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  1. Hate to say it but this is often a mx issue not an ops one. I was offered rides on several occasions as a cadet but it took one of my buddies who was in AGE over a year before he finally got one for winning airman of the quarter (in an ACC T-38 no less). Its usually mx who drops the ball and doesn't submit for the rides, whereas cadets go straight to the ops side and typically get put in the front of the line whether they earned one or not.
  2. Pretty sure I saw that first model in a movie once..
  3. I get that a good chunk of the Raiders' advantages over older platforms will be internal and logistical, but I just can't help but think the design philosophy behind the aircraft was to innovate as little as possible because the DOD has essentially given up on trying to purchase new designs in large quantities. We've seen so many botched acquisitions programs over the last 2 decades (F-22 buy, CV-22, KC-46, light attack, of course the biggest offender the F-35, and even the original B-2 buy being so small to name a few) that is it even worth trying to purchase new aircraft from scratch anymore?
  4. After seeing the new digital renderings the AF just released, the thought occurred to me.. the new aircraft looks almost identical to the Spirit with a few minor changes, have we really reached a point where our acquisitions process is so f**ked that we've lost the ability to develop brand new concepts and designs and instead need to fall back on older ones? Have we so overbloated the R&D and production process that its simply too expensive and risky to both request and build brand new designs with significantly increased capes?
  5. Wow, this was a shock and very saddening, I had to re-read the OP a few times to make sure it wasn't a joke. I didn't know matmac personally but safe to say he seemed like a great guy/officer and well respected both on and off this forum. I remember years ago back when I was still an rotc cadet him and rainman shutting me down on a regular basis for saying standard ignorant cadet things but usually with a constructive tone (but not always... sometimes pure ownage at my expense). We exchanged a couple DM's later before I was med DQ'd and again he seemed like the real deal. Mat was one of the posters who kept me coming back to this forum over a decade after I discovered it and this news is a real tragedy. RIP, him him
  6. Is it reasonable to say that a brand new F/A-18F is a more capable and cost-effective platform than the F-111?
  7. Armchair quarterbacking here but I always thought the AF should've bought the YF-23 and converted it into an F-111/late F-15E replacement with a WSO seat and longer range, then replaced both the B-1 and B-2 at the same time with an arrowhead shaped mach 2 stealth bomber. But not the BUFF, that thing will be around forever 😎
  8. Out of 3 the det/cc's and 6 OFCs/RFCs I was around for only one was a rated guy. Our closest base was also a nonflying base so our career days usually had only one rated guy and 15 nonrated. The best part was doing det trips to actual flying bases and seeing how uninterested 75% of the other cadets were in the flying side, hell most of them actually got bored watching Strikes, Vipers, and Fat Amys beat up the pattern... sad
  9. Which is just about the only thing keeping the program relevant anymore, besides the occasional SAR & Green Flag sorties and largely emasculated cadet training. Still a great route to build cheap hours, though
  10. These "new" changes are taking me back to 2013-2014 time frame when they were allowing cadets to turn down their commissions with no obligations to cut their numbers. Looks like the last couple years of pilot slots practically being thrown at people are going away.
  11. Yep its still there, I drive by the museum regularly. They used to occasionally open up the cockpit for viewing which was cool even though all of the avionics were stripped out, not sure if they still do. Theres also an ex dual-seat RAF harrier sitting in one of the hangars on the west end of the field
  12. I was wondering the same thing but for CSO slots
  13. Whats intriguing to me is how we had a relatively robust light attack fleet during the cold war, at a time when a conventional war with Russia was the thing we were preparing for, then after the wall fell we got rid of all of our OV-10s, A-4s, A-7s, and half our A-10s and switched our CAS platforms almost exclusively to pointy noses when no near-peer enemies existed. Then OEF & OIF rolls around and we have a situation where Vipers and Hornets are putting GBUs onto guys with AKs and trucks that cost less than a fin on said bombs. Seems like we went the opposite direction we should've.
  14. Calfire could definitely use some of these, considering how rough the last few fire seasons have been they need all the help they can get
  15. It was Moseley not Jumper who got fired, mostly because he backed continuing F-22 production when SECDEF Gates, who had a chip on his shoulder for expensive AF projects, wanted it gone. That and the flown Nuke over CONUS by a BUFF.
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