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    Gun Talk

    I got one for a great deal last year. I love it as a plinking gun that’s cheap to shoot. I’ve also used it as a super cheap training gun for moving while firing and some other other drills. It’s a great 90% training solution/cheap to shoot. I probably average one or two misfires or failure to fully eject per mag, almost every time it’s when I am rapidly firing and I use what ever cheap crap ammo that’s in my stock pile. Might annoy some people but I look at it as good real life practice clearing the problem in my drills.
  2. It was emailed/announced that they were trying to start one up probably 12-18 months ago. Intially it was just a ground school. That was the first and last I ever heard anything about it. I PCSd a few months ago so maybe it’s moving forward now. Holloman had a aero club when I was there back in 2016, no idea if it’s still open
  3. That’s actually rather impressive. I guess if he is disbursing his meals/mileage money on it it’s prob fine, you could probably justify it without to much suspicion. I would be careful of intentionally overpaying money out of his checking account and holding a negative balance though. Eventually it’s going to raise a eyebrow at some level, best case he gets told to knock it off, worse case it starts a Miley Gate 2.0 situation. I’m sure some GS/OSI/legal would have a wet dream trying to fry him for it for abuse of his card. Government don’t like when you mess with their $$$. Probably in everyone’s best interest to tell him it’s not a good idea and advise him of other ways to hide a stripper fund. *edit, as I re read your post, I guess if he is just withdrawing his mileage/meals as soon as the voucher pays and saving it for a rainy day it’s fine. As said above, just paying extra ATM fees.
  4. I would hope they would at least give you a few days notice. I don’t stress about the PT test but I avoid eating certain meals the night before and have a light breakfast. God forbid they popped me for a random PT test and I had the Mexican supreme meal #7 for dinner the night before or picked up a breakfast burrito with my morning cup of Joe. I would make it about 200 yards before I dropped my swishy shorts and called “weapons away” and “splash one”. Not to mention I tend to be a little errrrr “dehydrated” on Monday’s during football season when I’m not flying.
  5. T shirts, patches, Zaps, Coozies, coffee mugs, “remove before flight” keychains with our airplane on the back. I believe we had some coins and lithos, they are hard to make money on though. Our base hosted the Airshow so they were very anal about making sure our booster clubs had all the bs paperwork in order and aduted to be able to sell stuff. I don’t think they gave a shit about the jets/units that flew in. We just ordered extra stuff of what we already sold at the unit. If you have metal squadron water bottles I’m sure that is fine but the vendors have some sort agreement about only them selling food/water though. We didn’t advertise that we had extra water but we left our coolers in sight behind the booth, many people offered to “donate” a couple bucks for a water, doing our part in keeping up community relations we gladly obliged.
  6. viper154


    Agree with above comments. Make her get own mortgage. If she fights it offer to let her keep the equity to help with a new down payment. Shows you are willing to work with her and you can use that to leverage against spousal/child support or to get another asset you want. Sucks because you are going to loose money short term but it’s hell of a lot better than paying a mortgage for a house for her to live in when she can’t make payments. The only thing you ever want to have to talk her about after this is over is the kids.
  7. They are my favorite approved (and issued to me) flight boot. I was also issued the Solomon XA forces GTX boots that I am in love with. They are much more of a hiking boot/shoe and have the quick pull no tie lace thing. They are coyote though and barely above the ankle, so they look retarded in the traditional green bag, they are all I wear in OCPs though. Not flight approved but several flying units at the two AFSOC bases I have been at in the last year have bought/issued them.
  8. Rocky S2Vs, order a wide size. They got put back on the flight approved list last year. The flight approved ones aren’t the warm weather ones though. (I don’t think, my sage green ones are much warmer and thicker than my brown ones, my feet get hot pretty quick). But other than that they are comfy.
  9. viper154


    My parents used me as a pawn for years after their divorce, it sucked. Do everything you can to isolate the kids from the situation and not use them. Include who is paying for what for the kids in the divorce agreement. My dad and I did not get along in my later teens and he was refusing to help with any of my college (he is very well off, and my mother was doing everything she could to stay afloat) my mom was smart enough 17 years earlier to include a clause in the paperwork that they had to match whatever the other provided for college tuition, she gave me every dime she could just to spite him. (See earlier comment about keeping the kids out of it) Two things I saw in my squadron. Watch the drinking as mentioned above. Nothing wrong with having a few every now and then, but it becomes a habit quick and bad things are said/done/called/texted after having a few to many. If you have guns/weapons store them in a buddies safe, my old neighbor had a kid at school mention she helped her dad clean a firearm, CPS was at their house two days later. If she’s batshit or manipulates the kids to say something you can get f d pretty quick. My single airline buddies claim to smash a lot. Good luck man.
  10. They should be able to amend it without the fundcite if you need it. What unit are you going to at Hurlburt? I would look up their front office (exec) number and give them a call. Ask who the RA is, what their number is/give them a call, if that fails shoot the RA a email. I had almost a identical situation my first PCS after UPT. I went 3 months enroute with no fundcite, finally figured out I was going to a unit that was still being stood up and my name got lost in the shuffle. I got everything done by making phone calls myself and figuring it out. Stay on top of the ammendemt and making sure TMO gets it and approves the storage. I have heard stories of people being billed crazy amounts because TMO messes up and storage companies auctioning off your stuff for non payment from Uncle Sam.
  11. Ya, you need your flight CC and probably your squdron CC involved. They need to call your AFPC functional and training manager to load your class into MILPDS and get your rips generated. With a RIP in hand you can go to MPF and have them amend your orders. You should be able to go to TMO with a RIP and tell them you are waiting on order ammendemts and they can get the ball rolling. Fundcite isn’t a huge deal, you can go TDY enroute wothout it, you just can’t file a voucher, but that should come with your training RIP. Again, AFPC functional/training manager is who would be able to get you that. I just completed my 3rd PCS. It’s a absolute shit show every time, so take notes and get use to the stupidity.
  12. What Skitzo said. I don’t see the Whiskys going away anytime soon but I’m not a gunship guy, rumors I’ve heard is that once there are enough Js they will be at both places.
  13. AFSOC has pros and cons like anything else. Expect a more intense B course than the airlift guys. Hurlburt is great. Cannon not so much. Lots of deployments and TDYs. Ops tempo is pretty high, don’t expect to be home a lot, but the mission is very rewarding.
  14. Depends on a lot of factors, most of which have been mentioned above. If you can get on the good graces of leadership and get on your knees you can try for a 1-2 year controlled tour outside the squadron, usually at the group or wing doing safety/Stan-eval or something like that. I have met a couple dudes that have spent 15-17 years out of 20 at one base. Every single one has had two things in common though, flying a airframe that has extreamly limited basing options, and being chosen early as a top performer for “command”, and those guys using that to their advantage to stay in place.
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