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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    It was opposed at the MAJCOM O-6 level. All the MAJCOM/A3s said "Great idea, boss." Hopefully the final GM includes the added text making the PIC the final decision maker to accept or reject reduced/waived crew rest.
  2. It won't get bumped until McCain dies or retires.
  3. Shadow Boxes

    They're not cheap but they're really nice. I've seen one in person.
  4. 24hr lodging "rule"

    Finance does random audits of all paid vouchers. If they differ in opinion from what the AO approved...they'll kick it back months or years after the fact...even though the AO can pretty much approve anything "reasonable."
  5. Flight Pay increases

    I was recently at a briefing by a HAF/A3 1-star where he stated the AF will never cave to the dual track because the pilot shortages are on the staff and they would exacerbate the shortage on staff if they made a fly only track.
  6. 24hr lodging "rule"

    The so-called "24 hour rule" has never existed the way aircrew try to apply it. Looks like the fixed the glitch.
  7. WTF? (**NSFW**)

  8. The Congressman is back yo

    Yes. The 14 year category is gone. Hooray for $160 (pre tax) dollars a month. Too little too late.
  9. iPhone app inop

    While they're at it can they remove the swear filter on the app?
  10. Military Equivalency Process

    Most FSDOs haven't taken walk ins since 9/11/01.
  11. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    In AMC, if the info from an ASAP is used for any action "against" the crew...it will be dealt with swiftly (against the abuser of ASAP information). If the crew is dumb and also fills out an AMC Form 97 that lists details beyond "X happened answered took the appropriate actions. Damage Y/N, injuries Y/N"...well that piece of shit form is NOT privileged. Ever. The worst I personally saw was a dumbass Wing SEF compare the ASAP and Form 97. One word was different between the two and he wanted to crucify the crew at Wing standup. I have seen witch hunts from Forms 97. I have squashed the hunt every time I was anywhere in the chain responsible for the individual. Including the above Wing incident as soon as I heard about it. Some of us do truly care about Just Safety Culture.
  12. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    Gen Johns (AMC/CC at the time) was known for using ASAP reports and MFOQA data to hunt down crews who screwed up but didn't bend metal or injure someone.
  13. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    While the ASAP shenanigans did happen under Johns, it has not been the case for several years. The AMC ASAP office does a fantastic job protecting people while working with the reports. It is about the only positive thing I will say about AMC these days.
  14. HAF is talking about a "guaranteed retirement" at 15. Since TERA is approved until 2025 (?), it would be theoretically possible. However, it would require public law changes for long term viability. Technically, retirement is still 30 years and the Services are allowing people to retire at 20 from a post-WWII "temporary" exemption. So who knows.
  15. It is in the PSDM on MyPers.