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  1. I flew for a deployed unit a few years back that used a excel workbook. Worked decently and color coded and all that fun stuff. I’m not smart enough to make one but that is a direction you could pursue. Big thing was that it was at a step desk computer. I know different communities handle the step desk differently, Ipad/file sharing between your crew might be a better route.
  2. I’ll chime in with my worthless opinion. The Air Force wants a way to cut the cost and time required to train new pilots, and I think that is the biggest downfall of PTN. There is huge potential for these devices to be awesome training tools, not just for UPT but for IQT/MQT, upgrades, CT and all the other training programs out there. I honestly think VR would make the most difference in advance training, after pilots have a foundation of airmanship, studying, chair flying etc. I’m currently in a IQT program for my 2nd MWS, I have amazed myself at how much more efficiently I can study and chair fly than back in the day going though UPT and my first IQT/MQT program, I attribute it to having a good foundation of airmanship, study habits, and just knowing what is important to study. Having a VR device I could run though profiles with on my own time would probably take me to that next level in the jet. Problem is it’s going to require a massive investment of $$ and time to make the VR of a high enough quality to provide great instruction. Money and time are exactly what the AF is trying to cut, and I don’t think the AF is smart enough to realize a major investment on the front end will pay dividends on the back end. I’m curious if we left the old UPT amount of flight hours and 12 month syllabus timeframe alone and incorporated a high quality VR program how much better quality of stud you would get on the back end, subsequently reducing 87/88/89 rides, failed IQT rides, mishaps etc.
  3. 217 v1/2/3 are now AFMAN 217. All one volume. The old guidance required you to verify the course and distance between your points for a RNAV. That verbiage was removed. NVG stuff got moved somewhere, some other minor changes. Point being, the bobs are saying “look, we eliminated a bunch of pubs and rules!” When in reality they just combined some pubs and reduced redundancies. All the rules are still there.
  4. I’ve noticed almost 0 difference in my day to day operations/flying. Honestly the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is not confirming my RNAV headings/courses in my GPS with my plate. Maybe I was just already ignoring all the stupid shit they “got rid of”. Oh, I now have additional guidance about having to have flight gloves.
  5. What’s been the ratio of non 11F/B that have sucked as bad as your examples compared to those that have done fine or needed just a little extra with Tac form/other 38 specific things?
  6. It's pretty great, actually. Pays the same. Spend a lot more time with your family and are a lot less stressed to.
  7. From what I gathered the HRT program was getting a bunch of money for its own equipment/space. Not sure what the program was called, I walked in rather late. To be clear, POTFF does a wide range of things for members and families, similar ish to the family readiness center, but their pot of money comes from SOCOM. Not sure if this aircrew program was associated with POTFF or not.
  8. I was a flt/cc is a squadron that was half enlisted aircrew. The amount of young kids that failed PT tests was surprising. Many of them were pretty thin dudes that I would have thought wouldn’t have had issues. They just didn’t care or didn’t want to put the effort into physical training. On another note, a got a brief last week from a new program AFSOC/SOCOM is standing up later this year. It’s going to be a staff of physical trainers, physical therapists, dietitians, dedicated to only aircrew. They are suppose to have their own gym, and biometric equipment for analysis of improvements. Any aircrew on base can walk in and get help, and their services are suppose to be oriented to help aircrew better operate in their crew position. Having back issues being in the seat? Expect them to help get you on a training program to strengthen back muscles and focus on making it more comfortable. They were getting fam rides on the jets to become more familiar with our operating environment to better help us. I walked in late but it sounded pretty awesome. It’s based off what the Army/Navy have for their spec ops teams, and the money is from SOCOM, so for now it’s only going to be a AFSOC thing.
  9. Slide says current as of 29 April. Downgrade for SA
  10. Pretty much a one stop shop for everything. Only hard copy pub we have is the abbreviated checklist Incase of iPad failures.
  11. Did that finally happen? Been hearing rumors now for awhile. I just can’t wait to be back from leave.............
  12. Pretty sure some kid on here (or someone with a story of him/her) failed out of the B-1 FTU for academics and got sent to B-52s. I also remember someone in the FEB board who got booted from B-1 FTU and was being sent to scan IDs at the gate for the next 9.69 years. How lucky you feeling? Be patient, things might change, you might just have to fly that desk for awhile until things get fixed or you can get a white jet tour.
  13. I’m surprised E-3s and E-8s have such a high take rate. I would think all that 4 engine Boeing time would make them super easy hires to make 2-3x pay for half the work/no deployments.
  14. Flyboys makes some good stuff in different sizes and configurations. Not sure if they have exactly what you want. I have 2 of their bags, a bigger bag with multiple pockets for multiple headsets, water bottles, iPad, lunch, center was big enough for for several binders of UPT pubs back in the day. My old squadron issued me a smaller bag for alert, just big enough for a iPad, headset, small water bottle and little pocket for flashlight/pens/multi tool. I like it for locals around the flagpole or compliment a backpack with snacks and such. Good quality bags. No issues with tearing/zippers/ etc and I don’t do a good job taking care of them
  15. viper154

    Latest Movies

    Bunch of people sent me the link when I was flying today, it was rather surreal walking off the flight line watching the trailer for Top Gun 2. The original was really what made me want to be a pilot as a young kid. After a really fun flight today and seeing that trailer was a awesome feeling. I hope the movie is as awesomely cheesy and filled with sweet flying as the original, and that it inspires and sparks the dream of flight in some of today’s kids like it did me.
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