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  1. Chicken

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I pulled out a DP for my O5 board 2APZ... Noticed that 2017 LAF APZ DPs were a 96% selection rate. Anyone have any specific numbers or what the 4% non-selects were?
  2. Chicken

    Su-25 Down in Syria

    Based on the inadvertent discharges of M9s I have heard about.. I don't need/want a crew full of people with grenades.
  3. Is there a specific process that anyone knows about or has been through as far as having them removed as a VA approved builder? VA doesn't have any great info on it it seems and am getting transferred to every department.
  4. Chicken

    Promotion and PRF Information

    What do you mean a RIF board? RIF everyone at 20 years type of thing? Or RIF based on something else?
  5. Chicken

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Great... so now passed over folks will have multiple OPRs with no strats on top because they were cast aside after getting passed over. So.... not everyone will reallllly be treated like they are all IPZ... so.... nothing changes.
  6. Chicken

    Temporary Storage Extension?

    My wife and I are currently trying to build our house in FL... pretty much the most miserable experience ever. Looks like we might actually close this time but have a question on our storage. We moved here last week of Oct and put most everything in storage. We got the extension until 1 May I believe, but the house won't be done until about September. From the few folks I've talked to, building a house is not a good enough reason for more storage time. He said he's currently paying $750+ a month for storage and the government is no longer liable for damages. Are there any reasons that an additional extension could be granted?
  7. Chicken

    VA Loans

    I did do a RoV.. they came back saying they supported the first appraisal. However this helped us. We looked at different builders and found one that would do it for a lot less...and we are building 3400 sq ft vs 2650.. We didn't even realize the builder was rolling their in house RA commissions into the cost. So we did learn, and it did protect us, but there are still a few things that are funky about the VA appraisals. For example.. we have a covered patio that spans the entire back of the house. A comp the appraiser used had 2 covered patios on the back. Less square footage, but because there was a break in the patio it counted as 2.. so if I cut out say.. 4 feet in the middle of our patio and made it 2 smaller instead of one long patio it would add $5000... see what I mean? That's just dumb.
  8. Chicken

    VA Loans

    I do understand this.. the the VA appraisal helped us see what we should be paying for this house. However, some of their values they place on things are BS. For example, we had 4 garage doors...2 in front of the house and 2 in back. Because the 2 in back were not connected by a driveway (piling house), they called the garage area only a 2 car garage (even though it was 1500 sq feet of garage space) and deducted $10,000 from the value. So basically... 2 more garage doors = $10000. So we added to garage doors on the side to recoup that. That's the question I was asking or trying to ask.
  9. I'm not sure how you're doing your pushups, but I've had the same issue. I used to get those flare ups every couple months, and they were painful. Have not had one in years but have done pushups on my knuckles ever since 2010. If I keep my wrists straight I have no issues... and I rather not have unneeded surgery if I don't need it. Plus it makes the boys at Cobra Kai proud when I do knuckle push ups...
  10. Chicken

    VA Loans

    Are there any suggestions out there for getting past a difficult VA appraisal. My wife and I are trying to build waterfront in Gulfbreeze and the process has been a nightmare so far. The first appraisal was way low so we had to go back to the drawing board. What are some things that appraisers look at? We're trying to add things that might raise the appraised value considerably while keeping our cost down. For example, we have a huge loft that we can close off give a closet and make it a bedroom. We also noticed that while the area under the house was the EXACT SAME amount of space as a comp the appraiser used, the comp had 4 garage doors while ours had only 3 making our house worth $10,000 less. Thanks!
  11. Chicken

    VA Loans

    Wife and I are getting ready to PCS to FL and looking to possibly build a home. We sold a couple house, paid some things off, and have little left other than a low car payment and a couple credit cards.. currently have a low DTI ratio. We are trying to see what are options are as far as what we can build/buy. Using my own spreadsheet we could actually afford upwards of $750k but I know the banks don't see what I do sometimes. Is there a good method to determine what a bank will pre-approve you for instead of applying to numerous banks that want to run your credit? We will be using a VA loan with a good amount of money down. Thanks!
  12. Chicken

    Clovis Home For Sale - 4BR 2.5 BATH, 2117 sqft

    Just reduced ...$274,900
  13. Basic description below. PM me if you have interest. Flexible on price... especially if you don't have a realtor. Zillow Site with Pics and more info: http://www.zillow.com/postings/PostForSaleByOwnerStreamlined.htm?cid=1471041673221&edit=2136779150&form:postings/PostForSaleByOwnerStreamlined=ZH4sIAAAAAAAAAFvzloG1XJyBgYGNgUEgrSg%2F17GgICCxKDE3tSS1qLiIQTArsSxRLycxL13PKT8%2FJzUx76xCUcPVOb%2FeMTEwRjGwliXmlKZWFDCUCwP1F6cml2Tm58H1F5SLMjAIJefnlaRWlHimIJvLhzDXJz8v3br7yYQz%2Fcr3gYZ6wQwtYhBAKPIrzU1KLWpbM1WWe8qDbiYGBqCdDIxhDa9msJYLMDDwVhVkpuBwtyfQ%2BvTUIqFHC5Z8b2y3AFrhCbOikKGOgbk%2BZmVfORcDA3tqSmZJZl56MUiUgRFsLEgIbixInA0AJtS4MjEBAAA%3D&fromapp=false&postingSubmitCallback=false&zpid=2136779150 $279,900 - Amazing open concept home in the Raintree subdivision. This 2117 square foot home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with a huge open granite kitchen plus a formal dining area, and large family room with a wood burning fireplace and wired for surround sound. 6" baseboards, granite counter tops, hand-scraped hardwood floors and tile are throughout this custom built home. All cabinets are hardwood using top quality hardware. Check out the large master suite with huge jet tub surrounded by fabulous tile work and his and her walk in closets! Enjoy the huge backyard (almost .3 acre) with a large covered 1000sq ft patio that is perfect for entertaining! Custom built waterfall and professionally landscaped, this yard will be hard to beat! Close to schools, shopping and more!
  14. Chicken

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Great example of what is making this AF what it is. Devote your promotion and energy on payback......wow.
  15. Chicken

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Not sure about what you're looking at specifically, but when it says MAJCOM I believe it's referring to the promotion rate for that MAJCOM. For example, a P in AFSOC got you what was really a 22% promotion rate (or close to it). Other MAJCOMs do better. Some worse. AFSOC doesn't take care of people and if you are new to the command and not an AFSOC baby you are f'd.