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  1. Any info on how to get an assignment to c-12s at Elmo these days?
  2. No shit- I was pulled off the flying schedule once as a LT to attend a christmas party planning event with key spouses and other non vol'd booster club members in JULY.
  3. The Osprey is (currently) not dropping out of Rucker anymore as I understand it.
  4. I prefer just to use the term "more than 5 and less than 10" now
  5. Hunting deer on base sucks in C-bus. Apparently they became a problem and the base put on some sort of deer genocide from what i'm told. Last year my buddy and I were on casual and had a lot of success just asking land owners for permission. I would imagine AL is the same. Stoked for oct 1 here this year got a lot of good deer on camera. We took deer on public land too, google barton ferry, town creek, and dwayne hayes WMAs. Going to hog hunt in Alabama next weekend. The sipsey wilderness and bankhead natl forest are supposedly full of hogs. You can hunt the natl forest year round up there but can only hunt the WMA's when there is a season in.
  6. CBM 13-06 Track select T-38 x 6 (4 active duty) UH-1 x 2 T-1s for the rest of us
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