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  1. It was Moseley not Jumper who got fired, mostly because he backed continuing F-22 production when SECDEF Gates, who had a chip on his shoulder for expensive AF projects, wanted it gone. That and the flown Nuke over CONUS by a BUFF.
  2. Based on what I have seen, if you have any type of mental health disorders documented anywhere you will be auto DQ'd and forced to apply for a waiver. Chances for getting one will depend on a variety of factors including specific diagnosis (anxiety disorder, major depressive, bipolar, etc), how long they received treatment (6 months, 18 months, etc), and if they needed any additional accommodations in school such as an IEP or registered with the disability office. Based on what I've seen here, it is possible but will be an uphill battle. I recommend he get a letter from his psychiatrist explaining that they just talked and would have no problem serving in the military, can hold a TS clearance, etc. Also, get letters from each school counselor defending him with transcripts (hopefully A's & B's) and that he didn't need academic accommodations. His DODMBERB/MEPS package should have the full treatment history plus all of the documents I mentioned. Make sure he includes a document saying he did NOT take meds. Letters of Rec from you and other AF officers could help too. The DOD has a huge stigma against mental health and often make it very hard to get a waiver.
  3. Sketch


    Same. TBH the only thing I feel it could've been used for were the quick math questions, but they aren't that hard anyway
  4. I think a lot of it boils down to attitude & what the individuals want out of their careers. I've met numerous cadets whom wanted to fly C-17s (mostly because of the lifestyle), some got solid pcsm scores and were bumped to ENJJPT, one in particular now flying hawgs, others barely scraped by and got bumped to pilot from RPA/CSO at the last minute. My point is, just because pilot slots are incredibly easy to get today doesn't mean you should take a chance on bad scores, do the work and get as high a pcsm as you can possibly get so you don't have to gamble and your slot is all but assured.
  5. Its almost comical how low some of the scores were for the cadets that got pilot slots last year. One of my peers said his pcsm was in the 30s with zero flight hours and still got one (great dude though, high CC rank).
  6. I don't have a dog in this fight obviously but I remember meeting Bondo when back when he was the F-15 Demonstration Team pilot, seemed like a solid guy and it sucks this is happening to him.
  7. Major in something you might actually like to do for a career, in case the Air Force/flying doesn't pan out for some reason.
  8. Sketch

    SNL Call Sign Skit

    Anyone else notice the Hot Shots patch on the first guys right shoulder?
  9. I'm referring to the fact that the Academys got lots of pros AND cons. I know several people that go there, and without getting into any details I have very little respect for the Academy's honor board. If you get in (say you will for motivation) most likely you'll avoid having any problems but one of my friends wasn't so lucky. Stay away from classmates who think they can get away with anything.. even if they do. Not trying to discourage you, just be aware that not everyone follows the core values. And while I personally would pick the AFA over the other commissioning sources for a variety of reasons, as many others on here have said the other routes can work out just fine and may offer you a path better suited for your needs. ROTC is a great option, the standards for entry are much lower, and you can still get a pilot slot while living a normal college lifestyle.
  10. You'll need atleast a 3.75 GPA with APs if you want to get into the Academy. It was insanely competitive in 2008 when I was first applying and the incoming classes are even smaller now. You're almost guaranteed a pilot slot if you're medically qualified, but there are better institutions you can go to (you'll just have to pay for them). Some ROTC dets get more rated slots because some dets have more rated applicants. My det had very few that wanted to go rated. Also according to a friend whos there now, almost 100% of rated applicants get picked up at ERAU. YMMV.
  11. Everybody goes through shit at some point during their life, that doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't be qualified to serve in the military.
  12. Since you are not attending the school the ROTC program is at you would be considered a crosstown cadet. There should be zero issues with you attending LLAB/classes as a crosstown so long as you meet all the requirements to join. My det was roughly half crosstowns and some would drive as far as 3 hours every Friday to attend training. Since you are almost done you should start as an AS250 and shoot for Field Training as soon as possible, however the learning curve will be steeper as you'll only have a year to learn what most of your classmates did in 2. And as far as CC's go I know a couple cadets that got pilot slots that transferred so its definitely possible. Your 3.5 GPA is solid for EA selection so as long as you don't fail any classes and participate (and pass the dodmerb) you'll be fine.
  13. Any follow up on your situation? Were you prescribed meds of any kind for your depression? I'm very interested to hear the full circumstances. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post it publicly.
  14. As someone who did exactly what you are doing right now, and rightfully got pounded for it, take what these guys are saying and go with it. Arguing with Danger makes it look like you're going to do the same thing with your instructors at UPT.. see how that goes for you. You say you're passionate about getting a fighter, great, let it show through your work ethic.
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