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  1. As many people here have said, it’s up to your RA. I would run all of this by them first. My current RA is a good bro and uses commen sense. Unfortunately many are not, and get pressured from the group/wing to be strict, some are just dicks, and then you have to worry about how big of a stickler the finance guy will be that reviews the accounts. My best advice would be to do what your rank/career/desire to fight the man can handle. Is it worth months of hassle, being “that” guy, and meeting with leadership over a free rental Kia? I would say no, but to each their own. I personally have had a decent success rate of just being extra nice to the rental car person and asking for a bigger/nicer car because of “all the luggage and driving” I have to do.
  2. I knew of a handful of guys that went though March 2-3 years ago. I have excaped the RPA life but last I heard 6 ish months ago from the functional was that they were trying to open up March and Syracuse to AD instructors and students
  3. viper154

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’ve met several prior WSO/CSO types that were doing contractor RPA work (sensor operator) either as school house instructors or line fliers. $100k+ jobs
  4. viper154


    I dropped my car insurance a few years ago, Geico gave me identical coverage for exactly half the cost, and both myself and my wife have clean driving records. I use them for checking, I’ll be dropping my renters insurance next month as I have bought a house, they wanted $3500 a year for home owners insurance on the Florida gulf coast, I had a local company give me better coverage for $1500.
  5. viper154

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    They have been banned at Cannon for awhile now. Been there 3 years and never had Friday patches or tags. We used to have shirts that were just tan with our logo, our CC “took” those away when the big blue AFI came out for OCPs and didn’t state that it allowed them. Right around that time 27 SOG peeps that deployed were “not allowed” to wear OCP baseball hats.
  6. viper154

    Personal credit card on the road?

    It’s in the JTR I believe. That being said I try to use it for things that need receipts. I’ve not used it several times for extended stay hotels because the charge was above the $4,000 limit and I didn’t feel like calling to up it. I’ve never had anyone say anything to me. I know several people that refuse to use their GTC for anything except the airline tickets booked in DTS and no one has ever said anything. Just know if you do it you are technically not following the rules. I would have a good excuse, like you card won’t scan/chip is broke, left your card at home, or some other excuse in your back pocket.
  7. viper154

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Instead taking someone out of their primary airframe for 3-4 years and loosing their quals etc why don’t we do short 3-4 month TDYs to other airframes, especially those that have jump seats and extra space? You could be on the tour and get a bunch of right hand seat time and learn about other communities/missions etc. If you are taking a multi day trip/ocean crossing/deployment/combat zone just require another qualified pilot is on bored to swap you out or provide some additional brain power is shit really gets crazy.
  8. viper154

    KC-46A Info

    The ole buddy lase debate. Everyone takes credit in my former neck of woods when this happens in air to ground strikes. I have 0 experience in air to air but I am assuming its a lot harder to get a missile to hit a jet than to hit some asshole on a moped with a ak-47.
  9. viper154

    VA Loans

    We closed today using Trident/Jon and his team. Like everyone else here, I highly recommend using them. It was our first time buying, and outside of reading some things on google while sitting ops sup I really had no idea how the buying process worked. Jon, Bri, and Lisa made everything super quick and easy, and were great about answering all my questions. Outside of submitting a handful of documents for the application we didn't have to do anything but sit back and wait for all the inspections and paperwork to run their course. I also liked that everyone I worked with at Trident was prior military or a military spouse. When dealing with paperwork and all the complexities of buying a house it makes it so much easier when you are dealing with people that know military, so when you say things like "I am TDY, MPF is dragging their feet cutting orders, BAH rates etc" you don't have to spend 20 minutes trying to explain what you are talking about. I also recommend Serena Armstrong for a realtor for anyone buying in the NW Florida area. She has a military back ground and is very experienced with military life. I contacted both her and Jon after I was told of my new assignment, but it ended up taking almost 3 months after that to get rips and things loaded in Vmpf. So, 2 days after our official notification (on a Sunday) the house we ended up buying went onto the market, I called Serena after not really talking to her (or Jon) that entire time we were waiting and 2 hours later she was at the house giving us a virtual tour. That night we had a offer in and the next day after some back and forth negotiating we had a deal. Overall, everyone i worked with during the buying process was awesome, and I can't thank them enough!
  10. My wife got some weird text back in the summer from Verizon about a extra military discount. I called because it looked like a scam but it ended up being legit. After taxes and the bs charges it’s $100 for 2 lines with unlimited everything. I haven’t noticed any speed decrease in my phone but the wife’s phone which is newer than mine has been really slow, I’m guessing it’s a phone issue since mine is normal.
  11. viper154

    Concealed Carry

    Sadly my plane makes very little noise, but our base carry policy is the same, and I got the same explanation as you. There are many people in my squadron that shoot almost every week, do 3 gun, etc that I trust way more that waiting 5 minutes for SF to show up with a bunch of A1Cs that never shot before there military expierence
  12. viper154

    New BAH rates are out.

    PCS is after the new year, so not going to get the old rate.
  13. viper154

    New BAH rates are out.

    Love seeing the rates drop even with housing prices/mortgage rates rising. Down almost $80 for a 0-3 with dependents in the Eglin/Hurlburt area. In the process of buying down there and the housing prices are deff on the rise............
  14. viper154

    Finance Problems

    How much you willing to fight the good fight? If you got the time/energy/documentation and they still refuse to pay because of reasons like “it’s just the system we use/that’s how it’s always been” I would politely let them know if they can’t provide documented proof of reasons not to pay you that you will be making a IG complaint, and actually follow though and make one.
  15. Yes. There is another thread on here with some stuff. There is reason you can’t find much on it. NSAV is pretty hush, you bring people/things to places, and you wil be stationed at Duke. Probably as much info as you are going to get.