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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I think there might be a Navy pilot or two that disagree. (Reference chem trail penis) I’m to tired to find a link.
  2. And all this time I thought jet fuel and the price tag of the jet are what kept the overnight air mail prices so high.
  3. Concur with NSPLAYR, still the same for AFSOC, everyone is issued their own as well, comes in handy so you can highlight/bookmark the sections of pubs you find useful to you. For Flight and Jeppenson apps come installed and paid for. You can download any app you can find on the AppStore as well, I have pandora, a couple games and e books on mine for TDYs, deployments, or when I need 5 minutes in the office to recage. You need a couple people in the unit dedicated to making this work, networking, updating, and getting everything running, and a way stan/Eval can easily make up to date pubs changes and sync to everyone. When I left for my current deployment we were working on a weekly push product so everyone could see their currencies/current flying sched/etc.
  4. Current pay for a RPA qualified pilot at my deployed location is $1500+ a day. I’m licking my chops at that as a prior manned Capt, what do you think some airman that qualifies for food stamps is going to do when their 4/6 commitment is up. Retnention will be right back in the shitter. When the word gets out that being enlisted pilot means all the responsibility and none of the pay the pool applicants is going to drop. I’ve been driving drones for 2.5 years now, have yet to meet a sensor that would be a pilot without the Officer raise.
  5. Texas Church Shooting

    Glock 19 with a CYA holster, extra mag in the pocket. Glock 43 if I’m wearing something more form fitting. I was carrying a key tec sub 2000 in my truck with two 30 round mags as well, I’ve gone back in forth on doing this though. If I really need it I don’t want to take the time to unlock it, but I also don’t want to leave a firearm just chilling in my truck. Having both those guns with the same mags is a sweet option if you find yourself in a pickle, 90 rounds can buy some time.
  6. Texas Church Shooting

    There is no pissing contest. Someone asked how often we carry, some of us responded, no one was/is arguing about anything.
  7. Texas Church Shooting

    I don’t leave home without my carry weapon. Only exception is if I am going somewhere that has a metal detector or I know I am getting checked. I made the choice a long time ago signs/retarded rules are not going to get me killed. I would rather deal with concealing a firearm illegally/against a establishments rules and saving my family than watching my family be killed. Each to their own, it’s a personal choice, and I know the potential consequences.
  8. Girl tried that after she decided RPAs weren’t for her, I think there is more back story/motive that I really don’t care to remember, but the story ends with the AF saying ok sweet, here’s your Global Hawk, no killing there, here’s your sweet PCS to the frozen tundra, here’s a waiver making you non deployble. Thanks for your next 6 years of service.
  9. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Got me beat. I would think the war we have been fighting for the last 16 years and getting warheads on foreheads would be on the top of the list. If I had dollar every time I got spun up when some shoe had a retarded concern while us ops types were barley hanging on because the ops tempo I would be rich.
  10. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Condor mesh back. Amazon. I’m a diviant and have a flag patch on front with my Capt rank pinned through it. I’m also at a different centcom “garden spot”. Apparently some leadership type was “worried” about the Velcro showing on the sides with just the Velcro rank. Beats me because the last time I checked there is exposed Velcro all over a Flight uniform
  11. Been flying droids for 2 years, 5 or 6 different units, 2 MAJCOMS, deployment LRE and I have yet to wear my flight issued boots. I've brought several pairs back to base supply and traded them in for Rockies/Tims/Solomons. Some squadron CCs can get picky about it though. Legally you are doing flight duties while in the box, so you "should" be wearing flight boots. If you figure out a way to mangle your self so bad in the box the only way to identify you is by your footprint you really f d up.
  12. It will be another 3-5 years before that happens again. RPA pipeline is at full capacity, and "numbers" are actually looking better. Every Alpha tour bro in my unit has a projected returned manned date in the next year-year n half. However, the Air Force is projecting a crazy high rate (50% +) of the initial couple groups of the 18x ers to stay in as their 6 commitment comes up, unfortuly the rates are probably going to be closer to 5-10% So we will be right to square one when all the 18x instructors/evaluators bail in late 2018/2019
  13. Finance Problems

    I have no reference but every time I go TDY from home station the closest airport is a 90 minute drive, if it's a early flight we stay overnight by the airport the night before. I get reimbursed every time no questions, and yes, we get the rate for the airport location for that night. Probably not the book answer you wanted, but hey, gotta take what you can get. That is also my philosophy on beer and women............
  14. More Uniform Changes!

    I'm the supply guy for my unit, we just order them through our base supply. No idea on the brand, they just have the standard US gov issue tags. We have a couple old DRIFIRES hanging around the closet, they seem to be a different material. What we have fit weird. You pretty much have to try them on, some people think they need a large long, and end up wanting a medium regular. 90% of people end up in a medium regular or large short though. Highly recommend you buy MASSIF flight approved jackets if you fly anywhere it might be cold, we issue both the heavy weight and light weight and I love both. Light is perfect for spring/fall and the heavy weight keeps me warm down to 15 degree range. Also great at blocking wind. The MASSIF combat shirts are now flight approved as well, I really like them, if you are in a jet that wears body armor. I think MASSIF is now making the actual two pieces as well, I've never seen them in person though. MASSIF is a little pricey but they put out a quality product. If you PM me a .mil I can give you or base supply number and maybe they can point you in the right direction.
  15. Thanks from Houston

    We had just about everyone that wasn't on leave volunteer to come in this weekend to get MQ-9s overhead to help with search and rescue. Unfortunately the red tape was just to much. We were chomping at the bit to help, only thing better than sending enemy to grave is saving our own. Hang in there. We have supplies and fundraising coming your way.