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  1. viper154

    Concealed Carry

    Sadly my plane makes very little noise, but our base carry policy is the same, and I got the same explanation as you. There are many people in my squadron that shoot almost every week, do 3 gun, etc that I trust way more that waiting 5 minutes for SF to show up with a bunch of A1Cs that never shot before there military expierence
  2. viper154

    New BAH rates are out.

    PCS is after the new year, so not going to get the old rate.
  3. viper154

    New BAH rates are out.

    Love seeing the rates drop even with housing prices/mortgage rates rising. Down almost $80 for a 0-3 with dependents in the Eglin/Hurlburt area. In the process of buying down there and the housing prices are deff on the rise............
  4. viper154

    Finance Problems

    How much you willing to fight the good fight? If you got the time/energy/documentation and they still refuse to pay because of reasons like “it’s just the system we use/that’s how it’s always been” I would politely let them know if they can’t provide documented proof of reasons not to pay you that you will be making a IG complaint, and actually follow though and make one.
  5. Yes. There is another thread on here with some stuff. There is reason you can’t find much on it. NSAV is pretty hush, you bring people/things to places, and you wil be stationed at Duke. Probably as much info as you are going to get.
  6. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    In the last 2 years my wing has gone from from left shoulder IR flag, to right shoulder IR flag, to right OCP pattern flag, to this brown pumpkin spice flag. Each change has cost he squadron a few thousand a pop to re issue new flags. But I’m sure their aren’t more important things to focus on, like doing our jobs or pilot retention.
  7. viper154

    Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    I would guess CV-22, that thing doesn't fly like anything else. I'm about to head to the U-28 schoolhouse my self, everything I have been told by U-28 guys is that the plane is very easy to fly stick and rudder wise, its meant to be flown by doctor/lawyer types, the hard part is the mission/tactical side. Original poster said it was the initial check ride that caused the FEB, so from my understanding he would have been hooking the initial qual phase that doesn't incorporate any of the tactical U-28 things. Someone please correct me if any of that is wrong, my U-28 knowledge comes from a 3 hour fam ride and bs ing with the 28 guys getting some info on the schoolhouse.
  8. viper154

    Promotion and PRF Information

    That choice is easy, fly. The last 3 years I’ve been robbed of flying. You can bet your ass off I will be in the air every second I can, mostly because I just love being the air, but partially to bolster my airline app. My life has been much better since I stopped caring about all the other bullshit and focused on being a pilot.
  9. viper154

    Concealed Carry

    You certainly can buy firearms in both states. Bring your orders if you are in your state of duty. Only gotcha is the firearms laws in different states. You can buy a lot of things in most states that are very illegal in places like NY and Cali.
  10. viper154

    Concealed Carry

    That’s one of the beautiful things of mil serivice. You can keep your state of residence or change as required. Do your research into your states income tax code and the states you are stationed in. You can possiably avoid paying state income tax as filing as a non resident, or changing your residency to the state you are living in if it does not have a income tax, like TX, Fl, AZ, and some others. I would think this would have no effect on your CC permit, but the laws are different in every state. Every base also has different refs on CC, so check your local base regs. FYSA Every base reg I have seen requires you to leave your weapon in your vehicle if you are allowed to bring it on base.
  11. viper154

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Don’t discount the “hight above burst” fusing, it’s great for getting that frag right in the face/head/chest area.
  12. viper154

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The idea has been thrown around to get some of the more specialized SF guys that do go out side the wire (Ravens/Guardian Angels, Dagger types) some familiarity with local ISR/Attack assets and some expierence on the radio. I have actually been able to do a little of it with some of the guys at my base, it was very much a more bro level deal than anything official, but I think it was good training for them. As a armed ISR/CAS asset I don’t nessisarly need the guy on the ground (especially guarding the wire) to give me a 9 line, if they can get on a radio and in a clear and concise manner tell me where ish they are taking fire from I can provide great info on enemy movement/numbers/etc for them to take proper action. Worse case I can always shoot under self defense ROE, especially if we are talking about the wire about to breached.
  13. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    For some reason it’s only the name/AF tape Velcro that sucks. Taking a patch off the arms is about as hard as getting your drunk recently divorced buddy to leave the strip club.
  14. viper154

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’m still at my RPA squadron but I am PCSing to a cockpit after the new year, got my assignment a few months ago, finally dropped orders today. I was a UPT D from the round 3 years ago. As a recat your only option is white jet, so with your med status T-1s are probably your only bet. Hopefully you can snag a jet. I here the AF is looking to ramp up UPT, going to require more instructors
  15. Are you still an RPA guy? Sounds like you have a good idea on how AFPC is making decisions on sending real pilots back to fly. I'm a weird case, put my details in a reply to you in the PRF thread.