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  1. How can the Bobulinski story be a hoax with so many verifiable hard facts? Just finished watching the interview. Seems legit.
  2. Spoken like a stereotypical (thankfully it's a stereotype that the vast majority don't fall into) strat airlift pilot. You are ready for TACC.
  3. Yes, this is what's right with the Air Force. In the midst of a political, social, and military stupidity, a C-17 crew landed an emergency airplane in the combat zone and NO ONE noticed. Dear crew: well done.
  4. https://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/legislative/one_item_and_teasers/nom_cmten.htm You're in the waiting game. I don't see the Air Force Lt Col list even on the list yet. If you are a 1 Nov pin-on and the Senate delays past then, I'm pretty sure you pin-on the date that they approve it. VMPF and myper promotion sections should have the exact details on that ROE though.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man. That's rich. You're good. Tell another joke. For the education of the masses, "We" is spelled "Army" If you think the USAF is leaving any time soon, think again. Just like "We" left the middle east after Desert Storm. Yet the USAF has been deployed there ever since. USAF assets will be the second to last ones out. Not trying to rain on your parade. Just gotta be a realist about it.
  6. So you probably don't recognize that the forces in place in Afghanistan pose a threat to a VERY limited region...namely...Afghanistan and it's very immediate neighborhood. Nothing in that country provides an ability to threaten China. At all. Moreover, the country is so unstable that we would never place forces there that could pose any form of threat to China. It would be wasteful and stupid on a plethora of levels. If you are going to apply geopolitical strategy games, make sure you also apply real world analysis to them. The underlying part you missed: logistics Amateurs st
  7. Out of curiosity, have you spent any time in Afghanistan?
  8. What speeds are typical for fighters refueling off a Herc?
  9. Thank you for clarifying, I stand corrected. I've encounter a whole lot of ego and thin skin surrounding the primacy of the HUD in the C-17. Not a judgment, just a statement of my experience. //RANT// What is ultimately concerning to me is the institutionalized acceptance of mediocre engineer and lawyer crafted solutions to line operator problems with no input from said operators. Anyone remember the response to the F-22 pilot who was blamed for not flying his jet because he had no oxygen? (I know, a gross oversimplification, just hang with me, I'm ranting) Or on a micro scale, h
  10. One of these opportunities comes around only once in your life. The other will always be there. Factual download: the Extra 300 will NOT scratch that itch the way it wants to be scratched...they are completely different desires that look very similar until you're upside down at 15,000 feet.
  11. ...which is a way of saying that it's not certified as a primary IFR reference. God willing the new one will, and should be. Putting pilots in the half-way position is downright negligent. That's an issue we as an AF are coming up against right now: what are we considering "data reference fully safe to fly" We've got drones that do it. We're playing with booms that do it. So what exactly is a safe reference to fly off of? Obviously the unfortunate individual that is the topic of this threat got to play the game of "congrats you're a test pilot!" as he found one of the loop hole
  12. C-130's are slow and parasite drag works great, especially when your gear cycles in 2.5 seconds. More likely, a photobird off your right wing sure makes this a great time to do...(insert whatever was in the 2 hour pre-brief). The Herc is probably doing 180-220 in this turn, which isn't "concerning" to a J pilot, but it is on the fringe of 'something bad could happen' especially at that bank angle and g. P.S. I love the Marines. I've known marines that I don't like, but The Marines are the epitome of excellence. ...because only the marines would look at this and say..."that
  13. In all fairness, the ATC dude is simply doing as he's trained. Military guys IFE almost at a routine rate (notice not a single word about the F-35 ejection...who's got his back besides JPRC?)...often for items that turn out to be nothing...but and it would be completely negligent for him to simply say "good luck!" A phone number pass to maintain a chain of communication may be the best he's got in that moment. As Clayton has mentioned above, he's trying his best to do what he can with what he's got. In the same right, a controller should be aware that a four engine airplane losing two engi
  14. Um, yes? Though I'm not sure you have firm grasp of what "projecting" is. Should I consider it an honor to be trolled by a king troll? Why am I hearing mini-boss level music in the background?
  15. As a good boss should. Congrats! Log into vMPF and it should show in the promotion section almost immediately after the results are posted.
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