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  1. This could be very good news upon my return... Excellent, Smithers!
  2. AMC OPORD...a document of which a good AMC pilot should be familiar. It has been a few years since I was in AMC, but when I left it was still waived down to 24 hours only by the AMC/CC. Who has more stars than your OG/CC.
  3. You forgot the waiver to this that states post mission down time is waived down to 24 hours...but that CC's should still "try" to give the above stated down time.
  4. Double secret reflective belts at OMAM? Ce que le phoque? Mein Gott in Himmel, to what will I be returning???
  5. If your non-A is only for 7 nights...you'd better get a new one or move back into the TLF before it expires...
  6. Membrane separators (molecular sieves) are used quite frequently to produce oxygen for scuba diving applications. The only issue is that you're capped at the ~95% mark so you can't really produce the 100% O2 needed for the 20' decompression stop. But, since bottles of O2 are cheap...not an issue. But having a ~$10k device around that lets you pump out any mix from 21% to 95% O2 is quite nice.
  7. I won't lie...it has been a few years, but the number 540k comes to mind as the max weight at which I could refuel an A-10... I've refueled lots of things at lots of weights at lots of altitudes... But you still have me confused with the whole bit where putting flaps out or not at a given IAS is dependent on altitude...especially a lower altitude requiring flaps...
  8. Color me stupid...but I've never heard of anyone needing flaps to tank at lower altitudes... As for the "non-standard/foul"...not really. I've tanked guys out the bottom of the anchor...just like I've exceeded the lateral boundaries. It is about customer service...put down your coffee cup and get on the radio to coordinate a lower block or the spill-out so you can point guys where they need to go. There's no need to be reckless, but there's also no need to be a douche to the receiver because you feel compelled to fly exactly the frag. I'll tell you what's fun though: climbs and descents with receivers on the hoses.
  9. I've tanked low many times on an as needed basis. The really memorable one was the Herc at 3,000 AGL in the valley where the peaks were another 3,000+ above us. I've also tanked Hawgs without a toboggan...it just takes a little knowledge of what is really happening when you choose to roll 0*/Ext or 7*/Ext. It is quite hilarious though when the crew forgets they selected 7* and the FO can't get the flaps out past 7*/Ext for the approach. I've tanked F-18s lower than I've ever tanked Hawgs...because tanking them sub-5,000 AGL was some guy's brilliant idea of how to employ their first non-Herc tanker. Oh, and intercepting Bears in a tanker is fun too.
  10. I'm going to go with "legal issues" for this. If they allow for each CC to make their own program/selections without a standardized process, they open themselves for a lot of legal problems. Same reason why we have such a fantastic OPR system...can't create a document that hurts someone's feelings if they suck at life...
  11. The sub-V1 reject was standard on any sim check in my first MWS. It was also covered at least once per quarter per pilot. My current MWS does not do sim checks, we also only do an EP sim every half. However, we do verbal EPs prior to step on every local trainer...start malfunctions, reject, V1 cut, or a "random sampling." I would bet all that evaluator was hoping to hear was something along the line of "action the checks." But I could be wrong.
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