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  1. genie90

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    https://www.airforcetimes.com/opinion/commentary/2018/07/31/commentary-the-air-force-is-not-designed-to-produce-good-leaders/#.W2GSJWZnA9E.linkedin air force crimes for the win
  2. #4 fire, #2 throttle stuck at 12k in/lbs.
  3. #fakenews No one can make fun of C-17s! On another note, the last Boeing AMP was sent to the boneyard in January... https://www.dvidshub.net/video/580116/189th-aw-c-130-amp-arrival
  4. My Oct mid month was $68.05 more than mid month for Sep, which would be about right for the increase (ANG AGR). Final Oct LES should drop tomorrow on the 25th...
  5. It's a good time to be a C-130 IN in the guard! 30k for 4-6 years(Tier 1 Opt 1)... go guard! 25k for 4-6 for other CSOs(Tier 2 Opt 1)
  6. Word from NGB yesterday was that they were still "constructing" ARP... wtf? AD and AFRC already released their AvB.
  7. AFRC AvB (Aviation Bonus Program) is different than ANG ARP (Aviator Retention Pay)...
  8. genie90

    Upcoming Boards

    Congrats- missed the sarcasm. cheers
  9. genie90

    Upcoming Boards

    Or maybe almost a month... Did you get hired by a unit or are you still searching?
  10. already posted in different section
  11. This already happens... It's called track select- if you don't do well enough in T-6's(tweets) you don't get what you want. Do well enough, and you can choose(T-38, T-1, UH-1, T-44(back then)). Good luck with your pursuit of an interview, personally I would try to receive more that transmit.
  12. genie90

    Selective Continuation to 20 years

    No personal experience, but we have hired several in the past few years... The passed over O-3s are now O-4s, and the passed over O-4s are now O-5s. This is for ANG, but I would venture to say AFRC would be similar.
  13. The vast majority of states which lost a manned mission to RPA also have another manned flying ANG unit in the state. The big battle that's a brewing is whether or not a RPA unit sans LRE is deemed an "aeronautical mission" to the airport authorities and the FAA. The rub(sts) is that ANG (non-LRE) RPA units at non-DOD airports will potentially have to pay fair market value for their land leases($Ms+) vs the current ($1ish) rate. If the effort to classify this mission as aeronautical doesn't succeed, I think it would be safe to say that ANG units like the example would have heavy support from pols for a manned platform like the MC-12 or Scorpion...