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  1. Bump...any new info? The FY18 CSO bonus that excludes those with expired initial ADSC's may be the final piece of dumbassery I can bear.
  2. Someone please explain why 12H manning is so incredibly horrid. They couldn't retain folks with a $15k bonus for the past few years? As a 12S, I've yet to meet one CGO who can't wait to GTFO. Palace Chase applications and seeking ways out are the standard.
  3. Bump...any recent feedback regarding the use of recruiters? How about the GE or USAA JMO programs?
  4. Any new intel on CLT getting rid of the C-130 mission?
  5. Similar situation to MrsNAV I'm considering a PC app within the not too distant future (two years?) but have a 3 year ADSC for a TEB. The benefits have not been used. Would it make more sense to apply with the ADSC or try to cancel the TEB/ADSC and then submit a PC app?
  6. I've been told by Captain types at C Springs that they aim to make about $60k a year without deploying, just by bumming. Does this match up with what you see in the Guard?
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