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  1. Not that badly. I heard the same thing regarding COVID rules (but nothing specific). My unit started trying to schedule mine in January and finally sent the request beginning of February. I heard back after three weeks and it was scheduled three weeks out. I think the recent AD board may have slowed them down too.
  2. I received a confirmation email. With COVID I never had the chance to visit them.
  3. I saw some got a TBNT but I have not heard anything.
  4. Reno cancelled their pilot boards this year. I did not apply to Charlotte but saw traffic on Reddit (airforceots) that they sent out invites.
  5. I would be surprised if your MEPS is closed. You can find your MEPS location on the MEPCOM site (https://www.mepcom.army.mil/ -> Units -> East/West Sector) and try to call one of the phone numbers and see what they say. You could also try to call your local ANG recruiter or an ANG for a unit you are interested in and see if they could set something up. Do not be afraid to keep trying your current recruiter either.
  6. I was considering retaking it this month and was told that at least two different MEPS were offering it once a week. I think some locations may not be testing but others are. I would keep looking around.
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