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  1. FourFans130

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Just saw the advisory from higher: 0518 board results delayed "30 days" due to hang-ups at the "national level". Duck, somehow this is your fault.
  2. The way I see it, being a pilot in the USAF right now is like flying spins in an ejection seat equipped jet. We're in the spin at pretty high altitude, hanging with it. Changing the ADSC reg told us (mid-spin) that our ejection seat has a min altitude of 15,000A for a safe ejection. Could I stick with it and probably come out ok below that? Maybe, but why risk it? I just found this out in the middle of the event, do I really want to press to test? You'll start seeing a lot more pilots reject staff assignments, and/or reject requal after those assignments. Separating at 12 years of service will become the norm...especially with BRS. We few caught in the middle before will probably punch instead of going for 20.
  3. FourFans130

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Duck's future isn't riding on this one, so it'll be on time.
  4. FourFans130

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Why? Because that's hot. How many prop strikes you think the FTU would log in a year?
  5. FourFans130

    F-35 Lightning info

    Reads: "I think we just got our asses handed to us."
  6. FourFans130

    KC-135 Tanker Q&A

    So it's harder for bad guys to read their subdued SOAR nametags and patches.
  7. FourFans130

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Sounds like a good thread topic.
  8. FourFans130

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Cannot be overstated.
  9. Maybe Debbie James can help.
  10. FourFans130

    Questions on the GI Bill (Tuition Aid)

    make no mistake: Big Blue is indeed the bandit.
  11. FourFans130

    Trends in Air to Air Combat

    I knew it. Griswold was just a cover!
  12. FourFans130


    Thank you for saying what I can't.
  13. FourFans130

    Questions on the GI Bill (Tuition Aid)

    The AF calls it a "retention initiative"
  14. FourFans130


    ...oh the things I can't say because I'm NATO right now...