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  1. Damn.....I remember when this was a conspiracy theory........
  2. Color me shocked........inconceivable.....🤣
  3. 100% in agreement......would be funny (in a dark way) to see them cause a bunch of drama of vaccine mandates & 'passports' . We will see how this plays out....
  4. Not a fan of this organization...but they're not wrong. I wonder when they will realize that they've been played this entire time....lol
  5. I mean.....he's not wrong....might have to around and move to china.....the wokery is killing me....lol
  6. This skit is the best.......🤣🤣
  7. After the last year and a half, this sadly kinda fits....(not a Trump supporter BTW) just disgusted with the whole AFG debacle & horrendous lack of priorities by most of the senior 'leadership'....
  8. Hahahah….have to agree there! On the VMPF checklist there is a spot for dorm manager,….maybe they somehow didn’t notice that I’m a major that’s retiring versus an Amn that’s separating…..We'll see how medical goes……aside from go/no go pills, I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve ever had to go to the MDG (PHA/predeployment excluded)…..
  9. Searched for this info, but came up empty…..apologies if this is a double tap….Have approved retirement orders & final out, PTDY and terminal should begin in December. Looking at moving out of the area & starting a new job, just like 99% of retirees, but have concerns about randomly getting recalled & having to travel back for admin queep. In 19.6 years I’ve seen it all just about…..so maybe a bit jaded. Has anyone seen any ‘terminal leave shenanigans’? Thanks!
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