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  1. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    They really need to bring back deployments to MK, but only during the summer.
  2. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    Oh yeah the per diem resets. It doesn't really happen that much. I was out for 90 days last year and got a total of 0 resets on my per diem.
  3. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    What is the flyers per diem?
  4. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    You need to move your deployment location to Kuwait then.
  5. the g-man

    Info on flight boots

    Who spent all that money on the tan? Non-flyers who were issued OCP when they deployed? Flyers have been wearing tan bags and boots forever
  6. I think the original point was: How do you receive your ATP? Regional will pay for it, but is that worth the time you’ll waste there to get your number at a major?
  7. Not exactly you would still be taking a huge cut for the year if you have to give up that bonus because hourly at Regional is still low, and the pay while in training is lower.
  8. That’s easy. Match 12 yr O-4 pay (base + basic BAH) and you’re at $104k. If the regionals can do that, it’s a no brainer. I’d speculate that most people would bail if the regionals locked you in for a year by paying for ATP and pay/bonus was in the range of 75% of that O-4 pay number.
  9. the g-man

    Stop over point

    The word ordinarily is key. JTR is not mobility aircrew tailored. Claim where you actually stopped. This is silly.
  10. the g-man

    How much do guard pilots fly?

    All I know is the EC-130J PA Guard guys do definitely deploy regularly to one of the hottest places on earth
  11. the g-man

    Finance Problems

    And always build authorizations with variations authorized checked. You never know when stuff gonna change.
  12. the g-man

    Flight Pay increases

    Forgot about that part. Guess pilot retention is not solved.
  13. the g-man

    24hr lodging "rule"

    stupid autocorrect. OPSEC
  14. the g-man

    24hr lodging "rule"

    Nice opec /sarcasm