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Found 13 results

  1. So, found out today that I definitely will be heading off to Keesler next week. Just to clarify, it was unclear whether I would be going next week or next month. It's a good thing...will be getting started doing something, finally. Short post, I know...nothing new beyond that.
  2. spectre56

    Settling In

    Well, got my new house (and when I say new, I mean it was built in the last month or so) on base and we're breaking it in just nicely. It's nice not having to look for a house anymore and worry about that anymore. On another note, should be going to Keesler in a couple weeks for training. Mississippi in July: just what I wanted!! Should be great. Other than that, nothing new going on, just seeing what I can see and learning as much as possible in the real world vice what i'll get in AETCland.
  3. Sweet couple of days at work. Almost fully in processed and checklist is almost done...only a couple more mass briefings to attend and i'll be good to go. But I also got word that i might be going to Keesler next month...much, much quicker than originally scheduled! That's awesome! Anyway, been hanging around some of the guys just trying to get a feel for what part of their job entails, getting a tour of the field, etc. Good times. I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I potentially leave in a few weeks.
  4. spectre56

    Back to work

    Well, it's back to work tomorrow. I guess it wouldn't be back to work, since I only popped in for a few minutes last monday...so, just time to go to work. Yeah, that'll work. Looked at a bunch of houses and found a few nice ones...and a few duds. My concern is when will DLA and my PCS pay come through so I can put down the exorbitant deposit these places want!! We've got a few on the short list, so hopefully we'll hear about them in the next week or so: the wife and kiddo are getting antsy! I'll keep in touch as I get going. Oh yeah, and still haven't heard a peep about that test down in OK City.
  5. Checked in to the base today. Turned out to be very uneventful. Met my boss and the squadron commander and a few other important people in the squadron. Got some checklists and took off on permissive TDY to go house hunting for 8 days. I'd call it another vacation, but I really have to get hot and heavy in trying to find a place for the family to live since base housing has a horrendous wait. Anyway, not really doing anything until next thursday, so unless something spectacular happens, i'll continue this when I get off of house hunting leave.
  6. spectre56

    A new chapter

    So, we got here to Travis this morning at 1 AM...ugh, what a drive. We left monday and made it to Albuquerque in about 9 hours. Left at about 10 AM and finally made it to our new home for a couple years. I don't have to check in until monday, so i'm relaxing and exploring the area as best as I can and trying to find a place to live. If any of you have any suggestions about where to live around here, feel free to let me know. There's a thread on the forums specifically about Travis, but any other suggestions are welcome. I probably won't post anything else until monday or something more interesting starts happening. I get to start the "fun" process of checking in monday, so i'll probably put something on here about that as there will probably be something very frustrating happen in all that. We'll see!
  7. spectre56


    Well, I haven't been updating this lately (for the few who are still reading this) because there hasn't been anything worth mentioning going on. I've just been biding my time waiting to either move or go take that FAA test in OK City. I guess the move came first! I'm not sure what's going to happen with that test, but i'll definitely keep you updated on that. The movers came and packed our stuff yesterday and took it away today, off to California. We're going to stay a week or so with some family in Dallas before heading off to our final destination. Stay tuned!
  8. spectre56


    I know it's been a while since i've written anything...sorry. I've been bored out of my mind without much to do. I got my new set of orders and i've been busy outprocessing all the agencies on base that i've never been to, plus the 2 or 3 I have. Still no word on when i'll be going to Oklahoma City. I guess it's still being worked out with the FAA. Maybe I won't go...at least not at this rate! I'll keep yall posted!
  9. Ya knew it was going to happen! Well, dates are still the same, but we'll be moving up to Travis AFB instead of Oregon. Still pretty excited about the move; even a little moreso now that we'll be at an actual base with all the amenities therein. I will be sent to Oklahoma City for a day or so to take an ATC aptitude test to see if i'm "worthy" to be an ATC dude. I guess a lot of people have been washing out of the program so the AF wants to implement this test to nip these things in the bud. I liken it to IFS for the pilots: if you can pass this, then you should be good to go for the rest of the training. I have to go through the rip and orders process again so probably won't get orders for another week or two. Oh well!!
  10. Well, got my RIP this past friday and looks like i'll be heading up to Oregon in June. I'm still super excited about it and can't wait to start. Otherwise, things are going well. I got to be a pecker checker the other day which was no bueno, but I got through it. That's about the most work i've done in the past week or so (knock on wood). Also, out of all the other folks that were on CR, 3 or 4 have gotten the boot and, surprisingly, one guy just got reinstated! I'm pretty happy for him. The other folks are taking it in stride and should find out what their new jobs are in the next couple of days. There are still 2 or 3 from my class waiting for the word and they should find out in the next couple of days whether they're in or out.
  11. spectre56


    Well, looks like I'll be heading up to Oregon soon! I have been told that I should receive my orders in a week or two, so hopefully about a month after that we'll be heading up to the northwest. If anyone knows anything about Klamath Falls, let me know. I start part of my training at Keesler around mid November, there for about 3 months, then head back up to Oregon for 2 years to train alongside the F-15s up there. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to move on!
  12. spectre56

    Donuts anyone?

    Well, still waiting on word on where and when i'll be going. Little bit of good news today, though: learned that i'll find out when and/or where i'll be heading either friday or next week sometime. Bad news about that is that, since the school is 2 years long or so, and each of the 10 guard bases where the training occurs can only accommodate 4 trainees each, i'll be sticking around here for another 2-3 months. Not bad in the grand scheme of things, but it would be nice to leave sooner rather than later. Found out another few people from my class are on commander's review for flying stuff. 3 more of my class got added to the CR process within the last week. Yikes! Hope everything is well with yall who are reading this...I'm doing good, just a little bored: wish I could be some sort of training! Till next time!
  13. spectre56


    So, still sitting around waiting on a RIP or some orders to move on to the next stage of my life/career. On a different note, it seems like our class is getting knocked out like flies! We have another person on Commander's Review for flying stuff, one guy on the edge for puking 3 times after solo and someone else on med hold for eye problems. I really hope for the best for these guys...they are really good people and are busting their asses to do the best they can in this tough program. Oh well. I get to shred papers tomorrow for my "casual" job. Oh joy </sarcasm> Take care, i'll keep yall posted!
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