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  1. 2 on the SPG if those are your goals. Solid card all around. PM me if you want a referral link.
  2. I should have mentioned the caveat that those numbers are total for both me and the wife. The point was just to show that if you want to splurge on a trip that you can get some awesome redemption value out of those points.
  3. 2.5% cash back is nice for not putting any work into anything, but you can get such a better value from points like Chase UR and SPG that blow 2.5% out of the water if you do the leg work. Trip Report from my last point redemption:
  4. Just in time for another VSP/RIF!
  5. Hatedont is Chang? Chang is Hatedont?
  6. Air Force/Airline Meeting

    That actually isn't a terrible idea. Its the first time I've said to myself "yeah, I'd consider staying in for that" in a while
  7. Heard the Dec board but not sure
  8. Rumor mill from High Flight says PRFs (at least for Maj) will be cut down to one line.
  9. Can you just stop please? We all get it, you're hilarious.
  10. AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    He blew it. I was in doubt for the longest time, but it's not even fun anymore.
  11. Future Pilot Wife

    Might as well just post the info now, we're all curious.
  12. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    MPF was closed all day today (0800-1600) at MacDill due to an on base carnival. So that's my reason.