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  1. I have seen and heard of Navs at UPT as captains and Majors. I think it depends if your unit wants to go to bat for you and do the paperwork
  2. Interesting. Do Reserve technicians fall under title 5 ?
  3. Good news for prospective arts I suppose?
  4. Yea, sounds like it. Was thinking about it as a decent fall back plan but sounds like it's gonzo
  5. I'm assuming this wipes out the recent upt grad Temp-art deal on the reserve side?
  6. Did just the "mandatory" part get scrapped, or is it still available if wanted. Finishing up Herc FTU in a few weeks and was wondering if it's still an option ?
  7. Ha anyone heard any updates about this program? I'll be getting back from my schoolhouse soon and was wondering if It is still a possibility?
  8. So if I graduated before 1 December, and may be interested, does anyone know how it works. Im guessing I have the normal Herc prog tour then maybe possibly, if I am interested, my unit applies for an opening?
  9. Does anyone know, since I was a UFT graduate before 1 Dec 16, will I still have the normal prog tour or will it go straight to the temp art deal(which I would have to chose to do)? Havent really gotten a straight answer from my unit, I honestly don't think they know much about it just yet. Just wondering if anyone had gotten back to their units or heard anything new about it. FYI legacy Herc unit
  10. Thanks for the response. I graduated end of June, yea it seems interesting tho. Basically I'm trying to figure out if I should start looking at regionals/other FO flying gigs once my prog tour runs out or not. decisions desicions best of luck to everyone who just got selected btw!
  11. Question regarding the new temp-Art deal: As a very recent UPT graduate, I will not finish my FTU for a few months, will I have to ask my unit for a baby art job? Or is it kind of implied that I will "get one if I want" based off of this memo? my my question is, does it depend on how bad the unit wants to fight for one of these jobs for new studs on their prog tour or is it thought of as a sure thing?
  12. The houses aren't that bad. But you should not accept anything less than a 3 bedroom 2 bath floor plan. granted the third bedroom is kinda small, it's not that bad. They are starting to replace all of the older floors with now hardwood style linoleum which is pretty sharp. It's common to have to wait a few weeks at least in TLF until your house gets ready.
  13. I'm pretty sure everyone who applied was selected
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