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  1. Counterpoint to the post above, most squadrons at Luke have them (in addition to several other AETC bases) and I’ve only seen a handful of guys with rank sewn on. The vast majority don’t wear rank. Patches are the same configuration as flight suits. To be fair, I just keep my Friday patches on the green Massif and I’ve never heard a word about it.
  2. Yes. Locations: only ops base right now is Hill. Eielson is opening next. Lakenheath, Tyndall(?), others timeline TBD. FTU primarily at Luke with some training at Eglin still. The jet is awesome. The mission sets and tactics are constantly evolving. The community is a blend of F-16 and F-15E mindsets, with a hint of F-22 and A-10. Overall, its a great place to be, with lots of growth (and growing pains) in the years to come. Deployments: Yes, there will be. They'll be 6 months long to places you don't really want to go. Also lots of TDYs coming up. Fighter community standard. From what I've seen, B-course slots are limited (and there's only one place for them to go), but that will change quickly as the community grows. What else can I help with?
  3. Although it comes as a surprise, from my limited perspective things seemed to be handled well on the fighter side of this assignment cycle. I was notified personally by my CC last week, and the TM process was about as transparent and user-friendly as I think rated assignments will ever get.
  4. And those 3 will sit around CBM on BIT for 6-9 months (or more) awaiting IFF/B-course, etc. There's nowhere to send them...
  5. The official guidance on this has changed very recently - like in the last couple weeks. Studs assigned to ADAIR will now complete the F-15E track in IFF (not the F-22 track), and will be "assigned IAW the needs of AFPC". The email traffic made it clear that UPT to ADAIR assignments aren't a guaranteed F-22 follow on.
  6. Under the recent “syllabus revision”, perch setups are no longer a required item in T-38s, along with formation landings and several other items. Don’t worry though, we also cut the number of rides in the syllabus along with the solos to get these new pilots out to the CAF even quicker. Good thing we’ve re-defined it as a “pilot production problem”
  7. I'm guessing this is the standard Viper-guy Strike Eagle joke, but...I don't think having a WSO means what you think it means. If the WSO is spending any of their SA on making sure the pilot is flying the jet (or telling them how to), then they're not able to actually do their job. I don't think this is a good idea for any airframe. And, if you look at the last FY's worth of UPT assignment drops, the F-16 community has (unfortunately) become AFPC's dumping ground for every slightly below average who can breathe and fly simultaneously, so I'm sure they've got a coherent master plan for this.
  8. I'm currently a phase 3 T-38 IP (not my choice, thanks AFPC/luck/timing for that). There have been multiple credible reports of the new AETC/CC floating similar ideas (shortened T-6 only syllabus, then sim top off and direct to the FTU) back when he was the OG/CC at Laughlin. After reading the posts on the CAF Facebook page, I'm thinking we're hearing about the newest iteration of this terrible idea as it assumes its final form. As someone who is in the UPT trenches and a witness to the assignments pendulum and quality of the product we're sending to IFF and the B-courses, I wonder if I'm alone in thinking that those at the top have given up on being the most lethal/capable/best Air Force and now we're just going with "well, at least we've got the most pilots..."
  9. Affirm, a receipt or a copy of the lease. Based on the experience of multiple dudes in my squadron, if you take your spouse with you DO NOT put their name in the lease, or finance will decide you're only entitled to 50% of your lodging costs
  10. Data's a little old, but... I used Alamo from April 15 - Aug 15 and was happy with them. Overall, their service was awesome and they were very responsive. Pricing worked out to just slightly over the authorized gov't rate (like +$5), for a fully furnished 1BD apartment. I took my wife and pets, so this was a better choice for us than the pit pad options out there. Our apartment was in the Chelsea Place complex, ~10 min drive to RND. I'd recommend them/use them again if the pricing worked out.
  11. CBM 11-05 T-38s F-16 Luke F-15E Seymour Johnson T-6 CBM C-130 Yokota C-130 Cheyenne, WY F-15C New Orleans (ANG) T-1s C-21 Ramstein 2xKC-135 Macdill, March 4xC-17 Dover, Hickam, Wright Patt OH (ANG), Jackson MS (ANG) U-28 NSA Cannon 2xE-3 Tinker C-130 Little Rock C-5 Dover T-1 CBM
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