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High school college credits

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I'm a junior in high school and I'm taking a college class that is offered by my local community college. To pass the class and get the credits you must get an A,B, or a C. The teacher informed me that only the credits pass onto your college and not the grade. Understanding now that Grades are part of your PCSM , will my grade in this class transfer to my PCSM in the future?

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If I remember correctly, I vaguely remember having to track down my dual-enrollment grades for my pilot board in ROTC. Granted this was a very long time ago so maybe someone else can get you more recent Intel, but I would definitely try to get started on the right foot... And join the guard.

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I can expand on this.  Duck and bluedevil have it right that grades do not matter for PCSM, but do factor in to everything else in ROTC (assuming that is the avenue for commissioning that you are pursuing).  AFROTC calculates your GPA as a weighted average of ALL COLLEGE COURSES, which includes pre-college work at local state universities, community colleges, etc.  Anything that you get college credit for you will submit the transcripts to your personnelist at the DET.  They will want an official transcript.  

This can actually be a huge advantage for you as far as getting into Field Training.  If you mess up a few classes your freshman year, it won't have as significant an impact on your GPA, thus less of an impact on your OM.  You're a long way and many hoops away, just don't forget why you want to do this.

Source: I took 40 hrs of classes pre-college.  ROTC counted it.  University did not.  I had 2 GPAs throughout school, which was nice because my ROTC one was always higher.  First term I took 18 hrs, finished with a 2.8 GPA, but once the 40 hrs transfer was accounted for (at a 3.8), my ROTC GPA was 3.48. 

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