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  1. The question is still hanging out there: With all the AFI changes out there, is continuation still a thing? Handgrips are raised, standing by to squeeze triggers. (Yes, I’m old and flew the tweet)
  2. My turn to jump on for a Trident Loan debrief. I was matched up with Jon and his teammate Lisa. They are rockstars. My bride and I had the pleasure of making this purchase while PCSing from Eastern Europe to the Florida panhandle...during hurricane season. On top of that, my bride and kids got here about two weeks ahead of me. Before I hit CONUS, we went through the entire loan approval, house selection, rate lock, and initiated closing. Team Trident got us a fantastic rate (better than some other major banking/loan companies by .5% in our specific case), and were up front and completely transparent with the entire process. Jon and Lisa were apparently on the job 24/7 because I was getting updates as soon as they were available. As mentioned before, the housing market regulations now require a metric ton of paperwork. Thankfully Lisa is a level 74 ninja master at that stuff, and we were able to digitally sign everything. Taking it a step further, Marty, Jon, and Lisa made it clear that they understand the unique situation of pilots going through the transition to the airlines. In fact, some on their team are doing exactly that right now. They understand our earning potential, and reassured us that the temporary drop in paycheck due to the job change would not jeopardize our financial status for the loan. All told, team trident is populated with honest, extremely hardworking individuals who are diligent in making the home loan process as transparent and painless as possible. On top of that, Jon and Lisa went out of their way to answer any questions we had in language we could understand, and made sure that our family got settle into the local areas as smoothly as possible. These are some great friendships that we've started. Trident is fantastic and we'll definitely be bring them any business we have in the future. Outstanding work Team Trident! With our sincerest gratitude, FourFans and family.
  3. Well, the USAF gave me its second thanks, but no thanks for O-5. Not that I expected much, but it was a last chance for big blue to plant a seed of hope that they see the light. I guess the pilot problem isn’t bad enough to need to give high time IPs hour a reason to stay. My morale is gunna be pretty darn good...with delta, or southwest, or fedex, or... Data point for the masses: clean record, 3300 hrs, MWS Pilot WO, JDAL staff complete...never touched the HPO track. This is what the USAF does not want: professional combat expertise. Palace front (hopefully) in 16 months. Apparently I have to avoid a BIS to keep my 20 year retirement viable.
  4. Right there with ya. I might have an “I’m going to the airlines! Freedom!” party this Wednesday. Praying they thoroughly jack it up and deny me continuation too.
  5. Maybe Deborah James can help. I hear she’s good manpower problems.
  6. Just saw the advisory from higher: 0518 board results delayed "30 days" due to hang-ups at the "national level". Duck, somehow this is your fault.
  7. The way I see it, being a pilot in the USAF right now is like flying spins in an ejection seat equipped jet. We're in the spin at pretty high altitude, hanging with it. Changing the ADSC reg told us (mid-spin) that our ejection seat has a min altitude of 15,000A for a safe ejection. Could I stick with it and probably come out ok below that? Maybe, but why risk it? I just found this out in the middle of the event, do I really want to press to test? You'll start seeing a lot more pilots reject staff assignments, and/or reject requal after those assignments. Separating at 12 years of service will become the norm...especially with BRS. We few caught in the middle before will probably punch instead of going for 20.
  8. Duck's future isn't riding on this one, so it'll be on time.
  9. Why? Because that's hot. How many prop strikes you think the FTU would log in a year?
  10. Reads: "I think we just got our asses handed to us."
  11. So it's harder for bad guys to read their subdued SOAR nametags and patches.
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