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Settling In



Well, got my new house (and when I say new, I mean it was built in the last month or so) on base and we're breaking it in just nicely. It's nice not having to look for a house anymore and worry about that anymore.

On another note, should be going to Keesler in a couple weeks for training. Mississippi in July: just what I wanted!! Should be great. Other than that, nothing new going on, just seeing what I can see and learning as much as possible in the real world vice what i'll get in AETCland.

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WOW...a new home is great, it will be good to set up some sort of permanent base and get some normalcy back in your life. Your are right, July in Mississippi will be hot and humid...thats why you get air conditioning. I know that it has been bumping 95 to 100 pretty regularly in Columbus. Best of luck at Keesler.

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