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    https://www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2019/09/13/the-place-of-military-history-in-todays-defense-planning/amp/ O’Hanlon usually has some good insight, himself.
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    Anyone get Mattis's new book? Thoughts? edit: saw it was asked above, great minds think alike!
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    +1 for ‘War for the hell of it”, Audible edition.
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    New F-35 standard: Rejoin to sensor line abreast?
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    https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/rep-adam-kinzinger-air-force-veteran-trump-turnberry-resort Check out that brilliantly written oped.
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    Whenever I hear this phase, I love to recount the DOZENS of times I’ve flown a completely empty C-17 across an ocean.
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    I stayed at the Turnberry last year. I've been stopping in Prestwick to/from deployments since 2002. We just tell the FBO when and how many people, and they make the arrangements. Last year we arrived right after a snow/ice storm that shut most of the major freeways for days. All of the hotels in Ayre (our usual location) and Glasgow were booked. The Turnberry, an hour drive away, had enthusiastically agreed to give us the government rate. The hotel itself was absolutely incredible and the staff thanked us profusely for our service. The bartender let us sample some of the local Scotch whiskeys. It was too cold for golf, but we toured the course which was an old WWII pilot training base, and some of the old runways/taxiways still exist on the course. The hotel called in a bagpiper to play us out the door as we departed for the sandbox at 5am. It was one of the best deployment sendoffs ever. There was nothing to it other than it was the only place with rooms available at the government rate, and the FBO was proud to have found a place that they thought we would enjoy. The media and politicians are idiots.
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    Gotta hand it to British Tabloids, they often have an excellent sense of humor.
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    I believe this explains everything when it comes to the Navy and this unfortunate situation:
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