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Realistic chances?

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Going for rated pilot slot, will be applying for AD, ANG, and Reserves. Age: 21 AFOQT: P: 89 N:36 A: 37 V: 33 Q: 44 with 400 flight hours. PCSM score of 83. Bachelors in Aviation with FAA Commercial CSEL and CMEL ratings, GPA of 3.93. Working on my CFI now. Additionally, I am pursuing a master's degree in Aviation Safety.

Leadership: President of Student Council. Elected as a Senator in Student Government. Served on various committees throughout the university.

LORs: College prof, Retired O-5, and current Flight Surgeon O-6, Dean of my college

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Age 21 you are in an awesome position with your current credentials. I would retake the AFOQT and raise your Pilot and Navs into the 90s. 30-40s for the other sections is pretty low and those numbers stick out like a sore thumb. Raise them to the 70s at least.
Last but not least, if getting into a local guard unit is at the top of your list, I would highly recommend enlisting in a AFSC that works closely with pilots.
I enlisted at 22 and got my pilot slot at 27 (completed my degree at 25). You’re young, you are steps ahead of many. Put yourself even further.

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Great start! You're young and have plenty of time. Recommend retaking AFOQT and TBAS. I had similar scores on my AFOQT (3 30s) and it worked out in the end. Focus on which mission/location you are interested in and Rush those squadrons. Meeting the guys/gals is very important, if allowed.

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