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  1. Easy! I got passed over twice for O5, and the second time just happened to be 2014. Not really option A, but it worked out in the end. As HU&W indicated, it was more about timing. I think I was assisted in my outward movement by one of those toxic leaders CH referred to. His nickname, at one time anyway, was "The Knife"...
  2. It's funny how quickly you become irrelevant after you get out. I've been out 3 years now, and quit coming on here because I realized how quickly my world and this one diverged. What brought me back was this discussion. I know the official word is that the AF isn't planning to make anyone come back off retirement, but I've heard different rumors. Is there any insight into the probability of getting called back? As a TERA retiree at 15.5, I haven't even hit 20 since commissioning yet...
  3. 13 years later. I've since flown two MDSs in two MAJCOMS, retired, and am now flying for a civilian cargo outfit. I stand by my statement.
  4. Yeah, I'm the former VP and current safety officer of the RC club. Rocky taught me everything I know about RC... Knew Ugo before he died too. Thanks for the words. Like you said, Rocky was gruff as hell, but had a big heart.
  5. Thanks for that! Got me choked up for a minute...
  6. Gents, I wanted to take the opportunity to honor a friend and this seemed like the most appropriate location. Please relocate, if not. My good friend and mentor died just a few hours ago. Though not Air Force, he was a life long aviator, Navy Fighter Pilot, and warrior. He was an A-4 driver in Vietnam and was hit over South Vietnam and severely injured when he ejected over the South China Sea. My friend, Navy Lt Rocky Kranz, died today of liver cancer. Here's a toast...
  7. Thanks! And, you're exactly right, if they've been there that long, there's got to be a good reason.
  8. Thanks! My Dad had a civilian 337 when I was going to the zoo. Great airplane! Flies like a big "heavy" 182... Definitely a cool option.
  9. This seemed like the most appropriate place for this. If not, please point me to the correct thread. I've had a lifelong goal of owning a "legit" warbird (which I've mentioned on here, previously). I'm finally in a position where I can legitimately think about buying a T-6 in the next two years. I've been an aircraft owner since 05 and have a strong background in both civil and military aircraft MX (particularly, I know what the challenges of maintaining an old radial are...and I used to help my Dad maintain an SNJ). My current aircraft co-owners (also AF pilots) are on board. So, th
  10. Yeah, I watched it too! Epic! Two flyable B-29s for the first time in most of our lives!
  11. I've already worn the mess dress to an event, but it was requested by some Vietnam era MACVSOG Warriors. I would have worn a pink tutu if they'd have asked. So, I wear a suite or tux unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  12. No shit. I had to drag their dumb asses from Bagram to Manas (marking the end of a very long duty day for me) when I was a 17 Co... I had two MSgts practically demand to sit up in the cockpit for the leg. They got a flat no from me as seats in the cockpit where reserved for productive members of the force.
  13. M2, who were you working with in Stuttgart? I did my last "deployment" of my "career" at the JSOAC-A in support of SOCAFRICA...
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