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  1. Sure, but how many middle eastern, 3rd world, live in tin/mud huts type people have contacts and resources to get former Soviet missile system operators/parts in country. Going to need outside help and money
  2. I would guess these mine attacks where the intel that sent more US Navy ships to gulf last month. I’m sure it was carried out by some radical faction/terrorist Group that is supported by Iran. Let’s not forget in 2016/2017 the anti ship missile attacks off the Yemen coast on the UAE Navy ship, and a few days later on US Navy destroyer. (Ships defensive measures successfully stopped incoming fires) I believe later that year a MQ-9 was shot down by a SA-6 in Yemen as well. Iran has backed these rebel groups that have been attacking Saudi for some time. You are drunk and high if you think some asshole goat farmers and run of the mill terrorists with a AK-47s can operate/maintain/employ old complex Soviet anti ship/anti aircraft radar/weapons systems. Much harder to target a couple divers in a skiff or drug cartel type sub than a big semi mobile radar dish with a missile launcher and missiles the size of telephone poles. Much easier to deny involvement as well.
  3. Ya, unfortunately the UAV pilot product hitting the line was rather sub par. Basic airmanship, decision making etc, their syllabus was already lacking, it was evident they were just pushing people to meet the numbers the last year or two. I left drones a bit ago, but sub par UPT product seems to be a complaint amongst the instructors in the manned plane b course I am currently in. Hats off to them, they been doing extra work and doing a lot of extra rides to get guys up to standard and passable for a checkride, but it backed up the course and strained resources. Lucky if I get 1 event every 10 days or so.
  4. Good to hear. More airline and contractor jobs for the rest of us.
  5. I did a full DITY a few months ago. I didn’t notice anything “tightened down” from the other partial ditys ive done in the past. Just needed weight tickets and receipts. I know you said you aren’t looking to make money but you could probably pocket 5-8 grand doing it yourself. I know several people that pack up the small stuff/boxes themselves and hire people to load the boxes/furniture in a rental truck. I think my last neighbor had 13,000 lbs, I believe the hired help was about $700 to load and $800 to unload. I had 12,000lbs, 26ft UHUAL was $1600 for 1200 miles, $400 ish in gas. Bought a one way plane ticket back to drive my truck with trailer/motorcycle. Total I spent about $4500 on rentals, gas, boxes, plane ticket etc, got reimbursed something like $8000 +DLA/per diem and all that. It was a pain in the ass but was a nice influx of cash. Oh and nothing got broke/damaged/lost and I didn’t have to wait 2 weeks to get my shit delivered.
  6. We had the “Make Africa Great Again” shirts, same base as the 318th. Got away with them for almost 2 years before they got banned.
  7. I’m not talking A-10 level, but it most certainly can be effective. Most of the MQ IQT course is centered around 9 line CAS. Granted, that is mostly for a building block for the bastardized way they typically utilize a 9 line, but any MQ-9 crew most certainly can do traditional CAS, and they have been since the -1s first got hellfires 15 years ago. Not arguing, I’m a former drone guy, I’ve worked enough with the bombers in the stack to get a taste of the challenges that bombers have delivering weapons danger close. Bombers have been utilized for pretty much the entirety GWOT, with a fairly high success rate. While a bomber is probably not your best choice for CAS for a variety of reasons it most certainly can put warheads on foreheads if the guys on th e ground need it.
  8. If you can conduct CAS from a box in Creech you can do it in a B-1. With just the info from the story, the JTAC passed bad/confusing grids. That’s the root cause. I’m guessing the crew trusted the JTAC to much/wanted to help asap and didn’t question the confusing/wrong grids. Seeing IR strobes would have probably helped the crew realize they had bad grids but it’s not why these guys died. Lot of similarities to the AC-130 incident with the doctor without boarders incident in the ‘Stan. If you fly something that makes things go boom and don’t think you could get caught up in the heat of battle and make a mistake you are dead ass wrong. Just like the Swiss cheese analogy for aircraft mishaps these frat incidents can be looked at the same way. And ya, shame on CBS, run this story another week, so many better stories they could report on for Memorial Day weekend.
  9. I would say spouse career falls under the broader category of family stability, and for me, family stability is #2 on my list of reasons to leave. I’m not complaining, my family knows what we signed up for, but it is a contributing factor for my reasons to leave.
  10. 2 cents from a non fighter, former drone, current AFSOC guy, so take it for what it’s worth. The drone technology just isn’t there yet. For what we would invest we (aviators as a whole) would get much better and relevant training allocating that money towards more flight hours, glass cockpits, simulators, red air, exercises, new aircraft, aircraft upgrades, etc. Our current fleet of drones can’t even defend itself, and have a hard enough time staying at the right spot/altitude in the stack. I think 5th Gen drone advisories are something our grandchildren might face/fly, but in today’s world and current budget we have higher priorities.
  11. TDY for PIT, yes. The RPA school at Randolph is a PCS, most their guys are brand new Lts that need a first base. I think some the guard/reserve guys and late rates got it to be a TDY. Something might have changed, I never went through the RPA schoolhouse, and I left drones for a real cockpit again last year so my info may be dated.
  12. AD guys aren’t TDY to Randolph (for the most part) so It’s just however much more BAH is for San Antonio than the UPT bases. I left RPAs last year but there was a heavy emphasis of making IQT SIM only, which would also cut costs.
  13. U-28 pipeline for pilots is backed up, CSOs however are in demand, couple started class a few weeks ago that graduated nav school 10 ish days prior.
  14. I think his point is... or at least what I got out of his story is that it looks like there was a good chance he was definitely being profiled and if that was the case, HTF did the drug testing people know of his medical records? That is HIPAA stuff right there. I was put under and had a screw put in on Thursday, went to work on Monday and got popped. I had to go to a off base provider out of town because the shithole town I was in didn’t have a specialist, so in no way did my doc on base have a record of this surgery or prescription. I told my leadership before I left to pee that I had a legal prescription from my off base doc and I was going to pop positive, and I doubt that the base had my records for this yet, just to CYA. They just said go for it. I told the pee test lady my situation and she said if someone pops positive they compare what’s in your system to current medical records, if you have things in your system from recent surgeries/current prescribed meds then you are g2g. Moral of the story, they most certainly can access your medical records.
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