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  1. Ya they got it all wrong though, it wasn’t a F-16 that started WWII, the mother fucker was a drone.
  2. I’m currently in a B course after a RPA tour, over the last 6-9 months I have met probably 6-9 other crossflows dudes, some from RPAs, couple mil to mils, couple dudes just wanted to do something different and asked, couple were voluntold. Not saying you can move from C-5s to F-22s (easily) but I would say there are more opportunities to move airframes than 6-9 years ago.
  3. What DI said is correct. Your orders should have your family on them but only for the PCS to Fairchild. Unless you have a rather outstanding circumstance your family won’t be included in the TDY. However, you will still receive BAH for wherever you were living when you went TDY, so no, your lodging won’t increase but you can bank that BAH. So you will get one set of orders, with the TDY enroute box checked, and the family accompanied on TDY box blank. It should have a RNLTD on there, expect it to be a week or two after the course end date, and don’t sweat it if the course goes long, you just need to get a amendment to orders after.
  4. 2nd recommendation for the Trident crew, did a refinance a little over a year from my initial loan, rates were almost a percent lower, and it cost nothing out of pocket. Couldn’t have been easier either, couple emails and signed the paperwork and that was it. If you are in the market at least give these guys a call when shopping. Couldn’t be happier.
  5. I’m curious if the Purple Hearts being awarded in TN is going to set a precedent. (As reported above, I’ve done no fact checking into that) Does it matter if a terrorists attacks you on US soil or overseas? I would say no. I know plenty of people who received much more for way less that what the Ensign and maybe others did.
  6. I’m very interested to read the AARs when the investigation is over. Reports are the Ensign that lost his life jumped a desk and engaged the shooter, and later made his way outside to assist law enforcement with location/description of shooter. I’ve heard vague reports that others might have attempted to disrupt the shooter as well. A Navy contract officer was shot and two deputies. My thoughts after a few drinks on Friday, a week to reflect, and living just a few minutes away. This asshole went to inflict mass damage. He encountered resistance from some absolute heroes and perhaps a building that was locked down by the time he overcame that resistance that saved lives. The simple fact the asshole engaged a soft target, and 3 people lost, 8 wounded (3 being law enforcement) I would say the assholes objectives were thwarted. (I in no way am down playing those lost/injured, but whatever happened in that building saved lives). I really hope when everything is over everyone who deserves recognition gets it. Engaging a shooter unarmed and sacrificing your life to save others in my opinion deserves a highest honor. The police (both military and law enforcement) that responded did their job absolutely honorably, they went in to saves and accomplished that mission. I hope we learn some lessons and don’t let the lives lost be in vein and unrecognized cheers 🍺🍺 To Them. 🍺🍺
  7. That statement tells me everything I need to know. What a piece of shit.
  8. I watched them load up as I drove by the runway on my way to work. I was wondering why a few hours later a 130 was circling so low over the gulf. My buddy was in the air as the search started, the amount of help and support was pretty humbling, fighters, bombers, tankers from all over the south were overhead almost immediately (relatively speaking)
  9. Our OCP MASSIF jackets came with the Velcro set up like the OCP tips except the rank Velcro was above the name tape like the old Velcro for the ABU fleeces. Somehow I got one with the flight suit name tag Velcro and being the jackets are $550 a pop I just rocked my flight suit name tag. I couple asshats made a comment about it and getting rank sewn on if I was to wear it like that. Eventually my SQ/CC said something to me, my reply was always the same. “Sewing on additional Velcro would ruin the fireproofing/shell of the jacket” No idea if that has any truth but that seems to keep people at bay, successful tactic for 4+ years now.
  10. Sounds right, my bill for 2 lines of unlimited talk/text/data is right around $100 a month.
  11. What’s the return on investment on a global empire though? Sure, we pay a fuck ton for our bases scattered all over the world but we should be getting a return on that investment with global security and leveraging our interest to our economic benefit. Ya OEF/OIF were debatable investments, I don’t really want to go down that rabbit hole. What’s the return on investment if granny lives to be 80 instead of 75? Or you get the sweet air cast and not the old school plaster one because that’s all you can afford. Paying for everyone’s healthcare is not a good investment, Europe is a great example of that. At the same time it’s not great to have a section of the population with massive medical debt, but I would debate that is a better option than investing trillions for “free” health care.
  12. I read it as they had 0 hours at the time of the annual inspection in January.
  13. Not sure, but about a year ago AFPC announced that any 11 that had been in RPAs longer than 5 years was being involuntary recat to 11U. Most those dudes planned on ridding it out to 20. Also, a lot of the initial 18X guys just came up on their commitment and most of those guys/gals were prior E or crossflow that we’re planning on staying to 20. I’m guessing this is affecting the percentages.
  14. I flew for a deployed unit a few years back that used a excel workbook. Worked decently and color coded and all that fun stuff. I’m not smart enough to make one but that is a direction you could pursue. Big thing was that it was at a step desk computer. I know different communities handle the step desk differently, Ipad/file sharing between your crew might be a better route.
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