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  1. congressman

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Fellas, i have yet to have any contact with him.
  2. congressman

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Thanks man. Appreciate the input
  3. congressman

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Does anybody know this guy, email or anything? I am pretty furious reading about this and I want to talk to him, make sure this isn't a part of something bigger, and if not see what I can do. I am just over it...we are fighters but the Social Justice Warriors expect us to be social workers
  4. congressman

    RC-26 MSO Vacancies

    Ya there are. Just call the units or call out to Meridian they prolly have better SA
  5. congressman

    RC-26 MSO Vacancies

    Ill tell ya this much, its a great plane/mission
  6. congressman

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Dude. Good job to the crew
  7. congressman

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    If that's true...wow
  8. congressman

    The Next President is...

    Also multiple rounds of sanctions despite the left repeating that "he hasn't implemented the sanctions congress passed" (He has.) But, Obama said "knock it off" to putin once so he wins.
  9. congressman

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    "Hey there Major. I don't care about your morale patch, I mean I'm cool I have even drank a beer before, I'm a bro. But I know the Wing commander does that silly stiff, so may wanna just take it off for a bit. I know I know..." LTC Everyoneever
  10. congressman

    CSAR to AFSOC? What do the customers think?

    Roger that and yup
  11. congressman

    CSAR to AFSOC? What do the customers think?

    I would suggest putting this through the OODA Loop and cascading effects, as well as sending an ALCON letter starting with the BLUF. After those wickets the answer will be obvious, V/R, Congressman
  12. congressman

    Stars In my Eyes Pilot Candidate Set me straight.

    As a guy with a civilian job and a pilot, the pilot job is way more fun. Yes, there are some complaints, but that happens everywhere.
  13. congressman

    Viper down in DC

    Eyewitness said rounds were cooking off from the wreckage. Not sure if that happens or not. Sounds like pilot is Good to go
  14. congressman

    The Congressman is back yo

    I can't make promises there. A lot of these changes come from the leadership from these agencies and are recommended to congress. So can't promise attempts won't be made there. We can be aware and react tho if it happens. It's obvious that if we are gonna keep a volunteer military in the current environment patriotism alone isn't enough to keep people in, they need to be paid well too. We want top talent and top talent needs compensated fairly.
  15. congressman

    The Congressman is back yo

    Ya unfortunately there's been way too much of that. We have to get serious about growth and reforming govt. for instance, why do all these bureaucracies have to be in dc? Maybe spread them out and reduce personnel thru attrition. While I'm not hugest trump fan due to his tone and russia, I think he can really do some major reform here. But again, the real issue is entitlements