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  1. Congrats! You had quite the frustrating saga.
  2. Got the call yesterday from my SR - selected. PRF: #6/10, P, IDE complete, IPZ
  3. Rule of thumb, when you start a sentence with "If you're wondering,...", and no one asked, strongly consider deleting it. Really, I'm just hoping my sarcasm detector is inop and you weren't trying to sound that douchey. But in the event you were serious, semantics cut both ways. To wit: Brickhistory said "legal opinion," which includes your linked article, law review articles, some op-eds, etc. You are referring to a "judicial opinion," a subset of legal opinions noted for setting precedent. As a slight aside, I took National Security Law during law school from a professor who was the
  4. An important aspect of the "Nordic model" that I don't often hear about, which is germane to the discussion about the U.S. healthcare system, is the massive disparity in medical technology and advancements. The U.S. accounts for 91% of the entire world's medical advances measured by patented devices, therapies, and procedures, as well as peer-reviewed research. That's the power of the profit-motive, for better or worse. For example, the average cost of bringing to market a generic drug (i.e.,Tylenol knockoff) is $500 million. The average cost of a brand new drug is $2 billion. These accou
  5. Not trying to counter your argument, because I agree with what you're highlighting here, but to make it a true apples-to-apples comparison you also have to consider that on the 15 year loan, once it's paid off, all of that monthly payment ($2100/month) would go into that same retirement account for the remainder of the 30 year time period you're discussing. Given the same assumptions of 6%, contributing $2100/month for the final 15 years of the 30 year time period would equal $610,000. Still less than the $664,000 you accrue doing the 30 yr mortgage, but it's a pretty narrow margin that may
  6. Yes! I never would have caught that. He took over while I was going through OTS -- vaguely remember his change of command.
  7. As to the latter part of what you quoted, I don't think I was very clear in my post. I also don't think we'll stay under lockdown -- simply because people won't allow it really -- and I don't think we should. I think my sympathies lie more with those people who lost their jobs and want to work because they need to. I too have noticed that most of the people saying "stay home" are salaried individuals making six figures and up. Granted, that's a function of their leadership role in society (politicians), but it's also coming from doctors, researchers, specialists, and other government emplo
  8. I think you're exactly right. What's going to be really irritating is months from now when politicians and talking heads point to the curve and say "Look how it flattened after the lockdowns were put in place." Watch for that, because that argument is going to be made until people accept it as truth, without any discussion of what else may have caused the flattening. You know what other infectious disease curve looks like COVID's and also "flattened out?" EVERY SINGLE ONE EVER. That's how a new/novel disease works. It hurts/kills the most frail and vulnerable early when it initially
  9. It was in a briefing by my senior rater, but Bigred's source is even better. Also, static closeouts for OPRs. A lot of changes going on.
  10. My math may be wrong, but I think it's an 80% chance of promotion for folks that don't have a DP. Using the promotion rate/DP rate of: 90%/50% Say 100 folks are up for promotion for easy math. 50 get DPs and all are promoted. 50 get a P, but to reach a 90% promotion rate, 40 of those with a P would need to get promoted. 40/50=80%....I think. The big change I learned about yesterday is that line numbers will be given based on merit order, rather than date of rank. So the promotion board will rack and stack everyone, and pin-on will occur based on where you end up in that st
  11. On a related topic, here's a link to a website that has mapped out all of the public employees who make more than $95K, with names and job titles: https://www.openthebooks.com/maps/?Map=90001&MapType=Pin As to military pay, it's clearly imbalanced between those who deserve what they're paid, or more, and those whose job doesn't command the pay and benefits they receive. The very few times I've spoken with someone who held the view that military members are paid "too much" or "a ton", I usually ask them, if it's such good pay, why didn't they join? I think once I got the medical
  12. My last PCS I got orders 7 days before my departure date and TMO said earliest pickup was in 14 days. Our stuff, based on weight, was supposed to take 3 days to pack and 1 day to load according to TMO. Once I got the shipper's name, I called them directly about an earlier pickup. Long story short, they did the the walk-around/survey the next day, and said they could do the whole job 2 days later. It was impressive. 7 dudes showed up, packed and loaded the whole house in 10 hours. As with most things, avoid the bureaucracy and go direct to the source.
  13. otsap


    Quick question for your situation: if you have health insurance through your employer (USAF, airline, etc), did you also carry medical coverage on your auto insurance? Does your state require medical insurance? Did your employer insurance step in at all? Lots of variables to each persons situation, so I'm mostly just curious. I've always refused medical coverages for my auto insurance because we have Tricare and curious now if there's something I'm not considering. Sorry for the goat rope, that blows. I've noticed a dip in USAA's service as well, pretty much across the board. Still bett
  14. In what situation, no matter how individualize or niche, would it be preferable to be at a regional instead of major? I only know what I've read in this thread, so pardon the ignorance. But, let's say I don't care about the money so I don't want/need to be a WB CA. Instead, if my primary motivation is the travel benefits, and I would rather fly as seldom as possible, and when I do fly, to fly the shortest legs possible, would it make sense to go regional? I'm thinking doing so would allow me to gain seniority quickly since most people are heading to the majors asap, allowing me to pick lin
  15. If you guys read through the Green New Deal, you'd know that the pilot hiring wave is about to hit a brick wall, with furloughs all but inevitable. In an unrelated note, Ocasio-Cortez's campaign contributions were released and her largest donor was the Aircrew Crisis Task Force.
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