expedite getting that rolling. Got a bro from the navy who was navy IRR, selected by an afrc board, stuck awaiting the scroll and had to give up his original UPT date and get a later one because the scroll wasn’t done.
  9. I had to get my ETPs signed and submitted with my packet to the AFRC board. My whole sequence was (keep in mind I was a civ on a break in service so ymmv): “hired” by unit, MEPS, FC1, scroll, ETPs, AFRC board, swear in, get dates, 2 days to inprocess reserves, straight to UPT a few days before my class dates. The guard is a little different so it may not be the same. But I have a little SA from when I was talking to Cathy R at NGB when I was rushing a guard unit and trying to figure it all out. She said I had to get the unit to submit my ARB and ETP paperwork to the NGB, get an FC1, and only after those were complete could I get solid dates. It sounded like I could be penciled in prior to that though. Not sure if she’s still the one assigning class dates, but she was helpful in discussing it with me.
  10. I did FC1, ARB, then swore in, and only then could I get dates. I don’t think it’s even possible to assign you a TLN (ie putting your SSN to a training spot) until you’ve sworn in, and on the reserve side they wouldn’t let me swear in until my ARB was complete. Also regarding the FC1, I have an army bro who was active duty and got the reserves to pay for the FC1 before he swore in on invitational orders (same way I did it as a civilian at the time). Ymmv with guard.
  11. I’ve heard no. In fact in the board announcements I saw (3 or 4 of them?) they specifically said no age/commissioned service ETPs iirc. But that could vary board to board. But if one recruiter said yes then maybe try to squeeze an app in? There is a person in pilot training right now who went unsponsored and had age and i think commissioned service waivers. Apparently said person had some serious connections though, so ymmv. Hopefully the sponsored route works out for you. Rush and apply wherever you can. Good luck.
  12. pilot

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I tend to agree...but kind of hope it’s this. But then again I really don’t know the possible LA capes for the TX.
  13. https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAFSAM-Wavier-Guide-171005.pdf I’m no expert on this kind of stuff but here’s the black and white.