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  1. viper154

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How about no more PT uniform. Just wear your civilian gym clothes, or you’re grandpa jeans and kitty ear hat. No one gives a shit. One less thing to dig out of the closet for the annual pt test or ‘stan deployment.
  2. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Just as good as I showed your mom!!!! Ha
  3. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Was there last year, it was god awful. Chief got his panties in a wad because I wore my MASSIF jacket over my PT outfit to the gym at 7am, it probably 35 degrees out. Apparently the CENTCOM reg only authorized the GORTEX over the PT outfit. I’m a pilot, only brought my flight approved jacket, so I kept doing it. Apparently it turned into 6 hour meeting with the SNCOs debating the topic. Meanwhile they had huge influx of people coming the next week and no where to feed or house them. It’s no surprise how Fd we are, 6 hours because of one material jacket vs another. Why in the f did we even have to wear PT gear anyway? Chief said it’s becasuse we are “in a war zone”. some how the contractors were just fine wearing regular non reflective clothing to the gym. Oh and comm SSGT that thought I was a A1C and tried yelling at me for the untucked shirt while running, something about wartime and how great of a NCO he was being. It didn’t end well for him when I informed him I was a officer F*ck KAF
  4. What a douche. He would have lost most of us anyway, only reason many of us didn’t get “chronic headaches/conscious object/fail 6.9 PT tests” was the promise to return to fly. First group of us got assignments a couple months ago, I won’t believe it until I’m back in a cockpit but at least the AF seems to be following through. Cautionary tail to the young guys, if you want to fly for the AF, do it for the guard. AD will try to stick it to ya every chance they get.
  5. I want to say about a year ago. These UPT RPA drops seems suspicious to me, briefing last week had ACC manning at 100% +
  6. Yes, not sure on the numbers though. No knowledge of these rumored recent RPA drops but there is a bottleneck at Randolph, and empty slots at the FTU. They just need dudes with wings to fill them. AFPC did say about 2 months ago all the 11s that didn’t recat to 11U were to be back manned by the end of 2019, so par for course, AFPC lied.
  7. In all honesty I don’t think it’s a horrible idea but I think it’s to aggressive for a new program. 30 T-6 hours does seem pretty low. I think we can all agree that some things just have to be learned in the plane. I would have made it a 9 month ish syllabus, keeping most of the current T-6 program but transitioning it to be more in the SIM/VR/new tech thing they have going on. With a lot less wx/mx cancels because most of it is in the sim you could knock that out in 4.5 months. Then transition the other 4.5 months to a similar T-38/T-X program with some IFF stuff.
  8. Projected 35 training days/51 TDY days, out and back from current location. Also a outback from current location for SERE. U-28s to Hurlburt. (My number 2 of 30 ish choices, I’ll give it to AFPC, seems like they really tried to get everyone in my group something in their top 5). That is kinda what I am leaning toward. Wife is anxious to GTFO out of Clovis, especially knowing at some point we will probably be back. Trying to look at all the options.
  9. viper154

    Gun Talk

    Agreed on harbor freight. Their tools aren’t “the best of the best by the men’s room” for professionals that use them daily, but for that tool you need every now and then they have great products. Ill say the same for PSA. They have good stuff for range fun at a decent price but I’ve had some minor issues with their stuff, as well as several close friends. I wouldn’t bet my life on a harbor freight tool or a PSA gun/part, but they have good deals for “weekend warriors”.
  10. So to keep things short, I was a UPT direct to RPAs, I have been “notified” by my commander of my manned follow on assignment, as well as the other first 30 UPT directs from the 2015/16 UPT/RPA fuckery. It basically worked like a FAIP drop. Only “official” notification we have gotten so far is our T-1 refresher dates. Nothing on Vmpf. I would say it’s the equilivant of a UPT stud getting there assignment on assignment night and waiting for orders. Does that CC notification count that the order will be issued? I would much rather my family be out of the shithole that is eastern NM and at our follow location closer to civilization and family.
  11. A quick question after few to many alcoholic beverages and nothing from the search function and too lazy to scan the JFTR while buzzed. A upcoming PCS has most likely been delayed for my family for 4-6 months, and we are going from a pretty shitty location to a pretty nice location. If I buy i house at our new location and move the family down ahead of time (before our PCS orders, and full DITY) can I still get reimbursed or is that a violation of the JTR since we didn’t have orders when I moved the family?
  12. viper154

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Just long enough to dangle the carrot to get you to stay in, then deny your application, send you on a 365/staff tour/(fill in bullshit job here)
  13. None of their business if your husband is actually with you. I would just say I’m married and I’m staying off base. Seeyaaaaa. You would be “following” their retarded illegal policy.
  14. viper154

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Anyone get notified by their CC about a assignment and been waiting for the official Vmpf notification? Been about 3 weeks now (ish)
  15. viper154

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    MASSIF makes some really nice gear, 0 complaints about everything I have been issued. They also make a version of the OCP flight uniforms they are much nicer and better fitting than the standard issued crap. We have been fighting tooth and nail to get them approved for wear.