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  1. .....so they're maids, cooks, and butlers.
  2. I bet you weren't a very good IP. Just a hunch.
  3. Yea...uh.....not gunna happen. I've been at DLF forever and never heard this silly little rule. But as an old reservist, don't really care.
  4. Searched the ATP thread and the site and didn't come up with any gouge/opinions on ALL ATP in Houston/David Wayne Hooks. Don't know if they just started or what. Anyone out there used them recently? Don't want tol just going in cold, but not a lot of driving options in south Texas.
  5. We'll try to post something on here when/if it's set up. Kind of on our heels right now. The little town of Brackettville is reeling also. The Koontz's were an integral part of the community, and it has obviously sent shockwaves thru the town. They were on their way back from a One Act Play competition, which they won, when the worthless drunk hit them. Ken and Mel were amazingly good parents, and it showed in their kids. Ken was furniture in the 96th. Right now, though, we're going to concentrate on taking care of Zach, who's still in peds ICU, and the rest of their families. I am so thankful that all of them loved the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.....but a pointless loss nonetheless.
  6. I completely hear what you're saying especially re: we wouldn't be here. However, nearing the end of my second decade as an IP, it's a different world than when I started. We don't have the maintenance flexibility/capability to add the sustained number of sorties that would be necessary, especially if they cut any of the civilian maint. troops like they did a couple of months ago. This time, I think we just might find out the max blood content in a turnip. Even so, I'm quite sure weekend fly's are about to become the norm.
  7. Completely and utterly agree. PIT doesn't really teach anyone how to teach. They're more of an initial qual factory. I know lots of IP's down there who haven't even been phase II IP's. However, we have neither the bodies nor hours to do something like this no-notice.
  8. Don't know how they can get white if PIT has a "for lease" sign out front.
  9. As far as UPT goes, I could see the RND folks dispersing to the other bases, if long term is expected. It would be like massive re-blue, and would be considered mission essential TDY. Our manning is bad enough approaching longer flying windows, and of course class sizes are going up. We've got quite a few PCS's on the way and folks getting out. Iv'e been in a lot of years, have been stop-lossed twice, and have been instructing...forever. Not sure if we could continue pushing the cap. I wonder if they could specifically stop loss AETC IP's...........that would be a great rumor (hope we don't see that), but you know it will go there. I've got a couple of guys that are supposed to start PIT post haste. I can't see them starting PIT in Mar for academics just to stop them in April as they hit the line. I'm pretty much in the know and haven't heard a word. Maybe I'm not in the know as much as I thought.
  10. I know there is a 15 page thread on overall AF seq. that has been discussed ad nauseam. Not talking about all of that. I'm just looking at SUPT ops and it's possible suspension. Below's diatribe is on the AETC web site as of friday (just read it today). I hadn't heard anything this specific. Concentrating on "suspending advanced and instructor training on 1 Apr." It sounds like they are referring to RTU and PIT. That would be huge. Anyone read it differently or has anyone heard/been briefed on this? Any unit plans in the making if this really happens? "2/8/2013 - JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas -- Cuts to flying and technical training, Professional Military Education and recruiting are some of the actions the Air Education and Training Command will take if budget sequestration goes into effect March 1. Congress has the power to prevent sequestration, a series of automatic cuts to government agencies totaling $1.2 trillion over the course of 10 years. AETC officials have already implemented near-term measures, such as limiting travel and supplies, hiring restrictions and curtailing non-readiness flying, to help reduce spending and mitigate budget risks. Officials continue to plan in order to minimize harmful mission impacts resulting from the ongoing budget uncertainty and impending sequestration. "We develop America's Airmen today, for tomorrow," said General Edward A. Rice Jr., AETC commander. "In order for us to be successful, we have to continuously plan for the future and ensure mission execution no matter what conditions we operate under." All areas within AETC could be impacted by sequestration. There will be substantial cuts to funding for national advertising for recruiting and commissioning programs such as ROTC. Professional Military Education and Readiness training quotas will be reduced. Advanced pilot and instructor training courses will be curtailed beginning April 1 in order to protect initial flying training, which is expected to stand down in late August or early September. If Congress fails to act and the automatic cuts are enacted, AETC will start implementing actions as soon as March 1. "We will continue to do the very best we can with the resources we have," Rice said. "That said, sequestration will be harmful to the Air Force and to AETC and I hope it can be avoided." Although there are many cuts in the future, the Office of the Secretary of Defense has directed the protection of funding for wartime operations and wounded warrior programs. To the extent possible, protection will also be afforded to programs associated with Airmen's families and the new defense strategy. Looking ahead, the Air Force will continue to balance competing defense needs among the size of its force structure, today's readiness and modernization for the future."
  11. Dude dosen't know what he's talking about. Give me a call. 830-298-9696. DSN 732-9696.
  12. No idea. I haven't seen an implementation message, or anything that says it was approved by whoever. It came across my desk this week and I haven't seen or heard any thing else. Odd thing is there were no rumors out there, to my knowledge, concerning an AGR/ART/TR bonus. It kind of came out of nowhere. If I hear or see anything else concerning it, I'll post it.
  13. "Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs Office 11/26/2012 - Robins Air Force Base, Ga. -- A new proposed Aviator Retention Pay program for Air Force Reserve aircrew is expected to begin in 2013. The ARP plan focuses on retaining aircrew officers to meet basic mission requirements for the reserve. The offer will target only locations where significant shortfalls in rated officer manning exist and will offer a $30,000 bonus over a three-year span. Pilots and combat systems officers who have completed their initial training commitment including those eligible for retirement but excluding those in the 16 to 20 years of service will be offered a bonus. Additionally, any pilot or CSO willing to join a critically manned unit between completion of initial training commitment and 25 years of aviation service will be offered a bonus. "The Air Force Reserve Command aircrew force is shrinking, particularly in pilots and combat systems operators. This is due to a number of factors, including the shrinking size of the Regular Air Force. In this environment, every crewmember we can retain in the total force is absolutely vital," said Lt. Gen. James Jackson, AFRC commander. Lt. Col. John Welch, Rated/Operations Force Policy chief, Air Force Reserve Personnel Directorate, said the new program is open to more people. The old Aviator Continuation Pay program was only offered to eligible aviators in full-time Active Guard Reserve status. The old program also sets limits on years of aviation service and total federal active military service. It was not tailored to meet the needs of a specific type of weapons system or unit. If approved by January, the program will begin in early 2013." _____________________________ Lets see now. We booted several of our most experienced instructors in the last year because they were at 20, were retirement eligible, and had been passed over once (TR and AGR) . I'm telling all my guys (because I'm being told) promotion definitely requires PME, and likely a masters, just like AD. Ran out of money last year and had to cancel duty. Basically no UTA money, and no AFTP money last month. IDT only travel going away. Six day duty plan going away. Long term and weekend MPA highly scrutinized. Welcome to the bathtub. Short on pilots...who'd a thought.
  14. I checked with our personnel folks today, and they said the 75 day leave gig ended 1 Oct 14. I had them confirm with our group (wing equivalent) and they also confirmed 1 Oct 14. My Oct LES also says I have 29 days U or L, with a balance of 76.5. I haven't seen anything come down the pipe with it ending before 1 Oct 14, which I did see.
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