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Back to work



Well, it's back to work tomorrow. I guess it wouldn't be back to work, since I only popped in for a few minutes last monday...so, just time to go to work. Yeah, that'll work.

Looked at a bunch of houses and found a few nice ones...and a few duds. My concern is when will DLA and my PCS pay come through so I can put down the exorbitant deposit these places want!! We've got a few on the short list, so hopefully we'll hear about them in the next week or so: the wife and kiddo are getting antsy! :bash:

I'll keep in touch as I get going. Oh yeah, and still haven't heard a peep about that test down in OK City.


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Glad you are back and have a few housing prospects in the wings waiting. Now that you are at work...what do they have you doing? Do you really need this test to get into airfield operations...you would think that they would be a little more organized about the whole thing. How do you like the base and surrounding area? Take care.

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I think i'll be shadowing my boss and learning what everyone does in the tower, rapcon and airfield management. I'm going to be one of 2 officers in the flight for a couple months so I think i'll be getting hot and heavy into the personnel management aspect of things...just a guess. I don't need it to get into the career field, I think it's just a screening tool to see if me and the other 2 folks have the skills necessary to be a controller. I think the whole disorganization thing stems from one gov't agency trying to coordinate with another gov't agency. Maybe they'll just forget about it...actually, now that you remind me, i'll have to find out if any of the other folks have heard anything about it (since i've been out of touch email wise for about a month). The base is really nice, when compared to Laughlin, or any pilot training base for that matter. The area is pretty nice too...like any other town, it has it's nice parts and it's bad parts. I'm liking it much better than Dyess and Laughlin!

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