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  1. It will be another 3-5 years before that happens again. RPA pipeline is at full capacity, and "numbers" are actually looking better. Every Alpha tour bro in my unit has a projected returned manned date in the next year-year n half. However, the Air Force is projecting a crazy high rate (50% +) of the initial couple groups of the 18x ers to stay in as their 6 commitment comes up, unfortuly the rates are probably going to be closer to 5-10% So we will be right to square one when all the 18x instructors/evaluators bail in late 2018/2019
  2. Finance Problems

    I have no reference but every time I go TDY from home station the closest airport is a 90 minute drive, if it's a early flight we stay overnight by the airport the night before. I get reimbursed every time no questions, and yes, we get the rate for the airport location for that night. Probably not the book answer you wanted, but hey, gotta take what you can get. That is also my philosophy on beer and women............
  3. More Uniform Changes!

    I'm the supply guy for my unit, we just order them through our base supply. No idea on the brand, they just have the standard US gov issue tags. We have a couple old DRIFIRES hanging around the closet, they seem to be a different material. What we have fit weird. You pretty much have to try them on, some people think they need a large long, and end up wanting a medium regular. 90% of people end up in a medium regular or large short though. Highly recommend you buy MASSIF flight approved jackets if you fly anywhere it might be cold, we issue both the heavy weight and light weight and I love both. Light is perfect for spring/fall and the heavy weight keeps me warm down to 15 degree range. Also great at blocking wind. The MASSIF combat shirts are now flight approved as well, I really like them, if you are in a jet that wears body armor. I think MASSIF is now making the actual two pieces as well, I've never seen them in person though. MASSIF is a little pricey but they put out a quality product. If you PM me a .mil I can give you or base supply number and maybe they can point you in the right direction.
  4. Thanks from Houston

    We had just about everyone that wasn't on leave volunteer to come in this weekend to get MQ-9s overhead to help with search and rescue. Unfortunately the red tape was just to much. We were chomping at the bit to help, only thing better than sending enemy to grave is saving our own. Hang in there. We have supplies and fundraising coming your way.
  5. I think RPA IFS is 6-8 weeks, and I think Randolph is 3 months. I'm a prior manned guy, I didn't go through either
  6. I would expect to skip Pueblo having your PPL. From what I have read on here they won't allow you to go if you already have it. That seems to change though so don't quote me.
  7. Gun Talk

    Cannon, you have to register the firearm with SF (just filll out a form for anything you are going to conceal) and show them your conceal when you register. Has to remain in the vehicle on base.
  8. I can only speak for Holloman, MQT at Cannon and what I have seen the last few years. Holloman expect to be there 6-8 months. Some weeks you won't fly at all, some you will have a event almost everyday. Some days you will go in early as 3am, and some days you will go in at 3pm and leave at 7. I didn't find Holloman to be a difficult course, but I went through as a prior manned guy. From talking to the MQT instructors here at Cannon their has been a noticble decrease in "product" from the school house. The RPA pipeline has been opened to absolute full capicity the last 2 years and that has allowed some slow swimmers to make it though the course, or people that maybe should have been washed out earlier make it through. That being said, take advantage of every ride and if you find yourself struggling find a instructor that you like and ask for extra help on your own. Just skimming by at Randolph or Holloman might be ok but it's going to hurt you in the long run. Otherwise have fun in San Antonio, it's a good place, Holloman is decent if you enjoy outdoor activities and making day/weekend trips around. ABQ is good to see once, Carlsbad Caverns is cool to checkout, their are lots of great hiking/camping locations within a few minute to few hour drive. Are you 2nd SOS? I can't think of any other reserve units off the top of my head.
  9. Dual qualification

    I have a buddy up there. That's all correct. The RC-26 is gone but he was hired to fly it. Ended up going to the -9 but they weren't dual quald. For a time dual qual was a thing on the MQ-1s and 9s same cockpit but completely different HUD, and plane. The 1 had a 200 pound payload cap and a "lawnmower" engine with a supercharger. The 9 has a turbo prop, several thousand pounds of payload, and a completely different electrical system. Flying two different planes with a similar mission is doable. On a unrelated note, the guard units can send RPA guys through UPT if they have the money/the student wants to/and the slots are open.
  10. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    A few take aways from a young dummy. Jets are great. Quick to the fight, can carry a lot of payload, and have all sorts of cool gizmos and do hickies. Their loiter time not so much. Really, the war on terror is almost over? Maybe for everyone over here that's cozy on their couch drinking a beer. My time in RPA purgatory and the things I've seen would leave me to think that's a lie. Sure, we are 16 years late, but it's a great capability we should have. Do we need thousands of these? Probably not. But a couple squadrons in AFSOC would be a great compliment to our SOF capibility and to our ground pounders.
  11. Thanks for the info. Guard MQ-9s is good gig. All the pleasure of killing assholes without the pain of the endless shift work. I was actually surprised how little we work together home station for how frequently we share a stack and target down range. Rumor is the change they made to all the enlisted manned and unmanned aircrew going to one AFSC and the same wings to allow for easier crossflow for RPA and manned guys to switch platforms. Don't how much truth their was to that. Good luck in your transition! Ehhh crossflow. Transition might be the wrong word right now unless you're into that sort of thing.
  12. You are 100% correct. I by no means will making a decision that effects the next 6-14 years of our life off random internet advice, guess I'm looking for what are some things to consider besides basing and mission, and what any of you that cross flowed airframes have considered or would do differently, or anyone that has crossflowed from AFSOC to AMC or AMC to AFSOC and what you thought. HCs and slicks are both jets I would love to fly as well. Good points to consider.
  13. I'm interested to see what the peanut gallery has to offer for a question. I'm a UPT D to MQ-9s at Cannon from the 2015 round, T-1s were my phase 3 jet. Looks like the first group of us MQ-9 guys are on the fall 2018 VML list. I enjoy AFSOC and the mission set and a big part of me wants to stay, but myself and my family really don't want to come back to Cannon. Gunships and the C-146 are on the top of my list but I have heard some guys talk about the gunships not being very accepting of new guys from other jets, any truth to this? I also would enjoy C-17s and tankers, and both for the most part have better basing options for myself and the family. I'm a little less accepting of ACC C2/ISR, but beggars can't be choosers, I'm happy just to get the chance to fly again Fairly sure this is going to work like a UPT round 2 or FAIP drop, so it will depend what's on the assignment list anyway. So so do you try to stay AFSOC with a mission you enjoy a lot, but potential for coming back to Cannon, or go for a AMC slot, with a mission I still like and want to do, just not as much as the AFSOC mission, with much better/more basing options?
  14. Holloman AFB

    Las Ventanas still is alright. Brown Bag deli is a good sandwich shop, Mad Jacks Mountain Top BBQ is the best BBQ I have ever had. It's a 20 minute drive from town up in the mountains in cloudcroft. Other than that, Las Crusas or El Paso are your best bet for good eats. Lots of good outdoor stuff at Holloman though
  15. Deployments

    Varies from 0 as a faip or MCE drones, to 270+ days a year as a heavy guy during a "surge". Every community is different, and even that changes between different commands, bases, squadrons, and mission sets.