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  1. Kirchner was a LCA at Atlas. I did IOE with him. He ended up the MEC for Atlas and I think he still is.
  2. Tree, I think you won the WTF thread. WTF???
  3. Gas Man

    Gun Talk

    My buddy sent me this website and it is a great tool for finding ammo. gunbot.net
  4. Joe, is posting FOUO on an open forum a security violation? If you answer no, you are almost as big of an idiot as Vertigo.
  5. Too fat to be executed? Poor guy is all depressed sitting on death row. I feel bad for him. http://news.yahoo.co...-062549672.html
  6. Really!?!?!?!? No more responses to Rainman's post!?!?!?! Holy crap, I was laughing my ass off. "The Guards", Priceless. Come on, someone needs to get really pissed off right now and start a big pissing match. It has been so boring on here lately. Rainman tosses up a big softball like that and only one person takes a half-assed swing? Weak.
  7. Just finished Fearless. Adam Brown was an amazing guy. Made it into Seal Team 6 after losing an eye and having the fingers on his right had torn off and re-attached. Oh and he was a crack addict too. Need I say more? Read it. http://www.nralifeof...VideoModule/554 http://www.amazon.co...ords=adam+brown
  8. My grandpa was the pilot of the chase F-89 for all of the test shots. My Grandpa and the other 3 pilots died of the same type of cancer. My mom has his log books and he drew pictures of the mushroom cloud and talked about how it would cause the engines to flame out and how they had to air start them after the blast came through.
  9. Ted is pretty funny and a decent movie, but it's not in the same universe as There's Something About Mary.
  10. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/marines-discharge-sergeant-facebook-posts-181223651.html Thought this needed it's own thread. Never pass up the opportunity to STFU. Good lesson for us all.
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