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  1. http://buffalonews.com/2017/06/19/airlines-draft-proposal-weaken-flight-safety-law-passed-wake-flight-3407-crash/ Any chance this passes? If so, would military stay at the top of the hiring pool? The AF must love the part about airlines giving us a bonus to leave military flying!
  2. New BAH rates are out.

    It doesn't change with a change in rank, just a PCS. I kept thr O-4 rate for two years because the O-5 rate for my base had dropped so low.
  3. Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    Slight thread derailment. I noticed in 36-2110 that both STRD and ODSD play a part in Short Tour selection. I was always under the impression that Short Tours were based solely on STRD. Any idea how ODSD plays into Short Tours? I have an Overseas long tour which puts my ODSD 6 years closer to present day than my STRD, so I'm hoping that gives me a little breathing room.
  4. I have nothing to add, other than another data point. I just went over 17 yrs active service, but am seriously considering going reserves and trying for the airlines now. I'd be turning down a healthy retirement, but three years is still three years. I don't know if I can follow the dipshits they put in charge these days. But the AF will be fine, my 3700 rated hours will be replaced by someone else with 200-ish. Nothing lost.
  5. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Question on currency. Any new hires coming off of staff tours? There is a possibility I may be on staff tour when my commitment is up. I heard from a retired airline guy that even flying Part 91 aircraft will keep me current in the airline's eyes, but I can't imagine a couple of hours in a cessna would make me competitive, even with over 3000 hrs. Airlines may be more desperate in 3-4 years when my time will be up, but any info on this topic would be much appreciated.
  6. Getting back to the original poster's question, yes, there is a special tour of Pearl Harbor available for military members. Contact the Public Affairs Office at Naval Station Pearl Harbor and they should point you in the right direction. I believe it's mainly a boat tour around the entire harbor, but not sure if they drop you off at the memorial or not. It's one of those things that isn't published anywhere, but it's available.