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Can AFRC allocate days to a ANG dude and vice versa?

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Let's say a AFRC unit has a last-minute short fall filling a simulator seat and I live right next to the sim. Can I volunteer to sit seat meat and have the AFRC Sq. cut me a few days? Since it's a sim, I'd like to think the hurdles of approval wouldn't be nearly as high as it would be if they were trying to get me to fill a local training line in an actual A/C, but I'd like to know just how big of a pain in the dick this has the potential to be. I've got an email in with my budget office, but thought I would poll the community.


Luckily, I have enough remaining AFTP's to use my own days that would have just been left on the table otherwise (before the end of the fiscal), but I'd love to get a feel for the process in case this ends up popping up again in the future. And yes, my leadership is on board with using my own TP's.



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The guard and reserve pay systems didn’t mix the few times I tried to get on orders to conduct training at a reserve unit.  I had to log comp time as a technician since they couldn’t get me on orders.  That may have changed since then.  It’s been a few years.  

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