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  1. Armchair quarterbacking here but I always thought the AF should've bought the YF-23 and converted it into an F-111/late F-15E replacement with a WSO seat and longer range, then replaced both the B-1 and B-2 at the same time with an arrowhead shaped mach 2 stealth bomber. But not the BUFF, that thing will be around forever 😎
  2. Out of 3 the det/cc's and 6 OFCs/RFCs I was around for only one was a rated guy. Our closest base was also a nonflying base so our career days usually had only one rated guy and 15 nonrated. The best part was doing det trips to actual flying bases and seeing how uninterested 75% of the other cadets were in the flying side, hell most of them actually got bored watching Strikes, Vipers, and Fat Amys beat up the pattern... sad
  3. Which is just about the only thing keeping the program relevant anymore, besides the occasional SAR & Green Flag sorties and largely emasculated cadet training. Still a great route to build cheap hours, though
  4. These "new" changes are taking me back to 2013-2014 time frame when they were allowing cadets to turn down their commissions with no obligations to cut their numbers. Looks like the last couple years of pilot slots practically being thrown at people are going away.
  5. Yep its still there, I drive by the museum regularly. They used to occasionally open up the cockpit for viewing which was cool even though all of the avionics were stripped out, not sure if they still do. Theres also an ex dual-seat RAF harrier sitting in one of the hangars on the west end of the field
  6. I was wondering the same thing but for CSO slots
  7. Whats intriguing to me is how we had a relatively robust light attack fleet during the cold war, at a time when a conventional war with Russia was the thing we were preparing for, then after the wall fell we got rid of all of our OV-10s, A-4s, A-7s, and half our A-10s and switched our CAS platforms almost exclusively to pointy noses when no near-peer enemies existed. Then OEF & OIF rolls around and we have a situation where Vipers and Hornets are putting GBUs onto guys with AKs and trucks that cost less than a fin on said bombs. Seems like we went the opposite direction we should've.
  8. Calfire could definitely use some of these, considering how rough the last few fire seasons have been they need all the help they can get
  9. It was Moseley not Jumper who got fired, mostly because he backed continuing F-22 production when SECDEF Gates, who had a chip on his shoulder for expensive AF projects, wanted it gone. That and the flown Nuke over CONUS by a BUFF.
  10. Based on what I have seen, if you have any type of mental health disorders documented anywhere you will be auto DQ'd and forced to apply for a waiver. Chances for getting one will depend on a variety of factors including specific diagnosis (anxiety disorder, major depressive, bipolar, etc), how long they received treatment (6 months, 18 months, etc), and if they needed any additional accommodations in school such as an IEP or registered with the disability office. Based on what I've seen here, it is possible but will be an uphill battle. I recommend he get a letter from his psychiatrist explaining that they just talked and would have no problem serving in the military, can hold a TS clearance, etc. Also, get letters from each school counselor defending him with transcripts (hopefully A's & B's) and that he didn't need academic accommodations. His DODMBERB/MEPS package should have the full treatment history plus all of the documents I mentioned. Make sure he includes a document saying he did NOT take meds. Letters of Rec from you and other AF officers could help too. The DOD has a huge stigma against mental health and often make it very hard to get a waiver.
  11. Sketch


    Same. TBH the only thing I feel it could've been used for were the quick math questions, but they aren't that hard anyway
  12. I think a lot of it boils down to attitude & what the individuals want out of their careers. I've met numerous cadets whom wanted to fly C-17s (mostly because of the lifestyle), some got solid pcsm scores and were bumped to ENJJPT, one in particular now flying hawgs, others barely scraped by and got bumped to pilot from RPA/CSO at the last minute. My point is, just because pilot slots are incredibly easy to get today doesn't mean you should take a chance on bad scores, do the work and get as high a pcsm as you can possibly get so you don't have to gamble and your slot is all but assured.
  13. Its almost comical how low some of the scores were for the cadets that got pilot slots last year. One of my peers said his pcsm was in the 30s with zero flight hours and still got one (great dude though, high CC rank).
  14. I don't have a dog in this fight obviously but I remember meeting Bondo when back when he was the F-15 Demonstration Team pilot, seemed like a solid guy and it sucks this is happening to him.
  15. Major in something you might actually like to do for a career, in case the Air Force/flying doesn't pan out for some reason.
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