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  1. On this topic, are there any former CSO, current pilots I could chat a bit with about being late rated in your airframes? Thanks!
  2. Travel W-2

    Does anyone else have one not showing up on mypay? I have one for every year I've been in the AF other than 2015. I contacted two finance offices today and the only information I've been able to get is that "all tax documents are ready". No one can explain why there isn't one. I don't know if it's a mistake or if it's all 0's, so the system didn't make one. I went on multiple TDYs, so I'd think there would be something on it. Could it be for only DITY moves? I think 2015 might be the only year I haven't PCS'd.
  3. Nothing at all turned up when I searched for "kc-46" strangely enough. Has anyone heard anything about when they will be out and start dropping to UPT classes? Also are they replacing the 135 or the 10? I've always heard the 135 until recently. The argument was that the AF wants to shut down the kc-10 and flow those guys into the 46 since they're used to taking gas.
  4. I was there for the F-35 drop. It was insane. The video they did to introduce the 35 on screen was absolutely perfect with the lightning striking in the background. Congrats to that guy for having the chance to fly the plane. I still think it's a piece of garbage, but it is purty.
  5. Any rumors when the kc-46 will be operational?

    That is one good looking plane. I really hope they'll be dropping without long wait times by next year.
  6. I saw the flight physical counts for flying general aviation now. Is it the initial class 1 or the yearly PHA that counts for it? Also, does the CSO PHA count for flying GA? I'm trying to figure out what exact piece of paper I need to carry with me and if I need to do a civilian medical or not.
  7. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    I just talked to the FSDO and the answer got even more convoluted. He wasn't sure how exactly it would be interpreted. I have the same medical as any other military pilot, but it depends on who would be the one deciding the meaning if something happens. He recommended talking to an AME. I called one and he didn't know either. I think I would probably be ok, but it's not worth the risk of getting in trouble before UPT starts. I'll just side with being conservative and get a class 3. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    I'll call the FSDO in the morning to see what he says and post his answer then. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    I'm just wanting to do some flying before UPT starts. ATP is wayyyyy down the road haha.
  10. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    I'm just going to play it safe and go get a class 3. I want to make sure I'm 100% covered in that area in case something does happen. $80 or whatever it costs is worth the peace of mind to me in case it's interpreted differently if the time happens to come when it matters.
  11. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    In the FAA's eyes, is a student pilot still a military pilot for legal purposes? I know in our eyes, we aren't real pilots until we get our wings. How does the FAA view it?
  12. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    I've gotten mixed answers so far. The CFIs I've asked think I'm good to go. I'm a former CSO on casual status waiting to go through UPT, so I've passed the FC1. I guess my main concern after really thinking about it is that it says it applies to a "military pilot". I think the conservative route is to just go get a new class 3.
  13. Air Force PHA to civilian equivalency

    Is there a difference between a pilot and CSO PHA? And what about the FC1 to become a pilot?
  14. PCS Weight Station Costs

    Does anyone know if the military reimburses you for the cost of weight stations? The only place open this weekend on the approved list is $10.50 per weight. It's a little ridiculous.
  15. PCS Weight Station Costs

    I didn't get one. I had to play in an exercise and was waived the brief. Thanks for the response. I'll definitely wait a couple days to get rest of the weights done. Gotta love the small town ripoffs.
  16. 2016 UPT Board

    It usually takes 3-4 weeks.
  17. Info on flight boots

    My squadron issued me these when the rockies were taken off the list. I love them.
  18. Does anyone know how the process works for the AD board? The board met yesterday and I heard it usually takes a couple weeks for them to release the results. Do the squadron commanders call us in to let us know if we got picked up or turned down? Or just if we get picked up? Or do we just have to check mypers to find out? Thanks!
  19. Laughlin base housing

    Has anyone had experience with base housing at Laughlin? I talked to a lady at the housing office about what kind of house I would get as a married captain with one kid. She said it would be a 2 bed, 1 bath floor plan, which doesn't make any sense to me. Captain BAH can afford a really nice in-town house, so why would we get one of the smallest floor plans they offer? I've also heard the houses are old and nasty. Any truth to that?
  20. Laughlin base housing

    So you don't have to pay your entire BAH for base housing? I've only ever seen base housing take all of it regardless of the house you're in.
  21. Laughlin base housing

    I definitely don't want to buy anything and I don't mind the sound. I'll only be there for UPT and heading out again, so I don't want to get tied down to a house there.
  22. Laughlin base housing

    Cool, thanks. I don't PCS until next year, but when she said we would get a 2 bedroom house I completely tuned her out. I'll give her a call tomorrow and try to see if it's an option to only have a 3 bedroom.
  23. Hey guys, I was looking at the past couple PSDM announcements for the UFT boards. On last year's PSDM, it said this: B. All applicants who meet eligibility requirements as defined in AFI 36-2205 may apply. However, opportunities may be limited or restricted for some rated applicants in critical weapon systems in order to maintain acceptable operational manning levels. Applicants must meet all other eligibility criteria to apply for UFT. Pilot, CSO, ABM and RPA Pilot Training Applicants: Date of Birth after 1 Apr 1984 (max age 30). Total Federal Commissioned Service Date (TFCSD) after 1 Apr 2009. Does that mean for the last board you had to commission after 1 Apr 2009 and is that waiverable? I'm assuming this year they will move it forward another year, making it a requirement to commission after 1 Apr 2010. I commissioned in May 2009. Thanks.
  24. This gave me a good laugh. It's so true.