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  1. FlyArmy

    ?s on logging flight time

    Mines on Dropbox and google drive. I “save as” a new file every month or so and throw old copies into a logbook archive just in case I mess something up, I have old ones to go back to. I use excel on my iPhone/work iPad to enter flights and it saves it via Dropbox. I’m too cheap to buy a 365 subscription. $10 home use version from my employer and dbox/goog is all I can afford.
  2. FlyArmy

    ?s on logging flight time

    Mine's sent to whomever wanted one.
  3. FlyArmy

    ?s on logging flight time

    PM an email address and I’ll send mine. Fair warning, you probably need some working excel knowledge to use it. I’ve sent my sanitized shell to people and they’ve figured it out and it’s worked for them. But if you are having issues with formatting or formulas or something isn’t working properly I’ll fix it to your liking if you’re unable.
  4. FlyArmy

    ?s on logging flight time

    I like excel. Customizable, stored on the cloud, and I’m not beholden to any apps or formats or subscriptions. Mine has been tweaked for years to accommodate my army flying, GA flying, airline flying, and now AF flying. Took some nerding out, but it’s worked for me since.
  5. FlyArmy

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    What kind of sprinkles are we talking about? Hope it’s this kind.
  6. No idea about whether 5 more points on a PCSM and 23 more hours is worth $2500. That’s a personal choice. I also can’t say whether 77 (or 82) is competitive, especially with your age. Most guys I know hired by fighter units had higher PCSMs than those. Your best bet is to put applications together and rush as many units as possible, seeking feedback and trying to accurately gauge where you rack and stack. Time is not on your side. And fwiw, I know a marine infantry guy who was up against the age/TFCSD clock, wanted fighters, but got no love for his age/rank, got hired by a guard herc unit, did well in UPT, ended up getting a fighter slot bc someone else washed out, and ended up being able to choose his unit amongst all the F16 units out there, as the one that ended up sponsoring him was a training unit. So there’s other random stuff like that out there. Doesn’t happen often like that, but luck, timing, skill, aptitude, attitude etc. can lead you down various paths....emphasis on luck and timing to be sure. Good luck.
  7. There’s also a pilot/physician program out there, and other unique opportunities, like astronaut, among others. Take whatever path you can to get in, then take opportunities to go where you can with whatever opportunities present themselves with the qualifications you have. In my small circle I have a good friend about to go to space who used to fly attack helicopters, know someone who flew helicopters in the army, then flew fighters and at some point went to med school and was a flying physician. I know a non prior service lawyer older than you hired to fly fighters in the reserves. I’ve tried to become a fighter pilot since I was 18, finally got hired by a fighter unit 16 years later after an interesting, circuitous path. Since age is a factor, you can’t be picky with what you fly or where you fly it. But you can move around later. Getting in is the biggest hurdle. Edit: also, no matter what unit you go to or what you fly (assuming you get hired), you will be taking out the trash when you get back from training. Age/rank/previous other experience doesn’t matter if you’re the FNG. I was taking out the trash when I was rushing and expect to be doing the same when I get back from training, and this isn’t my first military flying career. It’s not a disrespect thing. It’s just what you do as the FNG. Somebody’s gotta clean the bar and take the trash out.
  8. Can’t tell if serious. You can move state to state. And you can be a GO in the guard/Res. And you can fly different airframes. You sound like you should be an AD test pilot. Also, active duty dudes don’t generally hop between airframes that often.
  9. All pilot slots in the ANG/AFR are O4 positions so being an O4 doesn’t matter...your rank will match your billet. BUT, getting hired as an O1-O3 is likely easier than if you were an O4, depending on what you are trying to do. If you don’t have to go to UPT, being an O4 trying to get hired may not be a big deal. Or if you’re already hired, it probably doesn’t matter either. But rushing units (especiallly fighter, but any) hoping to send you to UPT as a promotable O3 or O4? I’d be shocked if you made it work. There is a guy at ENJJPT who is about to pin Maj, but I believe he was a WSO. I got out as an O3 (completely out of the IRR and everything) to stop my clock as I was still rushing units and didn’t want any more TIG/TIS than I had to. I was right on the cusp of O4 and I knew fighter units wouldn’t look at an army helo O4. Being a senior O3 was a tough enough sell. After I got hired and I got back in, my appointment order has me as an O3 in an O4 position grade with my (massive) break-in-service adjusted TFCSD and DOR. Hope that helps.
  10. If you could do it that would be just short of a miracle. I’ve heard of it happening. But very rarely. Getting hired by a guard/reserve unit is hard enough. Then getting thru all the wickets (getting hired, AFRC board if reserves, waivers/ETPs, FC1, ARB, scroll (if reserves), appointment/oath, and any hiccups along the way, and trying to time that with getting out, is tough. HRC wants too much lead time, and they don’t like moving stuff around. When I got out 4 years ago they required 12 months from the time they receive it (which took a month to route up the chain) to my terminal leave date. So it was basically 15 months. I think it’s a little shorter now but it’s still ridiculous and they are inflexible once you do it. If you can get an army guard or reserve unit to temporarily take you, I’ve heard it’s signifcantly easier to make the transfer happen with no break in service. But that’s another step in the process that has its own issues and has to work out just right. If the ANG/USAFR is what you want, go for it and try to make everything work as best you can, but I think it’ll be tough to line it up. Going straight Army AD to ANG/AFR. Not impossible, but will require HRC to be flexible, and a lot of luck. Just my $.02 personally and talking to guys who have done it are doing it currently, but maybe with the EFMP situation it could help.
  11. Got a AD army commissioned bro going to UPT in the reserves. The method he had to use was UQR from the army (separate completely) and then swear in the following day. He coordinated a UPT date with HRC for his sep date from the army. Had it about as locked as you could get, and now his UPT date got pushed 5 months or so, so he’s scrambling to get his sep date pushed, but will likely have a break in service and will be funemployed for a while. I’m coming off a 4 year break in service, and my dates have been all over the place as well, with multiple changes to my “penciled in” dates as I’ve waited on the various wickets during the very painful accessions process. Fortunately I have a lot of flexibility with my civilian job so it doesn’t matter, but if you get on with a guard or reserve unit plan on at least a year from getting hired to starting pilot training, even as a non-OTS prior rated guy. For reference I got hired in October last year will maybe start a year after that due to a short fall slot that opened. Otherwise I’d be looking at February-ish. Things that took a while were getting the age/TFCS ETPs, getting board paperwork together for the AFRC board, getting an FC1 scheduled, completed, and approved, getting the scroll completed (reserve thing only I think), getting the ARB done, and getting sworn in (AFRC recruiting wouldn't let me swear in until the ARB was complete, and that took 3-4 months from my submission to being approved). Anyway, you may have more luck than some of us going thru the process now, but it’s a long painful process with a bunch of timeline uncertainty and changes, so I’d count on the same and have a backup plan since army separations dates are not that flexible. Not sure on the guard side but I imagine their wickets are probably similar. Getting hired by a unit also took a really long time as not many wanted to mess with age ETPs for me. Been a long road for sure.
  12. You can fly HH-60s or CV-22s with helicopter only restriction, and that acft qual course is pretty much all that is required after your ARB is complete.
  13. Is the ENJJPT syllabus changing at all?