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  1. What's a good European phone company for cell phone coverage across Western Europe? I'm looking for a prepaid SIM card for an unlocked iPhone for a few weeks. I'm mostly interested in having data for Whatsapp, iMessage, and Google maps, with some talk and text also. AT&T charges $40 for unlimited texting, $1 per minute phone calls, and 200MB of data.
  2. To get your security clearance processed quicker, you should send a copy directly to the Chinese embassy. They can/will get it from the OPM, but it's faster to cut out the middle man.
  3. Disregard

    Gun Talk

    Looks like the top guy inserted the extended magazine for his revolver backwards.
  4. Can't be that serious... "The company has tested the concept with a one-sixth-scale model of a Cessna Caravan utility aircraft and previously worked with Boeing on applying the idea to the C-17 Globemaster."
  5. Buddha: short, fat, made of gold, worshipped by many, doesn't do anything... old nickname for the C-17.
  6. Disregard

    iOS app updates

    First impression of the refreshed iOS app is positive--those "like" hearts have finally been replaced by a thumbs-up. Thanks for all the work DFRESH.
  7. Who has worn the Belleville 693? I've heard that they're lighter than the 690, but that's not that big of an accomplishment...
  8. Using the iPhone Baseops app, all of the above videos display as embedded videos, not links. However, browsing the forum using Chrome and Safari on the iPhone, M2's posts display as links, but DFRESH's post is an embedded video.
  9. M2, your holster video posted above works just fine. I'm using the Baseops app on an iPhone.
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