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  1. FlyArmy

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I tend to agree...but kind of hope it’s this. But then again I really don’t know the possible LA capes for the TX.
  2. https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAFSAM-Wavier-Guide-171005.pdf I’m no expert on this kind of stuff but here’s the black and white.
  3. FlyArmy

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    With SecDef Boeing at the helm now, of course it will be re-evaluated...with a product that will give Boeing a huge contract.
  4. I know a dude with a similar profile as you. He got no love from fighter units but got picked up by a herc unit. Ended up doing well at UPT and snagged a chick’s T38 slot who wasn’t hacking it. He ended up in vipers. I’m older than you and had more years commissioned service, albeit with a flying background, and got age/TFCSD ETPs. I got about 69 no’s before I finally got hired. Many units (especially fighter units) crap on old people applying. Especially old, already commissioned people. And extra especially old commissioned people with flying backgrounds in helos and heavies. Perhaps statistics and/or anecdotal experiences back that up as Evil says, but I know on the AFRC side there have been a ton of age waivers/ETPs lately, and I’ve heard the same for the ANG as well. Anecdotally I know several in the last few years who went thru fighter and heavy tracks with age waivers. But you really have to convince a unit that hiring you, with 12 years left, 10 after training, over a young, yet-to-be-commissioned guy who can give the unit/ANG/AFRC 20+ is a good choice, and that’s no small task. I failed to do so for about 95% of the units I applied to, rushed, or otherwise contacted (all fighter, can’t speak to the heavy side). If you aren’t in the fighter or bust camp, you’ll probably have an easier time getting hired. Either way, just know you need to get out and rush and meet the bro’s. For an active duty guy with no airline flight benefits, that gets time consuming and expensive, so try to contact as many units within driving distance as possible. Possibly some where you have ties or where you would want to live when you get out. Make a plan and start rushing. Good luck.
  5. FlyArmy

    Unsponsored Board

    One guy with a special circumstance and some prior fast jet time got it. Another got T1 track initially but then got hired by a fighter unit and they switched his track before he started UPT. Those are the only 2 I know about. Could be more tho.
  6. Congrats glad it finally happened
  7. FlyArmy

    Upcoming Boards

    You can always email the unit and tell them you’d like to update it if possible if a certain milestone is met. Can’t hurt. I wouldn’t email them after every flight hour you fly, but a ppl vs no ppl is a big deal. They may just say got it thanks and annotate it, or have you submit a copy of it, or not respond at all. I’ve heard/seen updates done (or not) various ways.
  8. FlyArmy

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    If the breaks happen to fall on weekends yes...but generally no. At least not at my two airlines.
  9. FlyArmy

    Happy 2019! May your exit dreams come true!

    6-8 weeks for the training footprint unless there are some wait times for sims or something else. Sometimes OE can take a while to schedule/finish, which can add up to another month depending on the efficiency. If it’s a mil leave consideration, consolidation (100 flight hours) also has to be done in the first few months, otherwise you have to redo training. Both of my airline training footprints (as well as an aircraft transition) were a little less than 2 months, and I had a few couple/3 day breaks mixed in. Avg’d couple weeks break before OE, and OE took a couple weeks due to timing out and not getting the 25 hours (the min required) in the initially scheduled trips and having to reschedule. So about 3 months total. Then about 1-2 months to get consolidated. Ymmv.
  10. FlyArmy

    F-15X on the Air Force's Budget Request

    Pulling G’s and pushing the edge of the envelope is kind of a necessary task to gain and maintain proficiency in air to air. Artificially lowering g limits doesn’t seem like a good way to produce and keep the best flying force in the world. But beyond that, and perhaps more importantly and to the point (according to Boeing’s sales pitch of the F15X), 30-40 year old eagles with old tech and worn out structures cost a lot more per flight hour to operate and maintain than a new build F15X with fresh components, with easier mx and higher capes to boot. If the new jets will pay for themselves in a decade (ie cost less in acquisition/operating costs than refurbing/upgrading C models over a decade) as Boeing claims, why inject a ton of capital into an old beat up jet just to keep it flying when it would cost taxpayers less to get a better replacement product. Regardless of whatever G/op limit you propose (which isn’t realistic anyway), the c models will need a lot of money to stay flying. If I had a 1980 crown vic with 400,000 miles on it, I’d probably be better off buying a new crown vic with all new parts assembled from the factory as a whole rather than buying new individual components trying to keep the old hooptie driving, especially if I had to go in and do some serious frame work. Lastly, the ANG isn’t exactly the JV of the Air Force. They do more than just sit stateside alert, and in many cases fly more than their AD counterparts. All that said, I don’t have any of the details for costs, capes, etc., and I’m guessing most on this board don’t either. I’d like to think that if it’s fiscally responsible to replace C models with the X and if it fits within our national defense plan over the next couple decades, it’ll happen. Conversely if it ends up being too much money for technology that will be obsolete, I’d like to think we won’t get it, despite a career Boeing guy being the secdef.
  11. FlyArmy

    F-15X on the Air Force's Budget Request

    Not saying you’re wrong, but if the lifetime cost (capital cost and operating cost) of F-15X ends up being less than the SLEP/upgrade costs + operating cost of the F-15C/D over the next say 20 years (or comes even close to it), especially if it adds capes, wouldn’t it be worth looking at? If the cost per flight hour is actually a lot lower than the C model and “it’d pay for itself” with lower operating costs, then it ought to be considered IMO out of fiscal responsibility. But I am not a bean counter, nor do I know the actual breakdown of costs per flight hour for the C model or the x model, or the actual acquisition cost of an X vs the lifetime SLEP/upgrade costs for C models.
  12. FlyArmy

    Marine Cobras to NG FW

    One of my bro’s I met at my FC1 was a cobra dude, similar resume to yours (WTI etc). He got hired by an AF reserve tanker unit and went straight to Altus for the tanker FTU. He wants to do airlines and was done with tactical stuff. He didn’t have to do any additional fixed wing stuff, and he hasn’t touched a fixed wing aircraft since pilot training in 2008 (he did the exchange thing and did T6s at AF pilot training). But he never did t1s or any other fixed wing follow on prior to going to KC135 school. I’m assuming if you want to go fighters you’d have to do a pretty robust T38 course and then the full B course...that’s what I’ve heard 2nd hand but can’t speak to the exact syllabus.
  13. FlyArmy

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Need some of these. Edited bc the link wouldn’t work.
  14. Point of order...FCI is an Air Force term. In FAA land it’s a medical certificate: 1st/2nd/3rd class. And if it needs a special issuance it’s a special issuance medical. To the OP: I have a bro who was an AD guy. Got out with 10% disability for tinnitus. Got hired by an ANG unit, ended up with a break in service, and had a medical fiasco having to do (out of pocket) a bunch of tests (despite flying on an unrestricted FAA medical for the airlines) to get cleared to come back in. Didn’t hurt his chances of getting hired, but made the admin side an extra pain in the ass requiring a waiver. May be an even bigger pain in the ass for sleep apnea, assuming they’d waive it. I imagine if you have a waiver on AD it’d transfer and wouldn’t be an issue. If you get MEBd and separated for it I don’t think going guard would be doable, but I am no expert.