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  1. the g-man

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Lmao I can’t wait until AMC shits itself when it realizes nobody is upgrading to AC anymore. 3500 hr copilots everywhere. They will have to quickly waive the ADSC when there are 0 ACs left in a squadron. Or maybe they will just get rid of the qual all together and the new AC will be FPL
  2. Not from what I've seen. Pilot gets sent to UPT as a C-17 AC, completes UPT tour and heads to Altus for AC re-qual course. Looks like that would definitely get an ADSC.
  3. They really know how to bone you both ways.
  4. Upon re-reading, if you're a second assignment guy who got sent to UPT with about 6 yrs left on the clock, your re-qual into your first MWS is going to hose you as well.
  5. So if you’re within 3 years of your UPT commitment they can’t force you to become a UPT instructor?
  6. the g-man

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    You see that on Facebook? I think that comment was in reference to the MAF to CAF crossflow program they started in ‘15-‘16. They say this program will be a test but they didn’t say how few people they will select
  7. the g-man

    New AMC Commander?

    I think I missed something, is she lesbian?
  8. the g-man

    “Red is the new Green”

    Cool. How are we going to do this without seriously cutting our current commitments so that there is time on the schedule to prep for this? The current pace is not sustainable if you want to achieve readiness, at least not in the stratical corner of the MAF.
  9. the g-man

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Someone in my sq got an email from someone claiming to be his sponsor at his next assignment... before being notified of an assignment by any means, CC/robot email. Best part, apparently it wasn't what he was expecting based on his last conversations with old CC that switched out a couple weeks ago.
  10. the g-man

    “Red is the new Green”

    When are these guys supposed to get in the books for this? On their 1 week of R&R after their 2nd deployment to the Deid this year?
  11. the g-man

    “Red is the new Green”

    Let’s also be real, when did NMR truly keep anyone from going on the road in the MAF? Most line items will drive instructor supervision for the event at most. Didn’t do all the required NVG ALZ in the half? Hopefully I don’t have to do that on my ILS into KEWR. Went non-current for AR on June 25 and couldn’t get back in the jet congrats! You’re the AC on this mission to EBBR on the 3rd of July, don’t worry there isn’t planned AR/don’t worry there is a current IP on the crew!
  12. You should be just fine on the 3 year program. I know that in the recent past AFROTC has changed the way it works a bit in regards to AFOQT and Enrollment Allocations for Field Training but the nuts and bolts should be the same. Good news is that the first 2 years of Aerospace Studies classes could be taken at the same time (1 credit hour each) class met 1 time per week for about an hour. The second 2 years are worth 3 credits each and were 1 hr 2 times a week. I would guess that your detachment runs in a similar way or else completing the program in 3 years would be impossible. I too did AFROTC in 3 years after joining late (I actually joined during my 3rd year of college and stretched out my degree in order to finish in 5 total years in order to accommodate the AFROTC requirements).
  13. A DTS voucher covering the location and dates should suffice. If you got the tax free a non-traditional way (like overflight of that one area near Kosovo that is still somehow tax free) you need to explain it with an 1881. Anything 2017 finance can't pay out directly. I think the best they can do is give you a corrected W-2 and then you will need to file an amendment with the IRS for the 2017 tax year.
  14. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    They really need to bring back deployments to MK, but only during the summer.
  15. the g-man

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    Oh yeah the per diem resets. It doesn't really happen that much. I was out for 90 days last year and got a total of 0 resets on my per diem.