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  1. That's a nice idea, however, the design is final. I appreciate the insight though!
  2. $2,998 base price. On Facebook, join "T-6 Bremont Order" and reference my previous posts. Should answer most, if not all, of your questions.
  3. If you want in: https://shop.bremont.com/products/t-6-texan-ii-deposit-military-access-only
  4. No, unfortunately that's all I've heard. As of 23 May 16, this is the last bit of info I received: "You have been added to the list. As soon as I receive some firm details about the program I will contact you. Best, Latoya" Hopefully there will be some info coming sooner than later... It seems there is a significant amount of interest in generating an order. -Cali
  5. This is the latest I've received from the Omega military purchase program rep as of 26 Feb 16. "Thank you for your interest in our timepiece. Currently, the program is on hold pending HQ review. I’m keeping a list of qualified interested parties to contact once the program resumes. Please confirm and I’ll add you to the list. Best regards, Latoya" Her email is latoya.morris@swatchgroup.com
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