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  1. Whoops https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2021/11/09/awacs-ops-group-commander-at-tinker-fired-after-investigation/ Col. Gary Donovan, commander of Tinker Air Force Base’s 552nd Operations Group in Oklahoma, was removed from his post Monday following an investigation that found he skirted safety protocols and fostered an unhealthy workplace culture, a spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Col. Wayne Frost, the 552nd Air Control Wing’s vice commander, has taken over as ops group boss. Donovan was moved to “do other responsibilities on the installation,” Master Sgt. Andrew Satran, a 15th Air Force spokesman, said Tuesday. The Air Force declined to discuss other punitive measures that Donovan may face. “We need the men and women of the 552nd Operations Group to foster a culture of dignity and respect. This means living by core values every day and empowering subordinate leaders to promote these values through teaching, coaching and mentorship,” Maj. Gen. Michael Koscheski, 15th Air Force commander, said in an emailed statement. “We need all airmen to embrace this mindset.” Koscheski relieved Donovan from command four months after he tried to send E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System aircrews on a July training exercise they felt was unsafe. Airmen pushed back, cancelling the sorties, and took to social media to complain about Donovan’s conduct. Multiple safety probes and an investigation into Donovan ensued, while 552nd Air Control Wing leadership maintained it was a matter of miscommunication. The main inquiry, which was launched by Koscheski over the summer and released its findings at the end of October, substantiated claims that Donovan failed to “promote a culture of safety by failing to adhere to operational risk management standards … and local [risk management] procedures,” according to a summary obtained by Air Force Times. It also validated that Donovan did not “effectively lead his airmen” and failed to create a “healthy command climate which fosters good order and discipline, teamwork, cohesion and trust.” Satran declined to provide a copy of the investigation report without a Freedom of Information Act request. The Air Force whittled down the three safety probes to one, which is still in the works, an Air Force Safety Center spokesman said Tuesday. But earlier paperwork, obtained by Air Force Times through a FOIA request, illustrates similar concerns that have existed for years. One incident noted through the Airman Safety Action Program — an initiative that lets airmen anonymously self-report safety issues they encounter — argued that 552nd ACW “management believes, on an ingrained and systemic level, that as long as anyone meets the intent of crew rest, they can fly.” “Members are subtly coerced into flying a local training sortie regardless of experience level and without the proper crew rest considerations,” the Jan. 10, 2018, report said. Another submission from March 30, 2020, said a training sortie was replanned at the last minute to steer clear of thunderstorms in the area, but the changes weren’t properly relayed to the aircrews. Bad weather moved in sooner than expected, and the airmen scrambled to land amid a lightning warning. The investigator added that airmen were frustrated that their debriefing that day didn’t discuss any of the problems that arose in planning and flying the sortie. “A lot of focus on flight safety and leadership has gone by the wayside,” said one air battle manager who spoke to Air Force Times on condition of anonymity earlier this year. “In my mind, there’s no way for the 552 to be successful without removing the OG from command.”
  2. Can anyone point to a specific audio cable to record ics/radios for GoPro video? Specifically looking for the C17. I’ve found a few “military/helo” cables, but not sure if those are synonymous with high impedance of the C17. Cheers
  3. Haven't been in this thread since I was passed over IPZ last year, but I got picked up 1 above (O5). The O6 who made it happen (I think) moved so I haven't had a chance to ask him how he did it, but I'm convinced he went to our 2 star SR and made a case for me.. my record definitely didn't change 😄. Oh well, more money I suppose.
  4. Damn shame. Wg/cc was/is a great individual. Sad to see things end on this note for him.
  5. GD dave ramsey. Best and worst thing to happen to personal finance talking points in recent memory. Like dude.. we get it, dave said debt is bad.. you don't need to continue berating the entire room with what you heard dave say on his sunday morning talk show. JFC. Whoever asked about best rates - Navy Fed, Pen Fed, nearest CU, or ask the dealer what their best rate is. Personally, I hope we're nearing the horizon of the next slowdown.. it may not be for a while yet, but the 10+ year bull market has kept prices of some luxury items I want artificially high. A good recession would clobber some people who shouldn't have bought them and prices will come down.
  6. Pretty sure no issue with posting this.. let me know if there is.
  7. How big a deal is that waiver? I'm guessing if a unit really wants you it makes the waiver less of an issue..
  8. All true, and I agree. I mention some of that queep for context, not because i thought combat time was going to get me picked up for anything. I got senior rater (Gp/CC and wg/cc) strats, as either #1 or #2 joint officer the last 3 years leading up to my IPZ PRF. Apparently something else on my PRF read like a steaming pile of dogsh1t, though. Anyhow, no one GAF. just throwing it out there for anyone curious.
  9. Sounds like lots of us are in the same boat. I've had consistent strats since my 2nd OPR, several yearly's, 3 FGOQs up to the 2-star level, 2x DG , was an evaluator, 1500 combat hrs, never bought a checkride downgrade and no PFT busts. I honestly thought I was squarely in the middle of the bell curve. I guess I can GTFO, though.. which I will gladly do.
  10. Well I just got the call from my O6.. that reserve job is looking even better for the home team.
  11. second the the motion. must be a side effect of sitting within earshot of a civilian who stutters badly and tries to talk over people. his voice will forever haunt me.
  12. Also, motion to ban anyone and and any names that share the same IP who give out false info.
  13. Take it FWIW.. my last two sq/ccs were 2bpz. Both 11Ms, 1 was a WIC guy, went straight to 4-star aid as a capt, then school, Jt staff, sq/cc. The other catapulted to wing exec as a mid-capt, off to acsc, sq/do, saass, jt staff, sq/cc. they are both btz to O6 as well. I'm sure a sprinkling of DGs and certainly #1/(insert largest number the SR can strat them against) highlight each line on their PRFs.
  14. Anyone have access to the list? Shoot me a PM, I'll make a trade. Edit: done, thanks for the help brosky.
  15. Anyone deploy with conflicting statements on their orders regarding per diem? I've got "Government meals available and directed" (standard, as per every set of orders I've ever received) and Line Remark "WBM - Member Authorized Full Rate per diem." I will be lodged on base so I honestly think I should get the on-base rate, but if my remarks say i'm authorized full rate i'll be damned if I don't try to get it.
  16. Yea.. Gen Holmes is pretty far detached from most of us. He's a dyed in the wool military dude who doesn't compute that not everyone wants what he has. In Jan '18, I heard him try to convince a bunch of WIC dudes to stay in with the reasoning that they would get great experiences on 365 deployments that they wouldn't otherwise get...
  17. Quick google search doesn't show new policy.. what's the new rate for >30, >180 days, etc?
  18. Welp, at some point you've got to sh1t or get off the pot. I think it's time to deuce. Anyone else familiar with 7 day option and/or utilized it before your ADSC expired? Referencing Table 2.9 (36-2110 dated Sep 2009): If I receive an assignment and it does not take me past my longest ADSC, I can exercise the 7 day option and remain in place until my separation date? I'm assuming that while waiting to separate I can apply for Palace Chase and get out sooner.. My UPT ADSC expires 15 months after when my next PCS should occur and GI Bill transfer ADSC expires 25 months after, both of which would be under the 3 years I'd get for requal. Yay for AF shooting itself in the foot with the new ADSC reg.
  19. Hell, on the FB MAF assignment/mentoring page, AMC/A1 said they weren't coord'd on the revision. If true, that is beyond f'd up.
  20. I love how the rules of poker can change mid-hand. This is certainly changing my decision matrix on going back to flying next summer with 1 year of UPT ADSC left. If I decline a PCS, sit in place for an extra year I'll have been out of a jet for 4 years. However, with a solid flying record and ATP in hand, I think/hope a regional will let me buy them a drink while I wait for an interview.
  21. What are the specific plans, or where can I find them?
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