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  1. Soon SERE training will be accomplished by CBT since most of what goes on is prohibited by this policy. Unbelievable.
  2. This is the BGen Grosso who, as the Director of Force Management and Policy at the Pentagon, certainly oversaw and endorsed all of the nonsensical force shaping that occurred under her watch. Lots of manpower resources were paid well to leave. Sad that she was promoted to MGen, then went on to be the Director of the USAF SAPR office, which produced another star. Now as a LtGen she is back to clean up the mess she oversaw, which will certainly produce another star. People like this in leadership positions combined with the complete lack of accountability for failed decisions and policies are at the heart of what is wrong with the USAF today.
  3. I have had a great experience with MOAA's Tricare standard supplement policy. While I was on active duty, my wife was on Standard with the supplement. I paid the $150 deductible every fiscal year and then the supplement covered the copays up to the catastrophic cap of $1000 for active duty. The active duty supplement was cheap, costing somewhere around $160/yr. Since my wife uses a lot of health care, we always hit the catastrophic cap and the supplement paid out $850/yr. Now that I am retired, with the catastrophic cap going up to $3000/yr, and the supplement deducible of $300, with a monthly cost of $40, I am paying the $150 Tricare deductible, the $300 supplement deductible, and about $480 per year in supplement policy premiums. Still under $1K/yr which is excellent in the current health care market. An important thing to consider is that the pharmacy costs of using a commercial pharmacy are covered by the supplemental policy, as well as the Tricare mail-order pharmacy. I simply wait until the end of the fiscal year, and file a single claim with the supplemental policy to reimburse the entire year's worth of pharmacy copayments, both from mail order and retail. If you have a healthy family with nothing but routine medical issues, then perhaps Prime is the best choice. We, on the other hand, have a number of health issues which require frequent visits to specialists, and Tricare standard with the MOAA supplement has been great to us and allowed selection of providers without the hassle of getting referrals. An extra benefit of the MOAA supplement is that Tricare automatically sends the claims to them for payment, which requires zero effort to get claims paid properly and in a timely manner. I joined MOAA as a life member years ago, and have benefitted greatly from the life insurance and Tricare supplement insurance they offer.
  4. I have no regrets flying for 18 years continuously despite the queep and BS. Looking at your situation, as you desire to both fly and practice medicine, why not let the AF fund your education and serve as a flight surgeon, where you will have the opportunity to fly as well, and probably experience more different aircraft than most pilots? Such a path could also open a lot of doors for a medical career outside the USAF.
  5. Are you within a month from your retirement date? I did my application a couple of months early and did not see a draft until the final month of my terminal leave, and the final DD-214 was provided to me the first business day after my effective retirement date. I had to have AFPC correct a couple of omissions and errors, which took a couple of updates to the draft, so I would recommend reviewing the draft once it is available. I screenshot everything when dealing with AFPC and here is the exact verbiage from the instructions they sent me: " When you are within 15-30 days from your Retirement Effective Date, you’ll receive an email requesting that you review the updated draft DD-214 worksheet. At this time, please review the DD-214 worksheet and select either the “Changes are Required” or “Document is Approved”. For changes, ensure that you update the comments box (i.e., item 13. awarded retirement MSM, 4 OLC)." Also, regardless of which base you are actually retiring, the DD-214 will say JBSA Randolph AFB TX. Here was their response when I thought the retirement base was incorrect: "Block 8b will be the full name of the base/facility where your separation documents are prepared. All DD Form 214's are now made official here at AFPC and are updated to say JBSA Randolph AFB TX for all individuals retiring." Hope this helps.
  6. It appears that RAF pilots are experiencing the same issues as we are regarding pay, bonuses, retention, and value. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-pilots-quit-why-we-must-stop-telling-people-valued-tim-davies
  7. All is well As the stampede to leave commences.
  8. Wife buys clothes at TJ Maxx = More money for ammo. Winning!
  9. What I would do is strat him as #1/57 because that is where he falls in the rack and stack. Whether he swung by wanting to apply for VSP (voluntarily fulfilling an Air Force need) or TPS (again, volunteering for an Air Force need) to me is irrelevant, because I would be stratifying based on his performance and potential, not on his personal reasons. Besides, what if he was denied VSP (or TPS, for that matter)? Would you hold one against him more than the other? I would not. Edit: What's with all these damn double posts?
  10. Free kindle book, not sure for how long. Savage Sky: Life and Death on a Bomber over Germany in 1944 http://www.amazon.com/Savage-Sky-Stackpole-Military-ebook/dp/B001U898LS/ref=tmm_kin_title_0
  11. Your ADSC for TA and UPT should run concurrently, not sequentially so your 2-year TA commitment should end 2 years after you finished your last masters class, which should now be less than two years from the present. A PCS two year ADSC should begin when you PCS so it sounds like you do not have retainability and should be able to decline any PCS orders short of a remote tour. Have you looked at your vMPF data verification for your actual ADSC in the system?
  12. For countertops, Glen at superior solid surfacing did an outstanding installation with great attention to detail on a job I hired him for recently. Awesome end product and zero issues/complaints. http://superiorsolidsurfacing.net/
  13. Anyone notice the photo of the tattoo artist at the bottom of the article? Wow!
  14. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/02/urine-soaked-eggs-tasty-healthy-treat/?intcmp=trending
  15. Or this: http://makebeer.net/item.asp?idProduct=1&idCategory=1&idSubCategory=0 10% off till the end of the year, enter coupon BARGAIN10 at checkout.
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