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What are my chances with an extra degree?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering about my chances of becoming a pilot once I graduate from my MBA program.

Undergrad degree in Finance: 3.67
MBA: 3.7

Two internships at Wells Fargo
Have worked for the past 4 years in leadership roles, organizational roles etc.
Letters of Rec from multiple bosses (can get more if needed).

AFOQT scores were all 89.

Age: 23

If you guys need any more information just let me know! What do you think of my chances?


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Basically there is no connection between rated selection and having a graduate degree (maybe a little help if it was a M.S. in Aero Engineering but even then not a lot). 

However, for selection on an OTS board (basic officer training, not necessarily pilot, or even a rated slot of any kind) , an advanced degree might buy you a slight bump on the OTS board score.

Once you are selected for OTS, things that help you get a pilot slot include high score on the PCSM, high score on the AFOQT pilot score, good GPA, technical degrees and work experience, actual flight experience (especially a PPL and additional civilian ratings). However, none of those are pass/fail; some people make it with all of those and some without...the last split I saw (several years ago) half the pilot selects had a PPL or better, and half didn't.


As for overall chances, that's virtually impossible to predict because there are so many variables. many of which are somewhat subjective and may vary from board to board depending on what the AF needs at that particular time.

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50 minutes ago, Gtseth818 said:

What's your PCSM? Any flight hours? You'll be competing against guys with flight hours, so get some!


No flight hours yet as I'm still in school...I know this is an entirely stupid question, but what is the easiest way to get flight hours? How expensive is it? The places nearby to me are exorbitant.

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On 2/23/2017 at 10:56 AM, Gtseth818 said:

There's really no easy way to get flight hours. If you have a buddy who is a CFI and is willing to teach you, kudos. Otherwise, I spent about $100/hour on a 152 for 35 hours and about $50/hour on instructors for maybe 15 hours to get my pilots license. Overall cost came out to around $5k for a PPL. 

Any hours are better than no hours, though! Take a discovery flight or two! Try and get 5 or 10 hours! 1 is better than none. You can probably take a discovery flight anywhere for less than $100 and get you an hour of flight time. I'm sure you can make the sacrifice.

Adding to this, additional flight hours helps to improve your PCSM score. If you havent already taken the TBAS to recieve your PCSM score, find a friend with a flight simulator to work with feet/hand and eye coordination to help prepare for it.  If you are working, save a little money on the side and try and fly once a week.  Or just go hang out at a local airport FBO and meet people. Never know who you will meet who can help you achieve your goals... 

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