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  1. Has anyone gotten any news about the latest B-2 board?
  2. Yeah I’m applying expecting to not get it. Just want to get my foot in the door and my name out there. I have nothing to lose and I figure it could help for next years board now that I’ve seen the process.
  3. Finished the school house June 2018 and need 2 yrs by Fall 2020
  4. I'm in the '16 year group. I've had little to no casual time between commission, UPT, SERE, deployed after a few months in the squadron... honestly just got lucky and have a decent number of hours compared to most my age. As for the B-2 thing I figure it can't hurt to apply this year and worst case, I apply again next year.
  5. So the B-2 hiring email was released for a second time this month and I am going to apply. They're asking for a PDF of your SURF, OPRs, decs, etc and you email that to the 2 assignment officers at AFPC. I have been networking with a current B-2 pilot but I'm not sure how connected the folks at Whiteman are with the assignment officers at AFPC. Any suggestions on how to stand out when I send that package up? Would that be appropriate? Otherwise you're just another name in a stack of faceless resumes and it's a bit of a crapshoot. TIA!
  6. What's the story behind the Toner stud getting a BUFF? Can't say I've ever seen that before...
  7. Any B-2 pilots on here that want to talk Pros/Cons of B-2 life? I'm a current MAF guy and am interested in applying when the next board comes out.
  8. What was your prior flying experience? I’m interested in the C-146 and I’m wondering what type of previous flying experience would be desirable to open up that door.
  9. What kind of quals do you need to get into the C-40? Ops tempo? Thanks in advance.
  10. That makes sense, thanks!
  11. UPT stud here. If I wanted to end up in KC-46s, would a recommended route be to go 10s or 135s first? I know that location, luck, timing etc all factor into it, but just wondering what time of insights I can get from you all.
  12. UPT stud here. How common/difficult is it to fly a different cargo aircraft and then get hired by a C-130 guard unit? I was researching guard units and it seems that the majority fly 130s.
  13. We've also been told that though some of the -38 guys will still get heavies (obviously all won't go fighter), but they're giving more out so that they can come back as IPs to support the long term replenishing of the fighter pilot deficit. @Boomer6 Even better, thx for the correction
  14. Nine -38s in END track select today, 3 of which will PCS to Sheppard.
  15. Pardon the ignorance, I just want to clarify. You said "T-38s will go up and heavy/non-fighter options will be dropped" as in heavy/non-fighters will be lessened or as in heavies/non-fighters will appear in UPT drops more frequently?
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