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  1. viper154

    Hurricane Michael

    Only would work for bases with water access but what about a ramp to a dock and a specially made barge to secure the aircraft to. Would probably only need 1 or 2, just to get the jets that aren’t flyable out. Figure 12 hours from notification to tow the jets and get them loaded. Not a boat expert but I would think 12-24 hours after that would leave enough time to tow the barge to another base on the water or a port that’s at least out of the devastating winds of the eye. I was thinking about the comment made earlier about trucking them out, I would guess that in theory you could probably crane a jet onto a flat bed, bigger issue would be clearance iof wings and vertical stabs, also would a police escort, take up most the road, and add serious congestion to the evac routes.
  2. viper154

    Hurricane Michael

    Valid. Vodka + auto correct = fail
  3. viper154

    Hurricane Michael

    I have flown in many AORs with no E-3s, but I get your point, it would wipe out a majority of the E-3s. Same outcome to pretty much any of the ACC C2ISR fleet, every airframe is pretty much at one place. Loosing Hurlburt would have been a big blow to AFSOC. I vote we give Cannon back to ACC, all that great airspace right next to the base to conserve fuel in those F-22s.
  4. viper154

    Hurricane Michael

    Same could be said for a lot of bases, if that hurricane went 60 miles west, Hurlburt and Eglin (and pcola) would be leveled. We had several tornados when I was at CBM that missed base by a few miles, I’m sure Vance has been in the same boat. Altus is right there, Lots of areas are subject to natural disaster, south has the Hurricanes and long track Tornados, mid west tornados, west coast has wild fires. I would say the safest areas of the nation natural disaster wise are the upper mid west, inland areas of the northwest, and inland areas of northeast. All areas we have few bases.
  5. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Unfortunately most the AFSOC squadrons have picked one or the other for home station wear, at least at Cannon. MCs, CVs, and 2/3 of RPA squadrons rock the 2 piece, AC-W, U-28s are bag only. The other RPA squadron can wear whatever their heart desires. Personally, I don’t see why we all can’t do that. God forbid we give pilots the choice to wear the uniform they prefer. I love the bag in fair weather/and if I didn’t eat Mexican the night before. 2 piece is great if I need to layer up for the cold or take a layer off for heat, or if I am expecting a emergency jettison at some point in the day.
  6. viper154

    Hurricane Michael

    Holy shit. So sad. Honestly looks like Mosul and Raqqa after the push. Curious what the base looks like. My wife was asking me what happens to the mil families and AD members after a event like this, and I honestly don’t know. PCS to a place that the jets went? TDY with dependents? Send the wife and kids to family while the AD member lives in a hotel?
  7. viper154

    What is next for the UPT-Next graduates?

    Ya actually. Every time a 18x er says they are a “pilot” I have no problem pointing to their wings and correcting them. I’ve been stuck in drones for 3 years, the 18x product is not a pilot. It’s a glorified system manager. Do they bring a lot to the current fight? F ya they do, probably more than 95% of the current manned platforms, but do they risk life/limb? Or have the training manned dudes have? Hell no. They can’t transit frome point a to b in the AOR without having a published route, don’t get me started on system knowledge. Take that weak ass shit out of here.
  8. viper154

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    As Moose said, there are only a handful of U-2s and U-2 drivers. There are what, 3 combat AC-130 squadrons, crews of 7-8 ish, plus the training units/test stuff. Fairly sure y’all are the largest community in AFSOC. I’m sure the U-28s, CVs and everyone else would love to hand pick everyone in the community, but it’s just not feasible.
  9. viper154

    Is the KC-10 going to be cut?

    Ya but then you taxi down the wrong taxi way and clip your wing on a building! Ha!
  10. viper154

    Cannon AFB

    I can ask my Es at work on Tuesday the current details, if it’s your first duty assignment (assuming it is) you will probably have to live in the dorms. Expect to be in them for about a year, maybe less. They recently were kicking dudes out of the dorms that had chose to stay in them longer than a year. We have had a huge influx of young guys at this base. If you are a RPA sensor I heard you can opt out of the dorms as soon as you complete your mission qual because of shift work/crew rest/roommates on different schedules, not sure if they are allowing the other enlisted aircrew guys the same deal. Highly recommend finding some bros and splitting a place if/when you move off base. The nicer houses in good neighborhoods have rent prices that will far exceed your BAH as a young airman. It’s shitty but the owners do it to keep the rift raft away.
  11. viper154

    Seven Day Option

    When is the summer notification window? There are still people from the Winter window waiting for assignments, I highly doubt AFPC can pull its head out of its ass in the next 55 days to give you the blue anal dildo.
  12. viper154

    Reno Air Races

    If you are referring to fatal crash that was not the case at all, report is on AFSAS.
  13. Doesn’t mean you won’t get screwed. Ask the 15-13/14/15 dudes.
  14. FWIW, When I saw that T-1 on the screen at track select one of my first positive thoughts was “well at least I’ll never do a ELP again” Joke was on me, I’m now 2/2 on being assigned aircraft with one engine. I think we have two valid points here, we spent a hell of a lot of time doing them in UPT, and that time could have been more focused on building other skills that would more likely apply in day to day aviation. On the other hand, it was a great airmanship builder, and it was a challenging task that you needed to demonstrate you had the ability to learn the task at hand in a given amount of time to pass. Probably could have made it a item you needed to demonstrate the ability to do before the end of the contact block but didn’t have to do on a checkride. I see no reason a student that is allowed to area solo and do advance aero alone shouldn’t also be expected to at least attempt to recover a engine out jet in glide back range. If they mess it up, sure punch no questions asked, soon as you realize you can’t make it, and if you dead stick it in as a student the squadron will meet you at the jet will top gun music blaring and high fives. If the drone bros are practicing them and expected to land a engine out robot plane we should probably expect our youngins with their ass on the line to at least give it a shot.
  15. viper154

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Disclaimer: I have no idea how long a 11F syllabus is. Your average RPA pilot (18x) gets about 3 months of T-6 instrument SIMs and about 30 events (sims+”flights”) in a MQ-9 to be CMR. Keeping in mind that is basic transit procedures, basic ISR/CAS, and with the autopilot hold modes always on. No formation, no takeoff/landing, and not ever putting their ass on the line Take a average ish UPT grad or heavy cross flow dude and throw them in a LA program and I would say 30-40 flights and another 30 or so of SIMs would probably get you in the ball park. Assumption being they have a good basic pilot back ground, a CSO in the back running the sensors/mission set, and a expierenced Flight lead.