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  1. itsokimapilot

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Raccoons don't take selfies. "Nebraska football player bitten by raccoon while trying to take selfie with it Published December 05, 2014Associated Press Facebook493 Twitter550 Email Print A Nebraska football player is recovering after being attacked by an apparently camera-shy raccoon. The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Husker defensive end Jack Gangwish spotted the animal on the side of the road Wednesday night as he was driving north of Lincoln and decided to take a picture of himself with the raccoon using his cellphone. When he approached the animal, it attacked, biting the 21-year-old Gangwish on the calf.Gangwish killed the animal with a crescent wrench he grabbed from his truck. Authorities are testing the raccoon for rabies." http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/12/05/nebraska-football-player-bitten-by-racoon-while-trying-to-take-selfie-with-it/?intcmp=latestnews
  2. itsokimapilot

    Investment showdown -- beyond the Roth, SDP, & TSP

    TSP doesn't charge when you do a roll over in conjunction with retirement or separation. My TSP was a traditional IRA. In order to convert it, Vanguard rolled my TSP funds into a traditional IRA, then it was converted to a Roth. The way it was explained to me was that was the simplest to create an above bar trail for the IRS.
  3. itsokimapilot

    Investment showdown -- beyond the Roth, SDP, & TSP

    I rolled my TSP traditional over to a Vanguard Roth this year. It was pretty straight forward. Setup an account with Vanguard. Request a transfer of the funds with TSP. Once the funds transferred I converted to a Roth. The final statement from TSP reflected exactly how much was tax free. It took about six weeks for TSP to give me my money. I think you can only do this if you separate or retire. Be aware if you do what I did, convert from traditional to Roth that you just generated X amount of income and you can potentially put yourself in a higher tax bracket. It was the the right time for me, YMMV.
  4. itsokimapilot

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    WTF, you need a PSA to not $hit in the street? Crazy Indians.
  5. itsokimapilot

    Herk hard landing - Afghanistan

    If they had a FE this would've never happened! Glad they crew and pax made it out safely.
  6. itsokimapilot

    Ever Considered Expating?

    I was stationed at Soto Cano for a year. Honduras is an awesome, but dangerous place to live. I would never live where they are talking about building these cities. You'd probably be much safer setting up a town in Camp Bastion or FOB Shank.
  7. itsokimapilot

    Dynamic Aviation Pilot Positions

    Did you mean Colombia? I didn't hear about a crash in the US.
  8. itsokimapilot

    Stop Loss Cometh

    My understanding is United is only expecting a 25% take.
  9. itsokimapilot

    Gun Talk

    Dumb question to follow. I've never had to ship a pistol. Any ideas on the correct way to bring it up to FedEx? Should I put it in the case or just bring the pistol? Do they have a box and packaging for such things? I've tried calling Springfield but their phone lines are consistently busy these days. Thanks.
  10. itsokimapilot

    Opinions on C-17 v KC-10 (as well as bases?)

    Tried to make a joke. I missed the mark. Community standard. My apologies. My point was I'd rather deliver something, whether it's cargo for a MAF pilot or bombs/bullets for a CAF pilot. Tankers support both the MAF and CAF for those actions. I didn't say too much did I Tonka?
  11. itsokimapilot

    Opinions on C-17 v KC-10 (as well as bases?)

    I've done some cool things in the C17 ( not patting myself on the back, I'm not the only one). None of which I can talk about and only about half of those "support" missions were SOLL II. Maybe a little, haha. Tankers also support the support airframes. I'm not bad mouthing tankers, there's something to be said for relevance. Direct delivery of anything (pallets of street justice, kinetics, etc.) is more appealing to me than giving everyone else a top off. I felt pretty relevant on the opening days of OIF too. Flying into "J" fields to deliver SOF assets to the fight. I wish I could have been in a C17 for HUMRO. No
  12. itsokimapilot

    Opinions on C-17 v KC-10 (as well as bases?)

    Completely agree. You can be the tip of support or the shaft. I'd rather be closer to the tip, STS.
  13. itsokimapilot

    Opinions on C-17 v KC-10 (as well as bases?)

    I've been to over 150 countries in ten years in the C17. I've done airdrop in three continents. Oh and if Travis and McGuire are what float your boat, we are there too. Comparing 10 and 17 bases who cares? If you want to burn holes in the sky and support everyone else's mission, good for you. Somebody has to do it.
  14. itsokimapilot

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    "She gave a description of the alleged assailant: dark hooded sweater, jeans and dark tennis shoes." Maybe the President's son? Too soon?
  15. itsokimapilot


    It's not a great option, but it sounds like Your option.