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  1. FlyArmy

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    An ATC guy who said he knows her said on a different forum that it was an alcohol issue. The other part of the rumor floating around is that she was on probation after a previous alcohol issue (DUI earlier in the year was the rumor). That would explain the quick departure. The FAA has said she no longer works there. A medical issue, or a non probational termination, would likely take longer than 2 business days I would think. Hopefully more facts are released.
  2. FlyArmy

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) Q&A

    Negative. I thought it was a stroke as well. Apparently it was a .32 BAC. She was terminated by the FAA already. Edit: here’s a link https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/incapacitated-las-vegas-air-traffic-controller-no-longer-with-faa-1525525/ a medical issue wouldn’t result in her not working there within 2 business days...
  3. Hey bro, here’s a bunch of words...may be applicable may not. When you say you are an IST, are you in the process of doing an IST or are you just an army guy applying to air guard/reserve units (or worse, active duty)? Might be semantics, but all of the former army guys who have gone air guard/reserve, at least the ones I know, have all had to “get out” and get back in...in other words the IST process was not applicable. We applied, got hired, coordinated getting out of the army (if not out already), went thru the admin hurdles before getting gained, then swore in and got gained by the ANG/AFR. I had a break in service so I couldn’t do an IST. But my bro’s who tried to go the IST route couldn’t, had to work with army HRC and their gaining unit/AFRC to line up an ETS date with a gain date the following day to avoid a break in service. It isn’t a clean IST so to speak, where one day you’re army then magically the next you’re AF. It can play out that way if the sep/gain date are back to back, but that takes some luck and coordination. I’ve heard of AD to AD ISTs but don’t know any personally. Might be semantics, but iirc an IST has different rules/processes than a regular off the street AFR/ANG accession, which is probably the route you’d come in. Not sure where you are in the process but thought it was at least worth mentioning FYSA. Also, other than former army dudes here, I don’t think anyone knows what RLO or post command means. I had heard that if you don’t go to UPT, in other words if you stay helo only in the ANG/AFR coming from the army, you didn’t need to take the afoqt. But I have a bro, same boat you are in, got hired by an ANG helo unit, and he had to take the afoqt (after he had already been “hired”) as an administrative requirement. This makes it seem that passing the min AFOQT scores is required, but I’m just making an assumption...just doesn’t make sense they’d make an army O3 H60 Pilot take an AFOQT after already being hired if there was no minimum score required, especially since he wasn’t going to UPT. But who knows. I just throw that out as a datapoint. I have never heard of rated USN/USMC guys going to the ANG/AFR having to take the AFOQT (caveat: I’ve never asked), which seems like a similar situation to the army helo-to-af helo scenario I mentioned. I’ve read all applicable AFIs (I think) and it looks like they are written (with regards to the AFOQT) to address all normal sources of commissioning, but not written to address direct hires/prior officers, and certainly not prior rated officers. I do know that at several points in the application process and accession process (AFRC), I had to send my afoqt/pcsm scores to my hiring unit and to my recruiter. My recruiter asked for them several times (guess he forgot I sent them, over, and over), indicating they are in fact used and looked at during the accessions process, not just in the application process. With all that said, if you don’t meet the bare mins on the AFOQT, it may affect your hireability. I know some people from my FC1 group (all guard/res) who had been hired with very low scores on some sections (teens/20s), but whose pilot/nav scores were ok. I think units are more concerned with the person, not test scores. But having at least the minimum scores is probably required, if not by AFI by anyone doing hiring for a unit. So hopefully your next go round will have better results. Wish I could help with afoqt/quant specifics, but I’m not the right guy to help with that. Good luck. Hope it works out.
  4. FlyArmy

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Queeped out and noticed the 13July2018 AFGM2018-02 for AFI36-2903 has a change that says: “On 1 June 2020, Coyote Brown boots will be worn with the OCP and the flight duty uniform.” The updated 28 September 2018 AFGM2018-03 part removes the “and flight duty uniform” from the add. Guess it’ll probably change again if this coyote boot/brown patch rumor is true, but it seems the AFGM/AFI change was in the opposite direction to the latest rumor.
  5. FlyArmy

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Which is why I said “So long as it wasn’t too saturated with Luke, TUS, and DM traffic.” I don’t request or use airspace in the area. Just said on paper it looks like there is a lot of airspace out there to use. Apparently not enough.
  6. FlyArmy

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    When I used to fly GA I was an active mil pilot, so i was vaguely familiar with MOAs. I was always on FF and didn’t go thru active moa’s. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the GA and commercial traffic at KIWA, which wouldn’t be much of an issue if a bunch of T6/38/Xs showed up. The PHX area is saturated with GA flight schools, including many weak english speakers. But they tend to hang out at the GA airports and some of the practice areas, not MOAs and probably not KIWA if it became a UPT base. So long as this hypothetical Willy base had easy access to the MOAs east and south, I don’t see much conflict with commercial/GA. So long as it wasn’t too saturated with Luke, TUS, and DM traffic (and anyone else in the area), seems like it’s as adequate airspace as any, with 99.69% of days flyable.
  7. FlyArmy

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    There’s a lot of airspace just east/south of KIWA. They’d just have to share it with the TUS guys and/or whoever else uses it. And the mix of light commercial and GA traffic isn’t much to contend with. I’ve never flown mil in this airspace so maybe there are more conflicts than I’m aware of, but from flying commercial and GA in the area, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Looks like it’s more airspace with fewer users than some other areas.
  8. He was a real good dude. Dammit. 🍺
  9. FlyArmy

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    You sound very angry towards people In bags or who want bags. To address some of your salty points, I don’t need it to validate myself in life, but thanks for your unsolicited concern. I got plenty of things besides a piece of green clothing for that. I just prefer it for its functionality, comfort, and appearance compared to the alternative. I started in a bag in the army, then A2CUs (BDU version, ACU version, and OCP version before I got out a few years ago). OCPs worked well with all our army crap. Still preferred the bag though. But as an Air Force guy now, I don’t care about army kit, or army policies, or army anything, and most of my Air Force bro’s don’t either. Maybe the helo guys do but I haven’t talked to many of them. I have no use for a 2 piece now. Fortunately I don’t see bags going away from the ejection seat community so this doesn’t really affect me. But you can keep your 2 piece since it suits your retarded army base policies and it’s easier for you to take a shit and go to the field and play army and all that fun stuff. But all my army bro’s would love to go back to a bag. And no, your point saying the only ones who want a 1 piece are guys who haven’t worn both is patently false. I, and all the dudes I went through army flight school with in bags, much prefer that to a 2 piece for everyday wear. If OCP A2CUs work for AMC or helo bro’s here, cool...whatever makes the mission happen and makes life easier for people. OCPs as a non flyer duty uniform look 69x better than ABUs. I welcome that change and don’t care about looking like the army in that regard. As stated, there’s a reason the Air Force left the army, and a reason many army guys still leave (try to leave) the army for the air guard/res. Of all the dudes who have hit me up on here asking with transition help, I’d say half have mentioned the thought of wearing a bag again as a positive thing, and wish the army would go back to that. The view on flight suits by the army, both in their wear and associated rules, some of which you mentioned, is a microcosm of the shit culture you guys have to deal with. Glad I’m out. Enjoy. ✌
  10. FlyArmy

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Lawman, you realize you are speaking army to a bunch of Air Force guys, right? I don’t think the majority of this board understands much of what you just said, nor do they care about asinine army policies that aren’t applicable to 99.969% of the readers of this forum. This OCP conversation is mostly about the AF’s new OCP policies, and the discussion is mostly from an AF pilots perspective. Army policies are mostly irrelevant here.
  11. FlyArmy

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    68/69 army pilots I surveyed would rather have a bag. The only ones who don’t want a bag are the army dorks who like doing grunt things and looking like ground pounders. The logistics of taking a shit are secondary to looking like a pilot and the other comforts/convenience a bag provides.
  12. FlyArmy

    Fishing for options, another old dude edition

    Scores look good. Curious....Why active and not guard or reserve? I’d go fly and turn that goose egg into 20 hours at least, solo, preferably get a PPL. That will increase your PCSM, your knowledge base, and give you an idea of what you’re getting into. Good luck
  13. Take a flight lesson at the local airport, take the AFOQT/TBAS, rush the unit, keep flying and try to get a PPL, keep rushing every drill weekend and get to know them. Enlisting could slow your UPT path down significantly. Nothing wrong with enlisting if that’s what you want to do, but if you want to fly them instead of fixing them, then I’d focus on that. Enlisting will likely add time to that path.
  14. FlyArmy


    Wish I had some info and sorry to hear. But I can say that airline life is great, and they are hiring. Not sure if rhabdo would prevent a class 1...I’d imagine not. Are you getting medically retired?